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Are you looking to find or do you have problems finding the best foosball table? Don’t worry, we know how you feel and because of that we will try to help you, so you will find your favourite one. There are many different models available on the market, so it is natural that you are having a hard time choosing the right one.

★ #1 Our Top Pick 

Kick Triumph
Best Foosball Table Reviews

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We have made a complete buying guide where we talk and mention different best foosball table reviews, different brands that are available, types and sizes you can choose from. We want our visitors really get all the info that they need, so we also described how to choose them and what you have to look.

We have also mentioned who can use them and what are other accessories that you may need. Of course, you can have also other problems with management, so we also got that covered. Take a look below and find the model that suits you best if you are a beginner or an advanced level player.


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Foosball Table Reviews of Our Top Picks

Maybe you are interested in a few models mentioned above and you want to know more about them, so we made reviews of our top rated foosball tables picks. If you want more reviews on different models, jump to review category, where you will find more models.


#1 Kick Triumph

Kick Triumph

Here is our first high-quality foosball table that we must point out. It’s the Kick’s Triumph table. This table is used by many happy customers and we are sure it will have many more in the future because is it’s a well-made table for the price you pay. Here are some specifications for you.

It has 5” sturdy leg levelers which have a rubber bottom. A front ball return and slide scoring are on each side. It can be a 1 man goalie or a 3 man goalie design. It depends on player preference (included in the kit). 8 durable stainless solid steel chrome-plated rods will make your game smooth.

You’ll also get 13 red and 13 blue counterweighted foosball men and a set of 26 uniformed men, 2 Kick Premier, and 2 soccer balls, 8 No-slip wooden handles with screws, an option to set up 2 chrome cup holders and a free rod lubricant (upon request).

Another thing that is awesome about this table is that the KICK brand offers you a lifetime warranty. Really a table to consider if you are looking for an amazing table for a reasonable price.

Tornado Tournament 3000

Tornado Tournament 3000

Let us present to you one of the top foosball tables which are available on the market. This is a single goalie table that has 4 leg levelers which are adjustable and strong legs for stability.

It is built and will handle the toughest and intense play. It also has chrome-plated steel rods which are also heat treated to better quality and a play without worries. Includes also an Abacus scoring unit that has a counting score for a good play. Tornado Tournament 3000 is a sturdy heavy-duty quality product and that’s why we can include it in the Professional Foosball Tables category.

Garlando G 2000

Garlando G 2000

Here comes another high-end product. Garlando G 2000 has telescopic rods with top-quality steel which is plated with anti-rust chromium. What is great about this attractive beauty is that you can use it outdoors easily, because it is water-resistant and there won’t be any problems while it is under the sun.

It has a blue and gray player which is molded directly onto the bars and they not move and cannot be displaced. It has Abacus scorers. With this pack you get also 10 white balls and a waterproof protective cover, to protect it when not in use. Single-player goalie configuration. If you like this heavy-duty outdoor foosball model you, I suggest you also check the Garlando G 200.

Garlando G 500

Garlando G 500
Garlando G 500 is another great model by the Garlando brand. It has leg levelers to provide an excellent flat playing field and 4 x 4 cm metal legs which are protected, so any external factors won’t damage it. Also, has high-quality resistant steel bars with anti-rust chromium plating.

You will also get a waterproof cover to be even more protected. It also has anti-rust roller bearings made of steel to provide a good game speed and reduce the stress in player’s wrists.

Striker Duel

Striker Duel
This is a long table which includes leg levelers for stabilization and durable legs. It features a Versa formation technology, which provides easy snapping of the plastic player on and off, so you can make your custom formation. It has steel rods which are chrome plated and banked corners. Includes two manual sliding scores, 2 foosballs. Also a one-man goalie.

American Heritage Element

American Heritage Element 58
Here is another high-quality item with its unique and attractive design. It has crossed metal beams that support the top and an industrial metal trim cabinet. Its leg levelers are adjustable, so you can adjust it to have the perfect flat playing field.

