Commercial Foosball Table

If you’re thinking of putting a foosball table in your establishment, then you should start searching for the best commercial foosball table to buy. I’m here to tell you that there are lots of them that you can find in the market. But of course, you’ve got to make sure that you’re buying something that fits your needs and budget. When it comes to the type of foosball table to buy, you need to consider the people who will be using it. There are tables designed for kids, teens, amateurs, experts, and professionals. They also vary in durability, quality, and cost. The table’s size and dimensions are also important factors to consider, especially if you’ve got limited space in your establishment.

Commercial Foosball Table Reviews

If you’re going to buy a foosball table for commercial use, then you should focus your search on a coin-operated foosball table. There are plenty of them but what I would really recommend are these products below.


Tornado T-3000

Tornado T-3000
I absolutely love the overall features of the Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball Table. This commercial foosball table is specifically designed for use in bars, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Just like with the other foosball tables for commercial use, this table comes with a coin slot at the front. This is where players insert the coins so they can play foosball and the coins will be stored there safely until you empty it. The tornado foosball table coin operated comes with a key that you’ll use to open the coin reservoir. If you need to change the price of the game or get some change, the key is what you need to use.

I love the fact that this tornado coin op foosball table comes with several commercial features that extend the life of the table. These features also help enhance the excitement that comes with playing the game. It comes with levelers at the base, which lowers or raises the legs, depending on the height of the players and the flooring surface. Also, the players are in the bright shades of black and yellow, which makes them easier to control.


  • Coin-operated foosball table
  • Come with adjustable leg levelers
  • Patented Tornado men players


  • None

Great American Action

Great American Action
Another great foosball table that I would highly recommend is the Great American Action Coin-Op Soccer Game Table. This coin-operated foosball table comes with an inch thick of cabinet laminated with MDF. As for the players, they are made from polypropylene materials and counterbalanced for more exciting gameplay. As for the durable rods, they are made from stainless steel. Plus, the ergonomic handles allow you to easily control the players. Another thing that I love about this coin-op foosball table is that the coin system can be converted into foreign currencies and this feature is not available in the other commercial foosball tables I know. On top of that, this foosball table comes with adjustable leg levelers and a smooth playing surface that improves your gaming experience. This foosball table is guaranteed to keep your customers entertained for several hours.

I guess the only issue I have with this commercial foosball table is that it’s a difficult model to find. In fact, some people have had to settle with secondhand tables, something that I would not want to recommend, especially for commercial use. If the table is in a bad state, this could ruin the reputation of your business and you’ll eventually end up with no customers.


  • Comes with a 1-inch thick cabinet
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Equipped with adjustable leg levelers
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Durable stainless-steel rods
  • Expensive price

Garlando World Champion

Garlando World Champion
Garlando is another popular brand of foosball table that I would be happy to recommend for those who are in need of a foosball table for commercial use. The tables are ITSF approved and are guaranteed to give your customers a round of entertainment. A combination of MDF and plywood is used for the cabinet. Thus, I can guarantee that this foosball table is extremely sturdy. Furthermore, tempered glass was used for the playing field, which results in a smooth surface to play with. Plus, a smooth playing surface is a must for a fast-paced game.

The steel rods have an anti-rust coating that gives the table 50 percent more torsion resistance compared to the other foosball table rods. Aside from the excellent quality rods, this foosball table has counterbalanced players, making it a truly great coin-op foosball table to have in your bar or restaurant.


  • 1-¼ inch thick cabinet
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Rods have an anti-rusting coating
  • Tempered glass offers a smooth playing field


  • Expensive price tag

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-op

Shelti Pro Foos III
The Shelti Pro Foos III Coin-op foosball table is another product I am truly impressed with. While it might look like any ordinary foosball table, this foosball table comes with excellent features that make it a really great investment. Its cabinet is made from heavy-duty materials that could withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, the table’s smooth playing surface doesn’t come with any dead spots and the players used in this foosball table are ABS-constructed. Above all, the steel rods come with handles made of wood providing excellent precision when playing foosball. Overall, this foosball table is guaranteed to provide your customers with unlimited fun and entertainment.

Although this model is specifically designed for commercial use, you won’t be able to easily notice it. That’s because the coin slot is hidden on the side, right on top of its logo.


  • Counterbalanced players
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Smooth playing surface with no dead spots


  • Simple design for a coin-operated foosball table

René Pierre Pro Coin Operated

Rene Pierre Pro
The René Pierre Pro Coin Operated Foosball Table is what I would recommend for use on bars, game rooms, restaurants, and arcades. Manufactured in France, I find this game table to be truly reliable and durable. It’s one of those tables I’d gladly recommend for competition play and intensive gaming experience. This stable furniture comes with telescopic rods and hand-painted players made of aluminum. I’m truly impressed with the attention to detail and the sturdy construction that’s guaranteed to delight every foosball enthusiast out there.

