American Heritage Foosball Tables

American Heritage foosball tables are among the most popular gaming tables on the market today. American Heritage is a brand that has been around since the 1980s. They started by making high-quality pool tables with the finest quality of American wood. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship, American Heritage has risen in popularity in only a few years since the company was established. Over the years, the company has greatly evolved but they are still committed to providing the best products.

American Heritage Foosball Table Reviews

There are different models of foosball tables that American Heritage makes. Get to know each of them by reading these American Heritage foosball table reviews.


American Heritage Element 58

Element 58 inch
The American Heritage Element Foosball Table is, no doubt, one of the best-looking foosball tables I’ve ever seen in the market. It has stylish designs with chic metal accents and the players are in glossy black and silver color. The table is made from engineered wood with a washed brown veneer made of maple wood. I love having this table in my living room since it matches with the other wooden furnishings in the room. The entire table set comes with 4 balls and 2 ball returns. A lot of those who have bought this foosball table say they are impressed by its overall design and feel. Aside from the stylish design, this foosball table is very durable. This isn’t really surprising because this is what American Heritage is known for – making high quality and durable products.

But this foosball table also comes with a few downsides. First, it weighs around 189 lbs., which I find really heavy. I had a hard time transporting it and moving this table to another place can be a challenge. Also, I find this table a bit complicated to assemble.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Perfect for both experienced and new foosball players
  • A stylish looking table that will look great in your living room


  • Complicated to assemble
  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight

American Heritage Pritchard

Pritchard Brown
This Pritchard Foosball Table is another great product from American Heritage that I would strongly recommend, although I believe this can make for a perfect fixture in a dorm room. I also love the overall look of the table, which has a somewhat industrial feel. The table’s elegant cabinet is bolstered with metal beams making it look even more stylish. It looks really great and can easily blend in the overall design of your room.

Of course, this foosball table is very durable. Many customers were satisfied with the overall quality and they believe this product is truly worth the money. When playing in this foosball table, there will be players in a black and gray color that will be vying for the goal. Overall, I love how remarkable this foosball table is. It comes with manual scorers, four balls, and two ball returns.


  • 2 ball returns
  • 4 balls
  • Gray and black players
  • Manual scorers
  • Metal legs
  • Wood cabinet


  • None

American Heritage Savannah

Savannah Brown
This American Heritage foosball table review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Savannah Foosball Table. This is among the most stylish foosball tables I’ve come across on the market. I love its industrial design combined with fun gameplay, making it the ultimate table for gaming. Its rugged cabinet makes it look even more stylish. The playing surface is in striking dark green color with striped rugby competitors.

Indeed, the overall performance and craftsmanship of this foosball table are truly remarkable. It’s easy to tell just by looking at the table that it’s made from heavy-duty materials. With every purchase of this table, you’ll get four balls, a 3-man goalie system, two ball returns, adjustable leg levelers, and counterweighted rugby competitors.


  • 3-goalie design
  • Comes with two manual scoring systems
  • End ball returns
  • Made from elegant solid wood material
  • Precision playing surface
  • Sturdy design


  • None

Why Buy an American Heritage Foosball Table?

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Of all the various brands of foosball tables on the market, you might ask why I have chosen American Heritage. It’s because I truly believe it’s the most reliable brand of foosball tables. Having been around for 30 years, the company has expanded from producing billiard tables to making all kinds of game rooms. In fact, they have also expanded into making air hockey, bar stools, home bars, and, of course, foosball tables.

I am truly impressed by the overall craftsmanship of the American Heritage foosball tables, which is why this is the brand I would recommend for gaming tables, whether it’s a billiard table or foosball table.

Types of Foosball Tables

sturdy used

Below are the different types of foosball tables that you will find on the market.

  • Standalone

A standalone foosball table comes equipped with four legs and is usually made from high-quality wood materials. But these tables are usually heavy, with some models weighing a whopping 300 pounds! Due to their weight and the manner in which these tables are designed, they can be a challenge to move around your house. Plus, they are usually more expensive although these heavy-duty tables are long-lasting and are worth investing in.

  • Tabletop

For those who have limited space in their homes, a tabletop table would be a perfect choice. These tables are usually portable and can easily be placed right above a table. They are very versatile too and you can place them anywhere you want to, from your bedroom, dining room, kitchen counter, etc. Since these tables are small in size, they are usually more affordable and perfect for those who are in a budget. Also, their compact size means you’ll be able to easily store and move them around. If you’re going for this type of foosball table, ensure that the surface has scratch protection so the table won’t get ruined easily.

