Fat Cat Foosball Table

The Fat Cat foosball table is among the most popular game tables in the market today. This brand is owned by a company called the Great Lake Darts that has been in the business of manufacturing gaming products in the United States for around 30 years. The Great Lake Darts started as a company that manufactures darts. They eventually expanded into making other products, such as foosball tables.

Although the Fat Cat foosball tables are mostly used for professional game tournaments, you can also have one of these tables in your home. These tables are guaranteed to give you one-of-a-kind entertainment. Above all, the overall quality is truly superb!

Fat Cat Foosball Table Reviews

Below is a list of the best Fat Cat game tables that I truly love. Take time to read my review so you’ll understand why I love these products and wouldn’t think twice before recommending them.


Fat Cat Tirade MMXI

Tirade MMXI
I find the Fat Cat Tirade foosball table very durable. Upon looking at the table for the first time, it’s easy to tell that this is one of the most stable foosball tables I’ve come across with. At 130 pounds, this foosball table is pretty solid and is guaranteed to withstand rigorous use. The legs are 4-1/2” thick and are, no doubt, heavy-duty. The table features hollow steel rods that are of excellent quality and will offer you the best gaming experience ever. Furthermore, this table features a 3-man goalie system, which further enhances the level of excitement.

This table has a unique wave design on every end that makes the ball play continuously. But the downside of having this design is that it can make the ball roll out of the table in case you end up hitting it hard enough. Also, this table doesn’t have counterbalanced players, which is actually its biggest disadvantage.


  • Comes with levelers
  • Continuous play feature
  • Equipped with hollow steel rods
  • Excellent design
  • Stable and hardwearing


  • Players aren’t counterbalanced

Fat Cat Revelocity 4.5’

Revelocity 4.5
The Fat Cat Revelocity 4.5’ foosball table is perfect for parents who are looking for a great gift to give their kids. Plus, you’ll love having this table in your child’s nursery room, thanks to its bright and attractive design that consists of the Revelocity logo in the middle. When it comes to durability, this foosball table will not disappoint. Its cabinet has ¼-inch thick walls made of wood. However, it doesn’t come with a leg leveler, which may be a disadvantage to those who have uneven flooring surfaces. The table’s robotic players consist of two teams – Yellows and Reds. You can control them using steel rods.

This Fat Cat foosball table comes with an end ball return, which is another disadvantage for me since I find the side ball return better. Nevertheless, this foosball table is a good choice for beginners and kids.


  • ¼-inch thick cabinet
  • Comes with steel rods
  • Robotic players


  • Doesn’t have leg levelers
  • End ball return
  • Poor quality

Fat Cat Rebel 4.5’

Rebel 4.5
The Fat Cay Rebel 1.5” foosball table is another great game table that Fat Cat has ever made. I am really happy with this table, especially since it’s one of the most elegant looking tables that the company has ever made. If you need a foosball table that you can proudly display in your living room, this is what I would recommend. Aside from its great looks, I love the fact that this table is made from high-quality materials, most especially the cabinet.  It looks very stylish, featuring gray and black combination with white details on the panels’ edges.

This table comes with leg levelers that you’ll easily notice at its legs. But one thing that I don’t appreciate much in this foosball table is that it has an end ball return feature.


  • Great design
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Steel rods


  • End ball return

How to Choose the Best Fat Cat Foosball Table

white and blue
You probably have an idea in mind of the type of foosball you want to buy. But before you get too excited, you might want to consider some important factors to help you make the best decision. So, here are things to think of before you make a purchase.

  • Material

Remember that the longevity of your foosball table will mainly depend upon the materials that it’s made of. The three common types of materials used in making foosball tables are composite, particleboard, and solid wood. The cheapest tables are usually made from particleboard, which is not that durable. It could get broken over time and doesn’t guarantee long durability. If you don’t mind paying more, you can go for the higher end tables that are either made of solid wood or composite. The best Fat Cat foosball table to buy is one that’s made of solid wood. This table is durable, aesthetically pleasing and offers excellent playability. But the problem with wood is that you can’t place it outdoors. Also, when exposed to humidity, it could get damaged easily.

