Foosball Table With Electronic Scoring

Keeping track of the score while playing foosball can be annoying, but getting yourself a foosball table with electronic scoring can free you of this hassle. But that is not the only advantage of them. Most of the time foosball tables are just plain old wooden boxes. Very well-built, and a great thing to own and play with, but still a bit basic. But, with a few bits of electronics and lights, they can raise your fun times on another level.

With the sound and light effects, they can add another dimension to your playroom, especially if you are building it with the flashy game rooms of old days esthetics in mind.

Foosball Table With Electronic Scoring Review

Besides being foosball tables with electronic scoring, items on my list have added some other features, which should help you find a perfect one for your playroom. The one that will provide you hours of fun in times to come.

Rec-Tek with LED Scoring


EastPoint Sports owned Rec-Tek brand brings the first entry on my list. Standing 48 inches long and 32 inches high, this table is a perfect choice for the kids or teenagers. Though it is not a professional-grade table, it is an excellent entry point for the enthusiasts and younger crowd. It features a very simple and no-fuss scoring system, consisting of 11 LED lights that light up on scoring while the integrated speakers emit sound effects. Because it is powered by three AAA batteries (not included), this table will not unwieldy cable mess of your game room. This table can be played on even when the electronics are switched off. It does make the game less noisy, but also less fun. As a foosball table, this is a decent American style one. Having independently adjustable feet it guarantees to have playing surface perfectly level. It is probably the easiest to assemble foosball table I saw in my life. And while my experience with it was without a hitch, some buyers report receiving their tables with faulty LEDs.


  • Well built
  • Affordable
  • Appropriate for younger kids


  • Not adult size
  • Some reports of faulty LEDs on arrival

ZQY Table Top Foosball


ZQY’s is another entry-level product on this list. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad product. While the Rec-Tec is an American style freestanding foosball table, this one is a tabletop product more appropriate for younger audiences. Measuring just 20 inches in length, it is perfect for children of 5 years and older. It features a simple single-digit digital scoreboard, which is battery operated. Each time you score a goal three LEDs above the goalmouth will flash, signaling a goal. Handles are made of soft rubber, which is very comfortable for kids. Though ZQY is not a big name in the world of foosball, my personal experience is that this is a great gift for the younger crowd. It is built out of high-density MDF boards, which suggest longevity. It has a 3-3-3 layout of players, there are three rods on each side featuring three players each. Because of this, it is appropriate only for 1-on-1 play.


  • Appropriately sized for kids
  • Sturdy build



  • Can be a bit too small for adults
  • Not big enough for 2-a-side play

Hathaway Trailblazer


Hathaway’s Trailblazer series of products are built to awe with its design. With a striking combination of black, bright orange, and chrome color scheme it will be a standout feature of any playroom. The playing surface of this electronic foosball table has a printed diamond plate steel pattern. While I personally like it, just for being different, some people might not find it attractive. It features very easy to use digital scoreboards on both ends, that feature fun sound effects that will add another dimension to your fun. Standing 56 inches long, this table is sized for adults playing two-a-side. It also features a cup holder recessed in each of the corners, which can accept bottles up to 20 ounces. It features the European style, single-man, goalies with non-removable corner ramps. And you should be careful if this style is not what you are looking for. Opposed to Rec-Tek’s table, Trailblazer features launching cups, a feature I’m very fond of, but might be inconsequential to you.


  • Striking look
  • Well built and durable
  • Digital scoreboard


  • Striking look
  • Sound effects are a bit loud

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Atomic Azure

Atomic’s Azure LED Light table is a truly unique product, one could go as far as calling it a digital foosball table. When I think about the movies I watched as a kid, this what the future looked like in them. If you ever imagined what it would be like to play foosball in the dark, this is a table for you. Both sides and the goals are lighted with cool blue LEDs, making it visible in the pitch-black dark. But this table goes a step further. The ball is lighted too, battery-powered, and can be recharged using the provided cable either by connecting to the USB port on the scoreboard unit or any other full-size USB port. The lights are not static, and they do have effects that match the sound effect of scoring a goal. If you wish so, you can turn off sound or LEDs, or even the scoreboard, and use the bead style score counter this table comes equipped with too. Playing on this American style table is a truly unique experience.