How to buy a foosball table

foosball game

Above you have found some top-notch models, but maybe you don’t like them or maybe you want to choose one on your own, but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, we will help you. What are the things you have to look? Firstly we think you should always look at the quality of the product. If you order a quality product, you are almost sure you will have it for a longer time.

Wondering how to pick a quality product? There are some ways how you can pick them even if you are a complete newbie. What is good is that you check around the web or locally and ask people who own the high-quality foosball table worth buying for their opinion and reviews. This is a little bit time-consuming but effective.

The better and easier way is to look online and search for different reviews and ratings. This is also time-consuming, but quicker than searching locally. After all, you don’t have to worry because we have done all the research for you, you just have to look at around our website where we listed quality items. Ratings and Reviews are important when choosing!

You should also look at the material. This is important, because of two things. Firstly is important because you can use outdoor foosball table or indoor and because of that you need specific material which will handle external factors and stand as new in different weather.

Next thing that we want to mention is the price. The price ranges have an important factor here and when choosing all other items. If you want to choose an absolute top foosball table you should have in mind that you should spend some to receive a high-quality item that will be durable and you will play the game smoothly.

Another thing that is important when buying is the warranty of the product. Take a look at what warranty the product has.

Maybe you are in a dilemma and you don’t know where is better to buy it? It is better at a local shop or it is better to buy it online. We think that is better to buy it online because you can find more great and helpful ratings and reviews. Plus that you can see and check more models in peace without any hurry.

Video Guide

We have also found a great buying guide video about how to choose a perfect one for you needs. Take a look at it.

Who can use them?

foosball fun
Don’t know who can use it? They can be used by everybody. They are good for kids as for adults who want to have fun with their friends for home use or play professionally at different tournaments. This is a great item which you can use it almost in all places and which can bring a lot of joy and happiness to the environment where the table is located.

Top Rated Foosball Tables

blue and white guys

Because there are so many brands of foosball tables on the market it is a mammoth task to recommend the top rated foosball tables available. Reviews are relevant for this kind of analysis and so a lot of time is spent with experts and tournament players for their feedback and views on the quality foosball table they have played on. Bearing in mind that the best-rated foosball tables that are recommended will be for home use, it is still a challenge. Reviews online by the many purchasers can be valuable, but bearing in mind there are many different needs to the purchase, so it is recommended you do some well-informed research, in order to get a clear enough picture as to what to look for when you decide to buy.

Foosball Table Brands

blue vs black

There are really a lot of different products available on the market, which are made by different brands. Maybe you are wondering who makes the best ones? Because of that, we here listed some foosball table reviews of the popular brands. Take a look at them here and if you are interested in any just click on the name of the brand.

There are different Brands who produce different models:

Harvard Tornado Sportcraft
Halex Md Sports Warrior
Carrom Garlando Rene Pierre
Valley-Dynamo Kick Barrington
ESPN American Heritage Hathaway
Fat Cat Shelti EastPoint

Types of foosball tables 

black and yellow blurred

We also have different styles & types of great tables. We have listed here all of them. You can read and find out more about specific type just by clicking on the type that you are interested in:

Outdoor Professional level
Home Air Hockey Foosball Tables
Vintage – Antique Wood Foosball Tables
Folding Portable
Mini Foosball Coffee Table
3 in 1 Foosball Table Kids
Commercial – Coin Operated Foosball and Pool Combo


Looking for a specific size?

mini table
Are you looking for a specific type of foos table? Are you looking for a small one or for a full size? It depends on you which size will you choose. This refers to where you will use it, who will use it or which size do you like more.

Foosball table price – How much does it cost?

playing for money
When it comes to the price, we think everybody is always looking for the best for the money. Everyone has its own available budget which he can spend or he wants to spend. Let me here remind you one more time that if you want to have a quality foos table, you should most times spend more. You have to be really lucky if you find one which is available for sale. This is great because you can get a cheap table of high quality. We have also listed some of the best foos tables under different prices and you can find more just by clicking on your most suitable price.

