Barrington Foosball Table

Barrington has really made a name for themselves in the home-entertainment market with a range of both billiard and foosball tables and that’s why you should get a Barrington foosball table. Their aim as a company is to allow customers to kit out their game rooms with the best mini-games around, whether they have a big or small space to work with. The quality and style of materials they use gives their products a ‘furniture-style’ look that not only works well, but fits the aesthetic of most homes too. 

Barrington Foosball Table Reviews

Later in the article, you can find more about what to look for when choosing the right foosball table for you, your home and your requirements, but here are our top picks for the best Barrington foosball table models available right now for those who are excited to find out more about their tables right away.


Barrington Foosball Coffee

Coffee Wood 42
The Barrington Foosball Coffee Game gains most of its praise from customers due to its sleek and aesthetic appearance. The table itself is constructed from wood, making it both sturdy and stylish, and the playing area is shielded from above by durable tempered glass, making sure no drinks or food can be spilled – and that no-one can interfere mid-game! This also allows the table to act as a coffee table, or even a desk, giving it another use when there are no games going on. The steel rods used to control the players are finished with smooth, wooden handles, with an ergonomic grip. And as an added bonus the table even has a shelf underneath for storing books, magazines, or anything else. All in all, like a foosball table, this isn’t the best out there, but as a foosball-and-coffee table, it manages both jobs pretty well.


  • Unique, multi-purpose design
  • Sturdy rods and handles
  • Extra shelf underneath
  • Tempered glass covering
  • Can also be a coffee table or desk


  • Not the best for actually playing foosball

Barrington Richmond

Richmond Set
The Barrington Richmond Foosball Table is similar to another one of Barrington’s models – the Arcade Foosball Table – though it’s slightly longer in length at 58”. This table features sturdy steel rods, that are both durable and practical, with ergonomically designed handles for that extra bit of comfort whilst playing – although they can occasionally be slippery. It also makes use of the 3-men goalie layout that many people like. With leg levelers, even on slightly uneven surfaces, this can be adjusted to its perfectly square, making playing much fairer and accurate. All in all, a great all-round table that’s suitable for both children and adults.


  • Great overall design
  • Sturdy steel rods with handles
  • Features robotic players
  • 3-man goalie system


  • None

BARRINGTON Foosball Soccer

Soccer 54 L
The Barrington Foosball Soccer Table is a sort of mid-range table in terms of its quality, not the best of its kind from this company, but certainly not the worst either. Its structure and material give it a somewhat flimsy and weak appearance – being smaller than many other tables – which can affect both the games played using it, as well as its overall longevity, but there are some interesting features included in this design. This product also opted for the 3-man goalie layout, making use of robotic players in order to give the user(s) more control mid-game. And with leg levelers, the ‘field’ can be straightened out perfectly. This is probably not the best product for a seasoned foosball player, but it’s an excellent choice for someone wanting to get into foosball, as it offers the basics fairly well.


  • Steel rods and handles
  • Leg levelers for a flat playing surface
  • Robotic players for better control


  • Overall product quality


Arcade 54
The Barrington Arcade Foosball Table is an almost-perfect blend between size, stability, and aesthetic, hence why it’s such a popular choice for many people who are into their foosball. This Barrington 54 inch arcade foosball soccer table weighs over 110 pounds, making it sturdy enough to withstand a decent amount of force. Like other Barrington designs, it utilizes the 3-man goalie setup for a fast-paced style of play, and with high-quality rods and handles, users have excellent control over their players. The leg levelers make sure the ‘playing field’ is even at all times, in order to optimize the gaming experience for any users.


  • Great overall design
  • Sturdy rods and handles
  • Robotic players for greater control
  • Leg levelers for even surface


  • End ball return

Barrington Webster Set

Webster Set
The Barrington Webster Set Foosball Table is the last on our list – but certainly not the worst. It’s made up completely of wood, for a stylish, sleek and sturdy look. It’s a durable piece of kit that can take a decent amount of force without breaking, and the leg levelers ensure an even playing field at all times. There are no standout features with this design, opting to do the basics well, but it’s another great all-round choice for children or adults, that’s sure to stand the test of time, even if used on a regular basis.


  • Traditional, stylish design
  • Leg levelers for even field
  • Robotic-style players


  • End ball return

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Barrington Foosball Table

white and blue
Kitting out your games room with the very best stuff available sounds like a fun experience, but many find it more challenging than enjoyable, simply due to the number of decisions they need to make, and the sometimes hours and hours of trawling through review sites, customer testimonials, and technical descriptions of the products they’re choosing from. Of course, the main thing to get right is what exactly you’re buying.

