Dynamo Foosball Tables

If you don’t have an idea which Dynamo foosball table to choose, don’t worry. Today we are going to help you and show you which are some of the best Dynamo foosball tables, but let’s first take a look at the history of this brand. Dynamo Foosball Tables is owned and built by Valley-Dynamo Limited Partnership, thus creating the Valley-Dynamo Foosball table Brand.

This Company has been in existence since the early 1970s and was started by a former professional foosball player Mr. John Lewis. His love for the game propelled him into creating a professional, high-end foosball table that could absorb the heavy plays of competitive foosball. This Companies home base is in Texas, and we all know the quality game tables from that State.

Dynamo Foosball Table Reviews

Today we are going to review a few of the Dynamo Foosball Tables for sale which are available on the market and more specifically at Amazon. We are focusing on this Dynamo foosball tables: Dynamo Big D Foosball Table, Dynamo Blaster Foosball Table, Dynamo/Tornado Sport Foosball Table, Dynamo/Tornado Elite Foosball Table, Dynamo/Tornado Classic Foosball Table. All these tables are high-end products and are considered the best on the market. If you want to know more about foosball tables than visit our best foosball table guide for more information.


Big D

Dynamo Big D
The Dynamo Big D Foosball table is on sale. This high-end table is the best in the Dynamo Brand of foosball tables and is of the highest quality. It is made with parts essential for heavy-duty play. Professionally this foosball table as compared by professional players to be a great foosball table for playing tournaments with family and friends. The stability is considered to be excellent in comparison to the Tornado Foosball Tables. Beginners who need to get a feel of playing on a tournament table, the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table is for them.

  • A Sturdy, Thick, Gunstock Savoy Wooden Cabinet 1 1/2inch thick
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Wooden Handles that are an Octagonal Shape for comfortable and confident grip
  • 3/4 inch thick Laminate Table Field
  • Dynamo Blue and Red Playing Men
  • Yellow Dynamo Ball
  • Weighs 205 pounds


Dynamo Blaster
Purchasing the Dynamo Blaster Foosball Table you are expected to pay quite a lot of $. This foosball table is of less high quality in comparison to the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table. A good foosball table for playing with friends and family; though not a championship quality table, any person who buys this table will not be disappointed.

The manufacturers’ specifications are as follows:

  • 1inch thick Moroccan Fresco Melamine Cabinet
  • 75inch length green Laminate playing field
  • Black Plastic Handles
  • Side End ball return
  • Blue and Red Playing Men
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Leg Levelers
  • Weight 205 pounds

Tornado Sport

Tornado Sport
Both Tornado Sport and Tornado Elite tables are manufactured by Valley-Dynamo and they are excellent Foosball tables. The Dynamo/Tornado Sport Foosball table sells for around 1000$ while the Dynamo/Tornado Elite Foosball Table is sold for more. he Dynamo/Tornado Sport Foosball table is certainly in a class by itself.

This table is recommended by professional foosball players and is also ideal for home entertainment. The table is also great for any Bar or recreational Centre. It is ideal for youngsters who want to blow off some steam while having a good time. A great gift for you or a loved one. One reviewer indicated; he bought the Dynamo/Tornado Sport Foosball table as a Christmas gift for his dad, and it soon became a gift for his family and friends. Playing for all was a, quote “bar-like atmosphere” end quote. This is just one of the many testimonials that can be had from owning a Dynamo/Tornado Sport Foosball table.

The Specifications for this foosball table are:

  • 5 Star/ 88% Rating
  • 1inch Thick Melamine Cabinet
  • Sturdy legs
  • Height Adjustable legs with Levelers
  • Comfortable grip Plastic handles
  • End ball return

Tornado Elite

Dynamo Elite
Purchasing this foosball table may be considered expensive; but if you are looking for quality this Dynamo/Tornado Elite Foosball table is what you are looking for. This is an investment in fun. The quality has surpassed the other manufacturers’ claims and is highly recommended by persons who are seasoned foosball players. Great for family and friends, and the table is fantastically made.

Installation is difficult, but the fun is also in the assembly as well as playing the game. Careful attention must be paid to placing the men on the rods, as one reviewer stated; he put them on backward and had to take them off and reset them. This was frustrating, but he had fun playing with his boys, so that made up for his mistake. Rating for this foosball table is a high-quality rating.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table Specifications are as follows:

  • 1 1/2inch Thick Victorian Cherry Melamine Cabinet
  • Commercial legs with Adjustable Levelers
  • Solid Wood Handles
  • Patented Bumpers and Men

Tornado Classic

Tornado Classic
This foosball table is sold for quite a lot of $ and is rated among the best ever in foosball tables. The price is considered to be a steal, as the quality far exceeds the cost. Persons are surprised by the quality in comparison to the price and have high praise for this particular table. The tale is solidly built, has an exceptional quality rod and player capabilities, like the foosball tables used in Tournaments. Ratings are up there with having a 5-star rating.

Persons who have experienced playing on the Dynamo/Tornado Classic Foosball table are surprised at how fast and sleek the play. Compared to any other Tournament foosball tables, this baby takes nothing from them, the comparison is equal. As one reviewer states, quote “This table is friggin sweet!” end quote. Now with this thrill and enthusiastic response to playing on this foosball table, is there anything more to say about it? Buying is not the issue; it’s not owning one; that is the issue! You will be losing out on some serious fun if you don’t buy it.

The Specifications on the Dynamo/Tornado Classic Foosball Table:

  • 1 1/2inch Black Leather Laminate Cabinet
  • Commercial Legs
  • Adjustable Leg levelers
  • Solid Wood Handles
  • ¾ inch Laminate Playing Field
  • The overall rate of 4.4 Star and 75%


Choosing to buy any Dynamo/tornado or Dynamo Foosball Table is a solid investment. The professionals and the non-professionals have spoken and given the thumbs up for this product. Foosball Enthusiasts have also weighed in on their experiences with this table, and it is all good. Now is your time to take action and order your favorite Dynamo foosball table to enjoy in the game at the highest level.