Foosball Tables Under 100 $

Understanding your budget and knowing what you want to buy is the first advice we give. Purchasing tables under $100 is not hard but you need to know what to look for and the quality table you will acquire. These tables are quite cheap, so we need to be really careful about their quality.

Size is important when shopping a foosball table on a predefined budget. If you seek a standard size table, then look for a table length 56in and a width of 30in. This guarantees you get a comfortable play and is easily accommodated within the space you want to put the foosball table. Measure the space and do not forget to add the foosball table dimensions of the rods when extended and playing space.

Consider if you want a table with a single mqn  goalie score or a three-goalie score. Some persons if new to the sport will not know the difference. Professional players like to play with a single mqn goalie score foosball table, as it is more technical to score. This gives them the chance to test their skills. With a three-goalie score; it is easier to play and thus, children prefer this foosball table set up.


KICK Squire

Kick Squire 33

Kick Squire is a mini portable tabletop for a perfect price. This small table is awesome for kids to enjoy foosball without playing on full-sized tables. It is made from sturdy high-quality materials which will last for a long time. Another awesome part is that you can take it with you on a trip because of its size. Isn’t that wonderful? Kids can enjoy playing foosball anywhere.

Table Dimension: 33″ L X 20″ W X 8″ H

Sports Squad FX48

Sports Squad FX48
The Sports Squad FX48 foosball table identifies with this price range. It is perfect for children and in our estimation is sturdy enough for the rough play kids are known to make. The construction of this table is of a high quality, surprisingly, and for the solid built, the price is a steal.

It’s easy to assemble and it’s perfect for family game nights or when friends come over and you want to have fun. Then it’s time for foosball. 

This lightweight 29lbs game table measures 48″ x 25.5″ x 32″ (L x W x H) making it easy to store.

Sports Squad FX40

Sports Squad FX40
Sport Squad FX40 is a unplug & play compact tabletop to quickly make a table ready for the game.

It comes with pre-assembled players on the rods for faster table assembly. Two goal boxes with ball return come along with the table.

This simple 29lbs table made to bring family and friends together measures 40″ x 20″ x 8″ (L x W x H).

Foosball Tables Under 300 $

Never look at the price of any foosball table and make a fast judgment based on that fact. It is widely known among the foosball table buying and owning public that it is better to seek credible advice and valuable professional information on these tables before buying. Many persons who have bought foosball tables under $300 have not been disappointed and have had many years of fun.

Buying a foosball table under $300 comes with lots of challenges, especially if you are an experienced player. They generally look for the playing potential of every table to critique; which is OK. This is good, so as to give the inexperienced players a chance to understand and gain experience while playing. Buying a foosball table like the three mentioned below as stated, are generally for persons who just want their children to have fun while playing, learn the game to see if they like it; then graduate to a more expensive table, or to have a table game that is workable for friends and family. Nothing is better than having fun family time while parents bond with their children and these foosball tables will be the best ever.

Some persons in reviews have given them 5-star ratings while some have given 4-star ratings. My thing is, if you are going to invest in a foosball table, it is incumbent on you to make sure the price you are willing to pay, for the reasons you wish to buy a foosball table is not determined on the cost, as many who have purchased any of the above tables have expressed surprise. The quality play they have received and the durability of the tables are more than worth the price. So, buying a foosball table under $300 will definitely surprise you while allowing you and your friends and family to have fun playing.


