Carrom Foosball Tables

Finding a good foosball table is not easy, so we are here today, to help you find the Best Carrom foosball table. First, let’s have a look at the history of this brand a little bit. If you want to jump directly to table reviews, take a look in the article below where you can find more details and specifications about their models.

Carrom is a family game manufacturing Company. Their earlier focus in the 1890s was the making of pool tables. Later in the 1900s, they expanded into manufacturing foosball tables, shuffleboards, basketball arcades, and other fun games. Their making of foosball tables are not focused on tournament quality tables, they more are known for their making of fun family games. If you want to find more information about quality tables & reviews check our homepage.

Their motto is “Quality Family Games.” They have never disappointed and even now are known for their quality family fun foosball tables. Now let’s have a look which are some of their good foosball table models and the reviews of each model.

Carrom Foosball Table Reviews

Here we have listed and reviewed some of their best and most popular models. Take a look below and maybe you find one that you like a lot. If you want to find more reviews of different models of different brands visit the homepage, where you can find more.



Carrom Signature
The Carrom Signature Foosball table that is available on Amazon is the Carrom Signature 55inch Foosball table. This table is on sale for a reasonable amount of $ and is made of the highest quality material for any family game foosball table. Considered to be the best buy in family entertainment, this Carrom Signature 55inch Foosball Table has given families many hours of fun together. Great table for beginners, who just want to enjoy the game, spending a quality, fun time, with family and friends. The kids get to enjoy playing this Carrom Signature as it gives them a chance to challenge parents as well as friends.

Quality cabinet, colourful playing men and comfortable handles with rods which accommodate the playing men nicely; professionally this table will not stand up to the extremely rough play the tournament tables take.

Specifications for the Carrom Signature 55inch Foosball Table:

  • 1inch Thick Cabinet
  • High-grade Material for making Cabinet
  • 375-inch playing surface
  • Counterbalanced and hand-painted players for both teams
  • Wood beaded scoring in Black and Blond
  • Heavy MITRE folded legs with triple Chrome plated Levelers
  • Chrome-plated hollow rods
  • Premium Bearings for fast, comfortable play
  • Weighs 162 pounds

Aegean Fresco

Aegean table
Agean is just the color of this Carrom Aegean Foosball Table. The differentiation from the other Carrom foosball tables makes this distinction interesting. This table is been sold for a reasonable price on Amazon and you will not get a better-priced foosball table for the home user. Excellent foosball table, as stated in many if not all of the reviews, the only main dislike is the assembling of the many parts; but after set up, the playing is great.

Purchasers seem to love the Black and Green color table in comparison to the Brown as this seems to not work well with their décor. The Carrom Aegean Foosball table is considered to be one of the best foosball table made by Carrom, for the price the stability and potential for handling rough playing are not losses on table owners. Their recommendation, if purchased, it is built to last!

Specifications for Carrom Aegean Foosball Table:

  • 1inch thick Agean Green Melamine Cabinet
  • A sturdy Laminate playing surface
  • Screen Graphic Printed enamel for the table surface
  • Dual goalie play; single or three goalie play
  • Heavy MITRE folded legs
  • Sturdy Black Rubber handles for a confident grip
  • Triple Chrome Plated Steel Rods
  • 156 pounds weight

Burr Oak

Burr Oak table
According to the experts, the carom Burr Oak Foosball Table is just one level below the Carrom Signature. This table does not offer many of the great features of the Carrom Signature. The cabinet is quite sturdy, but no adjustable leg levelers, no high-quality foosball players, and no wooden handles for sturdy grip during play. 

Considered inexpensive, this table is very sturdy and excellent for very rough play. Tournament-class players have indicated this Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table to be of considerable good quality in comparison to the Tornado Tournament foosball tables. Highly durable and easy play for both professional and non-professional alike. This foosball table is great for Christmas gifts or just purchasing to family and some great entertainment when friends come around.

What the Carrom Burr Oak lack in these areas it makes up for in these areas of manufactured quality:

  • 1inch Thick Burr Oak Melamine covered Cabinet
  • 375inch thick Graphic Covered Melamine playing surface
  • Custom Hand Painted Playing men
  • Sturdy ball control feet on players
  • Dual goalie play/ single or three goalie play
  • Heavy MITRE folded legs with leg boots for automatic levelling on any surface
  • Rubber handles cushioned for a comfortable grip
  • Triple Chrome Plated Steel Rods
  • Both end ball returns
  • 156 pounds weight


Moroccan table
Carrom Moroccan table is made from the highest quality material that a carom Foosball Table is known. For the price, it is almost but not perfect and is considered an excellent buy. Good quality table, which is able to withstand heavy, rough playing, and sturdy legs for good balance; great for home and family. Assembling is a chore, but, after it’s done you experience the thrill of achievement during playing for the first time. Good table for new players and professional players who are looking for some semi tournament play with family and friends.

Manufacturers Specifications:

  • 1inch Thick Moroccan Finish Table
  • .375 finish graphic screen finished playing table surface
  • Premium class bearings with a wooded scoring system
  • Weighs 162 pounds
  • Robotic Playing men
  • Stainless Steel Leg Levelers
  • Convenient Cup Holders


With the range of Carrom Foosball Tables available, the Carrom Signature Foosball table is considered the best; based on the statistics within the users’ reviews. This does not take away from the other range of carom foosball tables. It is just what foosball table owners are looking for and what they find based on the price paid for quality.

Foosball playing on a carom Foosball table is strictly an American pastime, and because the Carrom Foosball Table is manufactured in the United States, this makes it more patriotic to play on them. As pointed out in the Amazon posting of availability, Made in the USA, this is a pride of place. The longstanding period this Company has been in business over 100 years indicates Carrom Foosball table to be a staple in the American diet of playing Foosball. We hope you now know better Carrom brand and you have now found your best Carrom foosball table. Now is the time that you take action and order one or two to play with the best experience.