Foosball Benefits

Foosball is a great game, but you are maybe wondering how foosball can impact on you and what are the benefits of playing it. Here is the infographic, so it will be easier for you to find out why you should play foosball and how you can benefit from it.

10 Foosball Benefits

10 Foosball benefits Infographic

10 Reasons Why You Should Play Foosball
A gaming room is a great addition to any house, and sometimes filling it with only video games makes it kind of incomplete until you add some sport to the room which is by adding the foosball table. It delivers hours of fun for everyone who plays it. These foosball tables have been around for a long while since 1921. They are a violence-free simulation of the football game, family and group friendly and require a lot of skills,   including hand-eye coordination and teamwork in the case played by 4.

Indeed, This gaming table is among the best tables you can add to your room. Some tables stole all the glory like ping pong and billiards. However, foosball has been a favorite for many since a lot of people are fans of football and this game provides simulation for that game. Foosball consists of the perfect balance of luck and skill, a fast gameplay and a lot of variables, which means every single match is different from the previous one, a lot of entertaining and other awesome things that you will know in this top 10 goodies about foosball:

1) Foosball is a competitive game

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Foosball can be played by 2 up to 4 players, providing fun for all participants in a fast-paced, engaging game, which also provides competition between those players filled with enthusiasm and challenge. Everyone who plays it tries to become better at it with more practicing and through challenging each other in a healthy competition. For instance, a boss may challenge his employees and even lose to them, in a game where everyone has a chance to win depending on his skills. In this game, you do not only focus on yourself but also on your opponents and his motions. It is indeed a competitive and challenging game to play.

2) Building communication among people

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People can talk and communicate while playing, not only that but also become friends over it. A wide variety of conversations would arise while playing, can even be business conversations since overwork sometimes tends to disconnect people, but this fun game can reconnect them in a playful atmosphere where they would discuss anything while having fun and it would be stress free, provides more harmony between co-workers, and build teamwork spirit where they learn how to communicate effectively, make strategies and appreciate each other while communicating. Basically, the game builds social value, you may find a crowd of people gathered around it, those people may have the same interest in this game, and therefore people would be connected and make new friends.

3) Foosball improves productivity

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As well as developing team spirit, the teammates will try to support each other and predict what their partner is about to do, and thus build an understanding of each other. Building such a connection between employers will surely increase the productivity of their work, especially if their job usually requires teamwork.

4) The healthy benefits of Foosball

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Sports have always been a great medicine, and light sports like foosball provide a good rehabilitation sport to get people back on their feet and back to their normal life. In addition, the game proved to treat arthritis effectively. Those people suffering from Osteoarthritis can use the foosball to stay active and stand in order for their affected joints to not remain static since this game provides a mini-workout where the knees are constantly moving and flexing as well as the feet, wrists, shoulders, and elbows. Rehab has never been easier since using the table can be anywhere, anytime.

5) Good for your body

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Whatever injury you have got, foosball is a great tool for recovery. This hand-eye coordination game will aid the patient’s brain that suffered from injuries to heal faster and adapt his prosthetic limbs quicker than they usually would. For instance, American veterans that were in the hospital refused hard rehabilitation workouts, but foosball was not as painful exercise as the other sports. In fact, the foosball table is already installed in European hospitals and started to spread in the US ones as well, it is used to get patients out of bed back to their normal life.

6) Foosball Table Price and Availability

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Foosball is getting more popular and available around the world, and the price of the foosball table is decreasing. Eventually, everyone can afford to buy the table and it is available in different designs and sizes. It can even be found in local markets or online stores, and everyone can have access to it.

7) Everyone can play it

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There are no restrictions or limitations in terms of playing this sport, the rules are simple as well as the requirements. Even a physically disabled person or a senior individual can enjoy this game, since it only a few hand movements and concentration towards the ball on the table, and no additional space is required for the rod motion.

8) For the whole family

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Whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, everyone can enjoy this game. Even children can play a match with their parents as well. They can even play it while visiting shopping malls or community centers and have fun as well as quality time since the game brings respect and equality among family members directly and indirectly.

9) A modern and motivational game

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Foosball is an option for all modern societies. Despite the revolutionary new tech, this game still has its place in the hearts of people, and even the new generation finds it a fascinating and interesting game to play. It is, like all sports, an inspirational game that helps people to plan and make strategies to win. The game encourages good manners and social behaviors as well as strong bonds between people.

10) fun fun fun

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Finally, the game is about fun and it can be addictive with the attractive yet simple concept that draws millions of football lovers to love this mini version of it. It is a super fun activity to play with friends, colleagues and family members. Connecting all of them in a fun and healthy way, where they can leave stress away and chill with the game.


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