KICK Folding Monarch

Kick Folding Monarch

The KICK’s Monarch table is a great table for its price and besides that, it has another extra thing, it’s folding. That’s an awesome way to make storage possible in different ways and in different places. It can be also stored upright. Customers who have bought this table find it as the best choice for its price and well designed. The assembly time varies from person to person. Some set it up really quick others take up more hours (2 – 6 hours). This is an elegant and durable table that has a folding ability, so it’s easy to store it. Some specifications for KICK Folding Monarch table:

  • 1/4″ playing field
  • Ball return on each end of the table
  • Slide scoring is mounted on each end of the table
  • 1 or 3 man goalie configuration design, depends on the players choice
  • 8 durable 1/2″ semi-solid stainless steel chrome-plated rods
  • 13 blue and 13 yellow uniformed foosball men
  • 2 KICK foosballs
  • 8 No-Slip grip wooden handles with screws
  • Free rod lubricant (upon request)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Hathaway Playoff

Hathaway Playoff

The Hathaway Playoff Foosball table is one such table in this category. It is a 51 pounder that is 41.5 inches in length, 23 inches wide and has a ¼ inch thick MDF surface. The beautifully detailed graphics for the playing surface markings, with a smooth green playing surface for quick playing and scoring, is a steal for the price quoted on Amazon. Rods are made from steel which is chrome plated and has rubber handles for accurate grip during play. The table has automatic end ball return features which will enable fast play without having to manually reposition ball during play. The playing men are unique, as they look lifelike and have playing feet for accurate effect at goal shooting. The players are able to affect difficult playing techniques that only professional players are known to make.

The Hathaway Playoff Foosball table is for kids, teenagers, adults and any foosball enthusiasts that may just want to play a spirited game at home. The MDF particle board material may not be the strongest table ever made, but it is ideal for kids and teens because it is not a full sized table, and great for just learning the game. Many adults have certainly gotten hours of fun from playing on this foosball table, so it is safe to say not because of the price, it is truly worth having. This is an ideal foosball table for the game room or any small space that you desire to fill with an entertainment piece; which will last for some years and gives many hours of fun.

Playcraft Sport

Playcraft Sport

This foosball table is a definite table you will want to have to add to your game room. The size is relatively small for a foosball table you may have had experiences with, but this should not be a deterrent. Products by Playcraft have been known to be of excellent quality, and will certainly not disappoint.

Reviewed by customers, they have found this foosball table to be at the highest end of 5-star ratings, which is about 50% of the customers who have made the brave plunge to purchase one of these tables. The Playcraft Sport foosball table has been touted to be the greatest gift for children as little as seven to 70. This is because for the general public who enjoy a good game of foosball at home, are able to do so on this sturdy table.

Specifications of the Playcraft Sport Foosball Table:

  • Weight 68 pounds
  • 48 inches in size which work out to be 45 x 28 x 7 inches overall
  • Rubber Grip handles
  • Chromium Hollow Steel Rods
  • Graphic field design with soccer crowds graphics
  • Solid plated leg levelers

Foosball Tables Under 500 $

Acquiring a foosball table is a big deal; especially if you are getting one to learn to play or for the family. Experts have advised that if buying a foosball table for the first time especially for home use, buy a cheaper end table. Buying a table that costs under $500 is a recommendation. A foosball table within this price range will not only help in learning new techniques of play but also in improving your techniques. The family is also able to get in on the action as they will be having fun while learning more about foosball. Here are a few reviews of foosball tables recommended for purchase under $500 which are considered good buys by the experts.


Kick Venture

Kick Venture

If you are looking for a good table that is not so expensive and it’s well built you should take a look at the Kick Venture foosball table. It’s a well-constructed table which is not hard to assemble. People who have both it say that it is a great gadget to have which connects the whole family which is one of the most important things. A durable and elegant table that is easy to set up can be a great choice for families who want to bring the awesome sport of foosball into the comfort of their own home and have fun times. Specifications of the Kick Venture table:

  • Premium bearings
  • 1/2″ playing field
  • 5″ skid stop bottom sturdy leg levelers
  • Ball return on each side of the table
  • Slide scoring is mounted on each end of the table
  • 1 or 3 goalie configuration design depends on the player’s preference
  • 8 1/2″ durable semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated rods
  • 2 Kick foosballs
  • 13 red + 13 blue-uniformed players
  • 8 NoSlip grip wooden handles with screws
  • free rod lubricant (upon request)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions 55″ L x 30″ W x 36″ H

Atomic Pro Force

Atomic Pro Force

This is another foosball table recommended to be a great buy for the above-quoted price. It is really below $500 but the buy is well worth the money it sells for. The Atomic Pro Force Foosball table is made at a weight of 144 pounds and is able to accommodate any rough play.

