3 in 1 Foosball Table

If you’re on the hunt for the best 3 in 1 foosball table, I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of options available for you to choose from. This game equipment is getting all the rage lately, thanks to its versatility. It allows you to play different kinds of games in one table. Plus, you can have it anywhere you want to. You can install it in your home, office, pub, club, etc. In my case, I got two of these, one for my home and another for my office.

Playing foosball is so much fun. It’s a great stress reliever, which is why I have it at my office since I can play in between breaks. But what’s great about this game is that it doesn’t take up much space. The table is compact and can fit an average-sized room. In this article, I’m going to talk more about the foosball table and share some of my best recommendations.

3 in 1 Foosball Table Reviews

To help you save time, I’m going to provide you with a list of foosball tables that I highly recommend. I’ve also included a short review of each table to help you make the best decision. After the reviews, you can find many things about the different types of foosball tables, but for those who are in a hurry for shopping, check the list.

#1 Lancaster 3 in 1 Game Combo

Lancaster Game
The Lancaster 3 in 1 Table allows you to play slide hockey, pool, and foosball. Weighing 1.3 pounds, this table is not too heavy so you can easily move it from one place to another. What’s great about this table is that you can easily shift the games to play in only a few seconds. The table is also equipped with sidelocks, which help keep the table in position. Both sides of the table come with manual scorers. Lancaster is a brand known for producing some of the best models of sports equipment. Their products are durable and are famous all over the world. You can purchase this table online or from your local sports equipment store.  Overall, I would highly recommend this game table from Lancaster. I love the color, texture, and overall quality.


  • The 3-in-1 table allows you to play slide hockey, billiards, and foosball
  • Comes with side locks that keep the table in place 
  • Compact and multi-purpose 
  • Easy switch from one game to another
  • There are manual scorekeepers on each side 


  • Some parts and components are cheap

#2 Evelove Multi Table Game

Evelove Multi
When looking for the best foosball table combo, you’ll surely come across the Evelove Table Game 3-In-1 Multi Combo. In fact, you’ll come across plenty of advertisements for this product all over the web.  This game table is an upgraded version of the previous model. The company has produced several game tables in the past but this new one is a revival of their previous models. Indeed, Evolve has truly upgraded itself as seen on the highly innovative game tables that they have now. In fact, this 3-in-1 Multi Combo Game Table comes with truly amazing features.


  • 3-in-1 multi combo game table
  • Soccer, billiards, and foosball table in one
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 55 pounds
  • Ideal for both adults and kids


  • Hockey is not too playable
  • Not that sturdy

#3 Triumph 48″ MLS Trifecta

Triumph Trifecta
The Triumph 48” game table features an interesting combination of soccer, foosball, and air hockey. Weighing only 49.1 pounds, this game table is fairly durable and sturdy. With every purchase of this set, you’ll get miniature balls, soccer net, and soccer-style foosballs. Users love the ergonomic grip of the table as well as the slide scoring system. Triumph is known for producing reliable sports equipment that’s reliable and budget-friendly. Thus, buying this Triumph 48″ MLS Trifecta 3-in-1 Foosball Soccer Table is highly recommended.


  • Equipped with ergonomic grips
  • It comes with a side scoring system and leg levelers
  • Includes soccer net, miniature soccer balls, and foosballs



  • A bit complicated to set up

#4 MD Sports Multi-Game Table

MD Sports
The MD Sports New Multi-Game Combo Table allows you to play three different games in one table. This game table will let you play side hockey, soccer, and billiards. It’s very sturdy and comes equipped with ½-inch rods made of steel and has robot style players. This table can be easily assembled and you’ll receive it in a big package that includes various components. Weighing only 61.6 pounds, this game table shouldn’t be that difficult to move around. Plus, this foosball table 3 in 1 is covered with a 90-day manufacturer warranty. 


  • Lets you to play billiards, slide hockey and soccer in one table
  • Equipped with durable steel rods and have robot style players
  • Comes complete with all accessories and components
  • Covered by a 90-day manufacturer warranty


  • A customer complained that the side panel came in with cracks

#5 BS 3 in 1 Combo Game Table

BS Combo
The BS 3 in 1 Combo Multi Game Table is another great foosball table that I would recommend to those who need a reliable 3 in 1 game table foosball pool and air hockey table for the entire family. This multifunction game table allows you to play foosball, pool, and air hockey. It comes complete with everything you need in order to enjoy your favorite games. Featuring a stack-up design, the table can be converted easily from one game to another. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort when you want to switch it to your favorite game. With this set, you’ll get pushers, pucks, billiard cues, triangle, billiard ball set, soccer balls, and more.