  • Multi-Game

If you need a table that can provide you with various options for entertainment, the multi-game foosball table is highly recommended. These tables will allow you to play a number of different games. The rods are usually removed in order to transform the playing surface and allow you to play other games aside from foosball. These types of foosball tables are available in either tabletop or standalone versions.

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Foosball Tables

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Just like with buying any product, it’s important to consider the different factors and features that the foosball tables come with. But first, you need to think about how you are going to use the table. Do you need something that your little ones can play with? Would you want a table that will allow you to play different games? Where do you intend to place the foosball table? To help you make the best decision, here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for the right foosball table.

  • Material

If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll find cheaper models that are made from low-quality materials. MDF and particle board are usually the most popular materials used in cheaper models. These tables are available in varying thickness and thicker tables are understandably more durable. It’s not recommended to choose something that’s less than half an inch thick or it won’t be that strong. Both the MDF and particleboard are not the best materials to go for. They could get weaken very easily and the joints will easily get loose.

While these tables are cheap, they are not guaranteed to last for a long time. You’ll also find foosball tables that are made from high-quality MDF materials or those that are coated with a durable finish and could last a bit longer. If you’d prefer to invest in high-end foosball tables, you should choose something that’s made from composite materials or solid wood. Both materials are able to last for a long time. Just make sure you go for a strong and durable hardwood. As much as possible, avoid softwood since this material will eventually bend or warp over time.

  • Size

The standard measurement of foosball tables is 56” x 30”. But when it comes to the size of the table, it’s important that you consider the space where you intend to place the table. Make sure you allocate enough space around the foosball table to ensure that everyone is able to play comfortably. If you go for a full-size table, then you need to make sure you have a bit of space in the room. For those with less space in their homes, there are smaller tables that you can go for.

The tabletop models might be a better choice if you’re concerned about the limited space in your home. Full-size tables are more suitable for expert players while beginners and younger players will be better off using the smaller tables.

  • Rods

As for the rods, you should opt for steel rods since they are the best choice. You’ll find three different types of rods – solid, telescoping, and hollow. Hollow rods are the lightest and can move the game faster since you will have more control over it allowing you to kick faster. On the other hand, solid rods are heavy and may require some time to master. The telescoping rods are those that you’ll usually find on higher-end foosball tables. They will not slide out of the table when playing and will work best for those with small kids.

  • Playing Surface

It’s a good idea to choose a foosball table where there are laminated markings on the playing surface. Low quality cheaper tables usually come with stickers that will eventually fade as time goes by. Also, make sure that the markings on the table’s playing surface have been written correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to line your shots well.

  • Players

Each table usually comes with either 1 or 3 goalies. Therefore, the rod that’s nearest to the goal could either have 1 or 3 men in it. 1-man goalies might just make the game a bit more difficult since it will be hard for you to guard your goal. It requires more skill and focus. On the other hand, 3-man goalies will often lead to quicker games. For anyone who is still new to the game, the 3-man goalies are highly recommended. When it comes to the players, one of the most important things to keep in mind is whether they are counterweighted or not. This is usually how professional players play, which makes the game a little bit easier to play.

Counterweighted players usually come with weights so they can remain in a horizontal position once the rod is released. This will keep them away from the playing surface. Thus, the gameplay will turn out smoother and faster. Your choice will mainly depend upon your personal preferences. It’s important that you choose a table that will provide you with some space to wiggle around and will allow you to easily change from 1 or 3-man goalie. In order to get the most of your foosball table, you should choose something that’s versatile.

Foosball Table Maintenance

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There are really no specific instructions to follow when it comes to maintaining your foosball table. Just make sure to keep your table protected from harsh chemicals when cleaning. It is best to use a mild wood cleaner when cleaning up the table. Also, make sure you use a fine cloth with no abrasives so as not to scratch the surface of your table. When it comes to storage, make sure you keep your American Heritage foosball table in an area that’s not exposed to direct sunlight. That way, the wood will not get discolored due to heat. Also, avoid rooms with a significant amount of moisture.


Shopping for the best American Heritage foosball tables is not really that difficult as you’ll find lots of great options in the market. But if we were to choose only one, I’d highly recommend the American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table. For me, it’s the perfect table for anyone, whether you’re an expert or beginner in foosball. It comes with great features and is made from high-quality and durable materials.