Assembling takes 2-4 hours depending on the experience you have in assembling items. Customers have found it easy while others have difficulty in this regard. This is not a deterrent for foosball players who want to have a good game. A sturdy foosball table made from sturdy MDF or medium density fiberboard, this makes it able to withstand any vigorous or rough play. There are no dead spots during play and is accredited to the leg levelers and also the weight of the foosball table. The Atomic Pro-Force Foosball Table is built to give this quality play and more. Many foosball table owners find it an excellent addition to their game room and are a great way to break the ice with visitors.

Owning an Atomic Pro Force Foosball table is excellent for children, enthusiastic teenagers, and beginners who want to get a feel for playing on a good foosball table. Professionals have gotten great plays as well from this table and are recommending it for beginners and home use. Specifications for the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table:

  • Weighs 144 pounds as mentioned above
  • Bamboo Laminate outer playing surface/ as strong as steel
  • 5/8 in chrome/ hollow steel rods
  • Solid legs with leg levelers
  • ½ inch thick playing field
  • Sturdy robotic-like playing men
  • Rubber Octagonal handles for a sturdy, sure grip
  • Table Dimensions 29.5” W x 56” D x 34.5” H

American Legend Charger

American Legend Charger

This table is another buy under $500 and is considered to be a great buy as well. This sturdy foosball table is considered a good buy for the price. Many customers have had second thoughts about this beauty, but after purchasing, they are not disappointed. Place in the category of being rated 3 stars; I believe this is not truly selling the potential of this table. It is more suited to be rated among the 4star category. Durable material and is expected to stand the test of time.

Recommended for home play, and is excellent for beginners and children to learn on. High-spirited teenagers will also get great games on this table in the American Legend Charger Foosball Table as for the weight it can take aggressive play. Customers have indicated it is a great addition to their game room, as it is excellent fun for the whole family and friends who drop by for a good game. Specifications for the American Legend Charger Foosball Table:

  • Weighs 100 pounds
  • Table Dimensions 26” W x 53.5” D x 34” H
  • Chrome finished Legs
  • ½ inch Hollow rods
  • Crossbar support for the legs
  • Soccer players feature playing men
  • Anatomically shaped playing feet
  • Rubber handles for sturdy grip
  • 3/16 inch MDF warp resistant playing field

Foosball table Under 1000 $

$1000 is just a figure for the range of prices we are considering for this category of our review. There are some foosball tables that may be had for as high as $2000. For high-end foosball table under $1000, the choices are wide and varied; this is because the price is not geared for people who are serious foosball players. The quality may be lacking, as manufacturers have sought to make a good foosball table, but not the best. Their materials may be questionable as to the bearings for the rods, which may give you a good play and also have a fairly good balance for the playing men.


KICK Titan

Kick Titan

Kick Titan fits into the tournament foosball table category. When you will be playing on this table you will love every move you make on it. High quality solid steel rods and the 1/2” inches thick playing field will provide an outstanding experience. If you are looking for a tournament-style table at an affordable price, KICK Titan is one of the best options!

Table Dimensions: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H

Carrom Signature Pro

Carrom Signature Professional

The Carrom Signature Professional as a suggestion, we have found to be one of the greatest table soccer tables; just a bit below $1000 but it ranges within that class for quality. Although below the focused cost, it is manufactured like the professional player’s table with very high-end bearings and a sleek finish for the table surface. For the Carrom foosball table, our research has determined, to play a great foosball game better than the other tables within the above price range.

