Cheap Foosball Tables

Foosball Table experts will tell you there is no such thing as a good cheap foosball table; well persons who have done the “math” or investigation will tell you, there is a foosball table out there for your budget.

Cheap foosball table for sale are available at prices ranging from $500 and under. The tables available are worth the investigation, so you are reasonably informed. Amazon offers a wide range of best foosball tables to fit within your budget. The benefit of acquiring a table is for the joy and memorable family time that you will have.

Reviews of our Recommended Cheap Foosball Tables

Being on a budget is not the end of the world, and you are able to find some really great bargains if you know where to look. Amazon is the best place to acquire quality bargains.


Sport Squad FX40

Sports Squad FX40
This foosball table has gotten on average 5 Stars. The assembly is tedious as stated by some owners, but the rewards on completion are great. Although it is a tabletop piece it is very sturdy, heavy and works well with any challenging or rough play. Some owners consider this Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table to be a serious table. Players of all ages have had a considerable amount of fun hours playing on this tabletop foosball table and for the price, it a surprise buy.

Specifications of the Sport Squad FX40:

  • 40inx 20in x 8in L x W x H
  • Chrome-plated rods with rubber handles
  • Manual score counter
  • 9 men players for both teams

Harvil TableTop

Harvil Table Top
The Harvil Table Top Foosball Table is considered a good buy by layman standards. As stated above, if you want a game to bring family and friends together this foosball table game is the one to have. Assembling is not too hard if you are a technically minded person.

For assembly, persons have reported it taking as long as two hours, for others about 40 minutes, average. A sturdy table though not intended for serious play, it is ideal for kids, not for rough teenagers who are accustomed to slamming things. With careful use will last a while and minimal dead zones or experienced. The table is sturdy for the quality material and good play for a low-end table.


  • 15 pounds in weight
  • Playing Surface made of Certified Thick CARB wood
  • L- shaped legs with rubber pads for table surface protection
  • Chrome-plated steel rods with rubber handles for a comfortable grip
  • 8 man players for both teams


Sunnydaze table
This cheap foosball table is a great buy. The prospect of acquiring a foosball table of this price, and have hours of fun playing with family is the icing on the cake. Not a tournament standard table, but you will appreciate the quality manufacturing materials that are used to make this table.

Unique as they come, looking at the table you are not able to determine the level of play to experience. Is the ideal foosball table for any child to learn the game from rules to playing foosball, before graduating to a more professional table.


  • 48 pounds in weight
  • Cabinet made from MDF material
  • Table constructed with soccer graphics
  • Manual goal counters on either side
  • 11 man playing team for each team with a goalie
  • Comfortable handles for easy grip during play
  • Soccer graphics paintings for players, making them lifelike
  • Leg levelers for sturdy positioning

Hey! Play! Mini TableTop

Hey! Play! Tabletop
The Mini Table Top Foosball Table is a very cheap foosball table. This foosball table comes with everything you need to have fun playing the game. Comes with lifelike playing men, a goalie on either side, chrome-plated stainless steel rods, rubber handles for easy grip, manual score counter, easy ball return, and soccer graphics for the field.

Purchasing this Mini Table Top Foosball Table means convenience. It is lightweight; weighing 6.6 pounds, but heavy enough to handle any rough play. Storage is a breeze as it can be put away safely in any cupboard or closet for the next time to play. You don’t need a game room to buy one of these foosball tables.

Even though it is cheap, the quality is certainly surprising and will last through any rough play you may want to indulge. One owner admitted playing as many as 100 games on this foosball table since purchasing. He is thoroughly enjoying his Mini Table Top Foosball table. It is even compared to the bigger ones are far better than them. 30% of purchasers have given this foosball table 5 Stars rating, which makes it a strong consideration for purchasing.

Tornado Sport

Tornado Sport
This Tornado Sports Foosball Table is the cheapest table in the line of Tornado Foosball tables. By-product description, it is the best table for starters and professional foosball players. Made from Melamine Mahogany, this table is as sturdy as they come. Weighing 230 pounds, this table is able to top of the line and is able to withstand any hard pounding that is metered out during play.

Legs are made for easy height adjusting and are sturdy square blocks with levelers for playing on any surface. The standards and quality are sanctioned by professional foosball players as one of the best to play a tournament. You cannot go wrong owning one of these high-end foosball tables made by Tornado.

What for the finish?

We hope you have found some great info about cheap foosball table and you now better know which ones to pick for your budget. If you want to look at more models, take a look at foosball table reviews at our page, to find more in-depth reviews of different models.