Foosball Dining Table

Foosball is one of those games that can be played and enjoyed by people of almost any age, and getting yourself a dining foosball table is one of the ways to bring the fun of it in your kitchen or dining room. Whether you want to keep your kids entertained, dealing with the limited space but still want to enjoy foosball or any other of myriad reasons, there is a solution. One of the possible solutions is to convert foosball table to dining table by installing some type of stand-offs at its corners and placing a tampered glass top.

But such a route can be prohibitively expensive and requires a decent amount of DIY skills. Fortunately, on the market, you can find products that can fit the bill at a much more affordable price.

Foosball Dining Table Review

When you are looking for a foosball dining table, you may find yourself looking at some very expensive tables if you are not well versed in foosball equipment. While there are some very pretty tables, they can cost as much as a decent used car. Instead of looking for a form, you should be looking for functionality. Here is the list of some of the best foosball tables that will allow you to bring the joy of this sport to your kitchen or dining room.

KICK Majesty

Kick Majesty 55in

KICK Majesty is a full-size 55 inches foosball table restaurant dining room would probably be a more suitable place for it. But hear me out. It’s a foldable foosball table. When you fold it up, you can store it in a walk-in pantry, or eventually in some closet/store room adjacent to your dining room. In other words, you can have a regulation-size foosball table without the need for a dedicated game room. And it has all the bells and whistles you can expect from KICK. One set of counterbalanced robot-style players, one set of uniformed not counterbalanced players, corner ramps and the ability to switch between one- and three-men goalie rod, high-grade rods chrome-plated rods, excellent rod handles, leg levelers, a free lifetime supply of rod lubricant, and most importantly the lifetime warranty.


  • Folding foosball table
  • Arguably the richest feature set among all foosball tables
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Slightly bigger footprint than some other tables
  • Not most affordable, but worth every penny
  • Top screws are relatively easy to lose

    Barrington Collection Urban Set


    If you have a combination of a living and dining room, one potential foosball table is the Barrington Collection Urban Set foosball coffee table. It is relatively small, featuring just three rods per side in its 39.5 inches of length. What it lacks in size, it makes up in style and quality. Rods are of a telescopic design, which makes them very safe, so you need not worry about banging your fingers on the opponent’s rods, and the overall look of it is very stylish and modern. Both faces of the table legs are unmarred by ball retrieval hols, which are placed very unobtrusively on the sides. It is worth mentioning that the rods are very comfortable to play with, and neither you nor your kids will ever feel fatigued in your wrists from spinning them.


    • Very sturdy build quality
    • Very stylish


    • More appropriate for a living room than for a kitchen
    • Can be played by only a single person per side

      PEXMORE 10 in 1


      PEXMORE 10 in 1 is certainly not something you would presume to use in a dining room. And it actually is not. But bear with me, because it actually can be used both on kitchen or a dining table. Don’t let yourself be misguided by the fact that it has legs. It is made of decently sturdy material, which is, to be honest just good enough. The base is a miniature billiard table on top of which you can place one of five inserts with playing fields for various games. Chess, checkers, backgammon, shuffleboard, and so on. And then comes the most important feature. Foosball cabinet is a separate unit that comes on top of all this. It is 48 inches long cabinet, so two adults per side will find it uncomfortable. It is heavy enough to stay in place on top of any table, excluding any too energetic playing, but also light enough that one person can carry it from room to room. While you very likely will not keep it in the dining room, if you like foosball kitchen table will quickly become a foosball table.


      • With a bit of creativity brings the game to the kitchen/dining room
      • Sturdy build
      • Can be used for 8 more games and as a decent work desk


      • Legs and other inserts still need to be kept somewhere

        Giantex 27″ Foosball Table

        Atomic Azure

        With 27 inches in length, the Giantex foosball table is obviously intended for the younger crowd. This becomes even more apparent when you see that it has only three rods per side. If you like foosball dining room table will be an excellent location to place it at. The kids will just love it. What sets apart this foosball from other products available on the market is that it’s made out of MDF boards. Most of these miniature tables are made of plastic, and more often than not a very poor quality one. To make irony even worse, such tables are not cheaper than this one from Giantex. So, for a comparable amount of money, you are getting a far superior product. Sturdy material means that it will last longer, and your kids will be able to enjoy playing on it for at least several years. Because it weighs around 12 pounds it will sit securely on a kitchen table, but you should still avoid letting any toddler carry it around.


        • Very durable construction
        • Appropriate for the youngest kids
        • Can be moved around with ease by teens and older


        • Can be played by only a single person per side


          It is not uncommon to not be able to dedicate one room in your home or apartment to various games or entertainment. But that doesn’t mean that you should rob yourself or your kids of the joy of playing foosball. There are many tables on the market that can be easily installed or transported into the kitchen or dining room, and thus have the same role as a foosball dining table. Hopefully, this list has helped you to find one that suits your needs and space constraints. If you still can’t decide, my suggestion is, if you have a storeroom or a walk-in pantry, KICK Majesty.