Manufacturers Specifications for the Carrom Signature Professional solid wood table:

  • Finish for the table is made from 1” Burr Oak
  • High-end bearings for precise, spinning and accurate wood-beadings for scoring
  • Enameled, screen printed graphic overlays for the field/0.375”
  • Chrome-plated rods and hardwood handles
  • 162 pounds in weight, which is a good heft for balance during play

Best Foosball Table for the money

red and blue playing men
Purchasing the best foosball table for the money it is important you do your due diligence in research. Asking questions and advice from experts is a good route to take. The professionals are able to tell you of their experiences on various foosball tables so your decision is from an informed perspective. Our review on the various kinds of foosball tables and the price range for the money is geared as a layman’s guide to purchasing. A professional is also able to use this information in purchasing as they determine need.

The game of foosball is fun; children and adults have enjoyed playing this game for decades and will continue to do so a long time from now. The information here will only enhance your playing pleasure.

Home Foosball Table

kids enjoying
Looking to purchase the finest foosball table for the home can be very overwhelming. The many choices out there on the market are staggering, and without having some knowledge about foosball table quality, it can be difficult. Professional foosball players will tell you that the best table is one which will last for a very long time. While this recommendation may be true, it is not practical for a homeowner who is working on a tight budget, or who just wants to have a foosball rules game in the home for light fun and enjoyment. If you want more foosball tips to go check our guide section.

While taking into consideration the cost it is also important to think about the members of the household. If there are children of varying ages in the home, it is practical to look at tables that are high or low enough to accommodate the size of the children living in the home. If they are only teens at home then a more standard size foosball table will be ideal.

For smaller children it is recommended to get a table that is built to protect the little ones from injury of rods poking or prodding them; the face and upper torso of utmost importance for protection. There must be enough room for play and will accommodate the table of choice comfortably while playing. While extending the rods during play; there need to de lots of arm room which will accommodate the rods extended and your elbows during play. The foosball table cannot be too big for the space you want to put it.

Many persons buying a foosball table for the first time will want to also consider the reasons for the purchase. If it is for the children to enjoy along with family, then purchasing a foosball table that is not too expensive is advisable. Thinking of the children’s likes and dislikes may be something to think about. If you invest in an expensive table and it is not well received by the children, then you would have a piece of furniture in your game room taking up needed space and not much else; so think of this before you buy. If the foosball table is well received; then you have a winner on your hands, which is sure to afford you and the family many hours of fun.

Another thing to consider before buying a foosball table is how much do you know about the game. If you are a lover of soccer, then this is an excellent way to have fun during the off-season, or during the season, when you are not able to go to a match. Having the table at hand will help to pass the time. Wanting to encourage the kids to learn about the game, because you had many hours of fun playing with your siblings as a child or during college is also another reason to buy a foosball table for home. They are able to learn the game while experiencing the fun you always speak of. The smaller, cheap foosball table is recommended for these adventures. If the kids love the game, then it is reasonable to want to invest in a higher costing table.

What about other accessories?

closer look at men and ball

Do you already own a soccer table and you just need some accessories, because they broke or you just want to have extra items to be safe? We have also that covered and you can find more about table replacement parts and accessories. If you are interested you can also check more about covers, foosball balls, bearings, replacement men, cup holders, and leg levelers.

Are you having problems?

Of course, all things cannot go right and because of that, there come problems. One of the popular problems is how to foosball table setup, but there is no worry because we have also that covered. If you want to read more about care and maintenance check our articles.
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Don’t know what to do next?

Now you have come to the end of this page where we tried to guide you, so you choose an absolute best foosball table by looking at different reviews and other things which may have an effect on your decision or may bother you.

We hope you now know enough how to choose it, so now is the time to take action and order one or two. If you still aren’t confident and want to have a look at different models check our reviews section for more reviews of different models.