  • Very durable construction
  • A very unique experience, especially when played in the dark


  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • Some owners report that the goal sensors stop working after a while

Game Room Guys

Atomic Azure

Nothing says “old school arcade” like the coin-operated machines. And the Game Room Guys have on offer an honest to God professional-grade electric foosball table that will give you the real feel. If you are looking for a truly one of the kind foosball table, Game Room Guys will provide you with a fully custom all four sides graphics. These tables are not just built to last, they are arcade ready, rugged, and able to withstand rough customers. Having a clear protective cover you can be certain that this table is safe from drinks or food. Digital score counters are placed right above the goalmouths and are very visible, while along the edges strips LED to provide visual effects on goals scored. While it comes with four integrated speakers that provide sound effects or music during the play. Being a commercial-grade product it comes with an appropriate price, but if you can afford it it is an excellent choice for a private or company game room.


  • Fully customizable
  • Commercial-grade
  • Extremely rugged


  • Not the most affordable

How To Choose Best Foosball Table With Electronic Scoring

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There are foosball tables of a wide range of quality on the market. And choosing the right one can be a bit difficult for first-time buyers. Especially when it comes to tables that have a rather uncommon feature, the electronic system for scorekeeping. The best decisions are always made when you have the best information needed for making them. And I will try to give you a short guide of things you should be aware of, or decisions you should be making while choosing a table to purchase.

  • Types Of Electronic Scoring Systems

There are several types of electronic scorekeeping systems. Some as simple as just a row of lights that switch on on scoring, while others are digital clocks that count the goals. Common for them is that such tables have sensors inside goalmouth that register when a goal is scored. Some tables have pressure sensors instead of goals, and these offer a unique playing experience which is not to everyone’s taste.

  • Types Of Foosball Tables

Foosball tables are commonly divided into two styles, American and European. The difference between them is in the design of the goalie rod. American has a three-men, while European has a single man goalie rod. Because of this difference, the European style foosball tables also have corner ramps that prevent dead ball situations. Some manufacturers even offer an easy way to convert your table between these two styles by providing all necessary extra parts for both of them. And when assembling the table you should be aware of this and not assemble a three-men goalie rod with corner ramps. As the ramps will interfere with the feet of men.

  • Age of users

Foosball tables have moving parts protruding from them, thus not all tables are appropriate for ages. Some unwritten rule is that rods shouldn’t reach above the collar bones of intended users, for safety reasons. And when purchasing a table for the home you should keep in mind the age of people who will play foosball on them. Some producers even have optional plastic guards for rods, that create a permanent obstacle to prevent any potential accident. Others include telescopic rods, made of two hollow pieces of steel, thus only handles protrude on the sides of tables.


playing for money
  • Do I Need A Foosball Table With Electronic Scoring?

Anyone who tells you that your foosball table must have it is a person trying to pawn you one. No, there is no need, but it is a great feature to have on your table. It is a very convenient feature and as the owner of three foosball tables, I’m still looking for aftermarket parts to install it on two of them. The third came with it.

  • Can They Be Turned Off?

Almost all of them do come with a simple on/off switch. But you should be aware that most of them come with electronic scoring systems as the only way to track the score. Though some come also equipped with a backup bead style scorekeeping system. Depending on the particular make and model you can turn off just parts of the whole system individually, sounds or light, and keep score tracking on.

mini table
  • How Much Does Foosball Table With Electronic Scoring Cost?

They fall in the same price range as the tables without it. You can find some for a very affordable price intended for occasional home use. But also some high-end top of the line commercial-grade tables that are built to take the abuse of life in the arcades. Between these two points, you will find a plethora of products for anyone’s taste or pocket.

  • Can they be used outdoor?

As a general rule, no. The foosball tables with the electronic scoring system have several parts that can be severely impacted by elements. First of all, inside the goalmouth, they have scoring sensors which most often consist of an infrared LED and single or multiple sensors across it. While these LEDs are resistant to weather, IR sensors are very susceptible to it, unless properly sealed and protected, which is very rare. Another part that is very fragile if left in weather is the logic board. This printed circuit board is very sensitive to excessive moisture, and especially the controller chip which is the most important part of it. Weatherproof foosball tables with electronic scoring do exist on the market, and as such can be used outdoors. But such is more of an exception than a common product.


The foosball table with electronic scoring system comes with a very convenient feature. By relieving you of the need to manually keep the score it allows you to let yourself completely immerse into having fun while playing foosball. In addition, these units have integrated speakers for sound effects, which bring experience on a completely different level. Hopefully, you have all information needed to make a choice of foosball table for yourself. But, if you still can’t make up your mind, my warmest recommendation is the Atomic Azure. Nit just because I have it, but because of all the features it has. The lights and sounds take the experience of foosball on a completely different level, but if you get tired of them you can switch to old-fashioned bead style score counting.