Atomic Foosball Tables

The Atomic Foosball Table is a new and revolutionary improvement on the foosball tables manufactured before, and Escalade Sports has taken up the challenge to enhance this possibility. Their manufacturing of the Atomic line of foosball tables has done just that.

The Atomic Foosball table is designed with playing men who enable foosball players the potential to make intricate and trick shots that were never easy to accomplish before. These playing men are called the “Hammerhead!” These players, because of their wider toes, are able to manipulate and control the foosball ball at a greater advantage than regular type playing men. Looking for other brands and tables? Visit this link.

Atomic Foosball Table Reviews

There are Atomic foosball tables that are available for sale on Amazon; which you may choose from as an investment in enhancing your level of play to your advantage. Some of these soccer tables are Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table, Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table, Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table. We have also made a detailed review of each model below.

Pro Force

Atomic Pro Force
Purchasing the Atomic Pro Foosball Table is a great buy. Owners of this table have indicated they are not disappointed with their purchase. The assembly time on average as stated by the manufacturers is about four hours, which was experienced by the new owners of this table. The instructions were spot on with a few minor adjustments which were needed to be done by a trusty drill, but on the whole, it was easy to assemble.

A sturdy built table which complements any décor, whether your games room or should you choose to add it to your living room. The table is made from tough and durable bamboo material, which is equivalent to steel or may even be tougher. The finish is sleek and the midfield compartment is flat, engineered to have no dead spots.

The Chrome covered steel rods with rubber handles are just the added feature to this Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table to make playing at its best. This foosball table is made with the “Hammerhead” playing men that will help to enhance your playing and control skills of the ball.

The table is made in dimensions of L 56 inches x W 29.5 inches x H 34.5 inches with a heft of 144 pounds. The legs are very sturdy with leg levelers in dimensions of 3.5 inches. There is no other table in which you and your family can invest to ensure long lasting as well as many hours of fun.


Gladiator table
This Escalade Sports brand of foosball table is at the top of the ratings when it comes to gaming tables. Escalade has been in business for over 80 years and has evolved throughout the years as the leading manufacturers of games like; air hockey, shuffleboard, bumper pool, and basketball arcade and foosball tables.

Their Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table is made of solid, sturdy materials with solid stock legs. The leg levelers are effective and manageable for leveling this table on whatever surface you have, and is a plus, especially if you are a hard and energetic player of foosball.

The playing field is decked out in an incredibly green surface color, which complements the playing men painted black and red. The steel rods made of solid chrome and enhanced with nylon brushing, house the playing men are so designed to enable accuracy and comfort of play.

The handles are made of solid wood; hand-carved and are so designed and made for easy grip during play. The internal ball returns placed in the 14in x 2in MDF apron is enough room for quick ball play and delivery. The table is also made with internal drink holders which protect the table from spillage, so you need not be concerned during rough playing.

Dimensions for this Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table is; L 56 inches x W 31.25 inches x H 34.75 inches. The weight is a hefty 225 pounds makes this table a steal for the price it is sold for. The many hours of rough play that it is built to withstand encourage many hours of fun for both friends and family.


Eurostar table

This Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table is made similar to the European model foosball tables. This is classified as a luxury style table with the classic features of the era it was manufactured to represent. The table is built of sturdy MDF particle board which makes this foosball table ideal for both indoor and out.

Made of hollow chrome steel rods with European style cross-hatched toe playing men attached and the rods are further enhanced with the softer rubber handles for a comfortable grip and handling during play; especially if palms get really sweaty.

The playing field is enforced on a 1 1/4in support base with a thickness for the field of 3/8th inch. This table is further supported on an H-shaped, tapered 5 ¼ inches set of legs that enable the table to be sturdily planted during plays as well as have built-in 1 ¼ inch leg levelers. The ball return is positioned on both sides as well as the side ball entry; this gives ease to players for the game to flow quickly. Stylish abacus style beaded manual scoring system, for easy flow of keeping score of goals throughout the game.

Built-in cup holders are also a plus, as it prevents spillage during rough plays; however, you have the option of using separate side tables for the placing of drinks and beer bottles, in the event of possible spillage. Why stop a good game for cleaning up? The Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table is made at dimensions of L 56.63 inches x W 28.75 inches x H 34.5 inches and weighs 180 pounds. The package also comes with two foosball balls.


Choosing a foosball table is always a great consideration; costs, as well as durability, are factors to investigate. The wealth of information available on the internet as well as Amazon with their customer opinions will help you make the right decision. It is also good to get some free advice from friends who already have a foosball table, as you will certainly get information from experience.