It goes without saying that not all games room products are made the same, and if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up with something subpar. The following article will act as a guide, so you can narrow down your choices, and eventually find the perfect foosball table for you, your space, and your needs.


field from above and men
Are you hoping for something lightweight that can be moved around easily, for easy storage? Or something sturdier and more robust, for long-term use? Perhaps something that will fit into current décor, as not to make the room look messy Having a foosball table that’s constructed with suitable materials for your living environment makes a big impact. Going for a wood-and-metal construction is likely to be sturdier and be able to withstand more force, but moving it around will require two or more people as it’s likely to be heavy.

Plastic can be cheap and lightweight, but it might not withstand regular use as it’s likely to wear down, or even snap. And then there’s composite, which can act as a sort of ‘best of both worlds’. Think about how regularly it’s going to be used, the weight/strength of the user, and how long you’re hoping it’ll last, and this will give a good idea of what sort of materials to look for.

What Are You Going to Use It For

all red and blue guys
The first step is, unfortunately, one that many people don’t even consider, and that’s planning. Although everyone knows how a foosball table works and what it’s for, each individual still has their own requirements and expectations for their own, and it’s important to bear these in mind. How many people are likely to play on each side when you play?

Are you planning on buying it for kids, adults, or both? Do you plan on having it in the center of the room, or tucked away in the corner until needed? Perhaps you’re not even planning to use it in your home, but are buying it for a communal or workspace for colleagues and employees to pass the time. Think about what you plan on using it for in particular, as this is likely to affect your product choice.


playing field from above
Despite what most people think, foosball tables can differ a lot in size – some being designed for two players only, whilst some being designed for up to six – so making sure the table, not only fits in the room but also has enough space that players can actually fit around it is key. Are you looking for a mini-style table for quick, fast-paced games? Or a larger one where all the family can get involved? Will it be the main game within the games room or is it something to be put at the side, that doesn’t need to take up so much space?

It’s also a good idea to think about the table’s height, as young children will need a different sized table to full-grown adults, or an adjustable table that can be modified depending on the user.

Safety Features

black and green playfield
This is especially crucial if kids are likely to be using the table, but it’s important to bear in mind the health and safety aspects of this type of product, and the safeguards that might be needed in order to make sure no-one gets hurt. Whether it’s making sure the rods have rubber ends to prevent injury, or the table is a good distance from any other games to make sure no-one ends up knocking into something – ensuring all possible dangers are covered will greatly reduce the chance of an accident. Place the table as far from any other fragile or heavy pieces of furniture or goods, make sure there’s enough space for people to move back if a rod protrudes out whilst playing, and consider attaching it to the floor with brackets to prevent it from falling or toppling over.

It’s probably best to supervise the kids whenever they’re using it, just to ensure they’re sensible and don’t get injured. This even applies in the workplace, as the last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands from an angry employee.

Table Location

relax in office
Just like having different requirements and preferences for how your foosball table is going to be used, everyone’s games room is a different size, shape or layout, so finding a table that suits your space, in particular, is crucial. Some rooms are wide open spaces, whilst some are tighter and narrow, like converted garages or outdoor shacks, and different tables will be needed for each. Have a good look around your chosen games room and try to see what table will work best in that room. Something narrow to fit down a cranny? Or perhaps something that’s better suited to be the centerpiece of the room?

Take out the guesswork too – measure up your space to see what you’re working with, and add an extra margin for the rods that stick out, as well as the players that will be surrounding the table itself. There’s nothing worse than buying what you think is the perfect table, only to find out that players can hardly fit around it to even play.


in glass table
Another thing that many people overlook until it’s actually in their home is how the foosball table looks aesthetically. Foosball tables are large items, and can often become the focal point of a room, so having something that’s nice to look at is a nice bonus.

Rather than something that looks tacky and ruins the décor of a room, trying to pick something up that compliments the space it’s going on, to add that extra homely feel. Whether a sleek, modern design, a traditional look, or something experimental, treat it like any other piece of furniture and opt for something that’s stylish as well as functional.


All in all, Barrington offers a decent range of foosball tables that are guaranteed to suit most people’s needs and requirements. Having said that, if there’s one that stands out for us, it’s the Barrington 54 inch Arcade Foosball Table for its sleek and sturdy construction, its range of features, and its overall design which make it a perfect choice for any home!