This table has a 1-man goalie on its telescopic rod. The playfield is made of linoleum and the footballs are made of cork.


  • Designed for bars, game rooms, and arcades
  • Hand-painted players made of aluminum
  • Made in France
  • Stable piece of furniture with telescopic rods for safety


  • A bit expensive

How to Choose the Best Commercial Foosball Table

foosball game
I know for myself that choosing the right foosball table to buy is hard. Sure, there are lots of coin operated foosball table for sale out there, but deciding what to choose from among them can be daunting. Here are the things to look for when shopping for a foosball table.

  • Goalie Handle

The goalie handle or rod is one of the most important features of the foosball table. It is what you’ll use to control the players as you play the game. One of these rods can be found across the goal box and come with either 1 goalie or up to 3 goalies.

  • Professional vs. Home

When looking for foosball tables, you’ll find models that are intended for professional use while others are meant for home use. Since you’re going to install the table in a commercial establishment, then the professional model might work best for you. These tables have scoring systems and durable legs. Above all, they have coin slots or coin operator that will require players to pay before they can play.

  • Construction

The foosball table’s overall construction determines its durability. When it comes to this, you’ll have a few options to choose from. Cheaper models usually feature an MDF construction. They don’t usually last long compared to hardwood. If you want something longer lasting and durable, you should go for hardwood and those with metal frames. They cost more but are truly worth investing in.

  • Combination

Combination models allow you to play multiple games in one table. They usually cost more than the standard foosball tables. However, they are great for those who want to enjoy a number of games without getting more than one table. Aside from saving money, these tables help save space too!

  • Adjustable Legs

It’s always a good idea to choose a foosball table that has adjustable legs or those that come with leg levelers. That way, the players will be able to adjust the table’s legs according to their height and preferred requirements.

  • Ball Retrieval System

The foosball table comes with a ball retrieval feature that will allow you to grab the balls that will end up in your goal. In some models, there are rails inside the table that will allow the ball to drop towards space or slot on the side. Thus, it will require you to manually pick the ball up. Other models are equipped with a basic ball retrieval system that will drop the ball into the slot on your opposite side.

  • Weight

Generally, a commercial foosball table for sale weighs around 120-150 lbs. However, some companies manufacture models weighing less than a hundred pounds. For commercial use, the lightweight models are not recommended since they may not be able to accommodate all types of gameplays and actions that your customers will make. Plus, heavier models are usually more durable than lighter ones.

  • Material

When it comes to rods, it is best to choose those that are made from stainless steel. They are able to slide more easily and are guaranteed to last for a long time. As for the grip, you can choose from either a textured material or wooden material. The textured grip is a better choice as it allows you to play more efficiently.

Materials Used in Making Coin Operated Foosball Table

playing field from above
The overall quality and price of a foosball table are usually based on the construction materials used in making them. Here are some of the most popular types of materials used in making foosball tables:

  • Solid Wood

Foosball tables made of wood are stable, durable, and heavy-duty. Thus, they are perfect for professionals and experts. They are guaranteed to last longer for as long as you take good care of them.

  • Plastic

Plastic tables are the cheapest of all, however, you cannot expect much from these foosball tables in terms of quality. But there are a few companies that make excellent quality foosball tables made of plastic, so they are worth checking out.

  • Laminate

Most of the foosball tables that you’ll find on the market are made of laminate materials. They are sturdy, durable, and lighter compared to solid wood and are generally cheaper. These tables will look great in any establishment.

Type of Foosball Tables

blue and white guys
Here are the main types of foosball tables:

  • Standard Tables

Standard tables are the most basic type of foosball table. There are standard tables for intermediate players, professionals, and beginners. These tables come with legs and are intended to stand in any flooring surface just like any regular table.

  • Tabletop Tables

The tabletop foosball tables are ideal for intermediate players and beginners. They have similar features and design as that of the standard table except for the bottom part. This table doesn’t have legs and must be placed on top of a desk or table.

  • Multigame Tables

Multigame tables are more suitable for kids and beginners. They usually come in a tabletop version and must be placed right above a desk or table since these tables don’t have any legs. However, multigame tables don’t have the best reputation when it comes to quality. The biggest advantage is that they allow you to play more than one game in a single table.


So which foosball table should you choose from the models featured above? If you ask me, I would highly recommend getting the Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball Table. I believe it has all the features that one would expect from a commercial foosball table. It has a coin slot with key, leg levelers, and the players are easy to control since they come in bright shades of yellow and black.