  • Multi-game table for billiards, hockey, and foosball
  • Fully equipped with accessories
  • Stack-up design allows for the easy conversion from one game to another


  • Not the best quality

Benefits of a 3 in 1 Foosball Table

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A 3 in 1 foosball table allows you to play different types of games using just one table. You can choose to play any game that you want depending on your mood. With this table, you definitely won’t get bored again. Here are some of the advantages of getting a foosball table.

  • It Will Save You Space

Instead of having three different tables to play different games, you’ll only have to get one table. Thus, you will be able to save space in your home or office while being able to play a number of games. The foosball table with 3 in 1 design allows you to play games like air hockey, pool, table tennis, and more.

  • You Will Save Money

The foosball table saves you money since you’ll only be paying for one table, yet you can play a number of different games on it. It can be really expensive to purchase two different tables for pool and foosball games. The foosball pool table combo is definitely more economical.

  • It Looks Great

These foosball tables are not only entertaining, but they are pleasing to the eyes as well. They can make for a great décor in your living room, office room, or anywhere you want to install it. This table will give your table a sporty vibe, which enhances the overall look. In fact, they are available in different styles. I got the vintage table and it matches with the retro theme in my basement. You’ll find plenty of design options for your foosball table. Each table also comes with different features as well and, of course, they also vary in price. If you find these options overwhelming, don’t worry because I’m here to help you make the best decision.

Types of Foosball Tables

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Before you start looking for the best foosball tables to buy, it’s important to know that you’ll find several different types of these tables on the market. Take time to get to know each one of them to speed up your search.

  • Standard Foosball Tables

Of all the different types of foosball tables, the standard foosball table is the most popular and the most common of them all. You can purchase this table online and all you need to do is to assemble it once it arrives. These tables have to be installed permanently in one place. They are usually heavy and are often made from solid wood. You’ll find cheaper varieties of the standard foosball tables. They are made from a combination of MDF boards and real wood. These tables are lighter in weight, weighing less than a hundred pounds. If you want to get the best value for your money, consider investing in high-quality foosball tables that are made from durable materials and are guaranteed to last for a long time. For buyers who have a tight budget, you can settle with the cheaper varieties but these tables are not usually full-size. So, this is something you need to think about.

  • Tabletop Foosball Tables

If you want something compact, the tabletop foosball tables are worth checking out. Thanks to its small size, you’ll be able to place this table anywhere you want including above a desk or table. This table is also recommended for kids that don’t have enough space in their playroom. But remember that the tabletop models must be placed on top of a sturdy and durable surface. It’s also possible to just place the table on the floor if you don’t have a place to put it on. But I would strongly recommend putting it on top of a table or desk to allow your kids to play comfortably, allowing them to enjoy the game even more. Although a tabletop foosball is small in size, it’s not only for the kids. These types of foosball tables can also be used in dormitories, apartments, condominiums, and other places with small spaces. The tabletop version is also the cheapest option on the market but they are not usually built to last.

  • Combination Game Tables

The combination foosball tables are a great choice if you want to get the most for your money. As the name suggests, this table is a combination of different kinds of table games. It could be a combination of air hockey, foosball, billiards etc. The games vary depending on the model and make. Although they are a little bit on the expensive side, these tables are usually made of excellent quality materials and are truly worth the money. If you’re trying to save money, the foosball table combination is highly recommended. You only pay for one table but you get to enjoy different kinds of games. 

Are 3 in 1 Foosball Tables Expensive?

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The 3 in one foosball table is not that expensive, costing around $100 – $250 only, but this will also depend on a number of factors, such as the size and the quality of materials used. The more expensive models are usually made from a solid block of wood, while the cheaper ones are made from cheaper materials.

What Games Can I Play with a 3 in 1 Foosball Table?

mini table
You get to play several different games with a 3 in 1 foosball table. Aside from foosball, you can also play billiard, pool, snooker, air hockey, and table tennis. Depending on the model and the type, these tables usually have different game combinations. So, you need to spend some time looking for the type of table that has all the games that you need. 

Can Kids Use These Tables Too?

kids enjoying
The foosball 3 in 1 game table is ideal for both adults and kids. Of course, the smaller ones are more suitable for kids. If you need a table that can be used by adults and kids, then I’d suggest going for the larger sizes. 


If you’re like me who loves foosball a lot, then I would strongly suggest that you invest in the best 3 in 1 foosball table. Unlike the standard foosball table, the 3 in 1 model allows you to play several other games. Therefore, you can share it with some other people in your household as well. These days, you’ll find plenty of combination game tables in the market but the products that I mentioned above come highly recommended. I suggest you check out each one of them and decide according to your needs, preferred game combinations, and, of course, your available budget.