Composite foosball tables are more resistant to humidity and moisture. Unfortunately, these tables won’t be able to provide you with the same level of play as that of the solid wood. When it comes to the materials of your foosball table, it’s best to avoid particleboard. If you got no issue with humidity in your home, invest in solid wood tables instead. For those who intend to place their foosball table outdoors, the composite ones are the best. Aside from the type of material, the thickness of the material is another thing you need to think of. As much as possible, choose a table with at least an inch thick. Interested to find more about the best foosball table on the market to buy, which are durable and made from quality materials? Then visit our homepage.

  • Size

The size of the table is a very important consideration. First, take a measurement of the space that you plan to install the foosball table. Make sure you allocate some space for the people who will be standing around the table as they play. You should put an allowance of at least 3-4 feet to allow people to freely and comfortably move around.

If you live in a small home, such as condominiums and apartments, then getting a compact size table is very important. These are small-sized tables that you can fold after every use. Think about the size of the rods as well.

  • Playing Surface

The playing surface is an important aspect to consider when it comes to your foosball table. Luckily, the Fatcat foosball usually has a smooth playing surface so this is really not an issue. Also, the playing surface should have a hard finish and should be thick enough to allow the ball to travel faster. As much as possible, avoid tables that have stick-on designs. These designs will eventually peel off and could ruin your gaming experience and, of course, affect the overall look of the table.

  • Playing Rods

The playing rod is one of the most crucial components of the foosball table. When it comes to the playing rods of your Fat Cat foosball table, you’ll come across two different types. Both rods are made from steel. One is hollow steel while the other is solid steel. The hollow steel is the best option, which is why most of the high-end foosball tables are equipped with hollow steel rods. It’s lightweight, which helps speed up the game. Thus, you can enjoy a more exciting game with your friends and loved ones.

As for the solid steel rods, they are commonly found on mid-entry foosball tables. They are not that bad at all, but will not give you the same level of excitement as the hollow ones because it won’t speed up the game.

  • Goalies

The goalies are the players that you’ll find at the last rod to defend the goal. Most of the American designed foosball tables come with a 3-man goalie system, which is perfect for beginners. However, the European versions usually come with the 1-man goalie system. The 1-man goalie is what most of the advanced players will prefer as it allows them to level up on their game.

  • Adjustable Legs

The adjustable legs may not be that necessary compared to the other features, but uneven surfaces could actually spoil your game. This is why it’s a good idea to choose a table that comes with adjustable legs as this will come in handy when you install the table in uneven surfaces.

  • Players

When it comes to players, it’s a good idea to choose a foosball table that has counterweighted players. With this feature, the player will stay on a horizontal level as the rod is released. Thus, there won’t be any players that will be blocking your ball as you play. Any foosball player will surely agree when I say that having counterweighted players is a must if you want to enjoy your foosball game to the fullest.

The materials used for the players are also important. They are usually made of steel or plastic. Most players would go for steel since they are heavy and offer added power every time you make a shoot.

  • Warranty

Another important aspect to consider is the warranty on the foosball table. Most foosball tables in the market usually come with a one-year warranty. But the cheaper ones have less than a year of warranty. The warranty coverage for Fat Cat foosball tables varies depending on the model, and some of the Fat Cat game table replacement parts and Fat Cat foosball table parts may also be covered by warranty.

What Are Foosball Tables For?

office playing
One of the most important questions to ask when buying a foosball table is who is going to use the table. Remember that there are certain models that are intended for kids, teens, beginners, adults, experts, and professionals. Buying the right foosball table is important in order to fully enjoy the game.

  • Kids

If you are buying the foosball table for your kids that are younger than 10 years old, you might as well go for a tabletop foosball table. The full-sized tables might just be too big for them and they won’t be able to appreciate the game.

  • Teenagers

Teens are competitive and would rather choose to play their game just like the adults. Thus, they might not appreciate a tabletop foosball table. You might as well give them a standard foosball table, which is usually the standalone variety.

  • Adults

Understandably, adults would prefer to play on a full-sized foosball table. But for hardcore foosball players who plan on using the table on a regular basis while also joining tournaments, you should opt for the more expensive higher-end foosball tables.

  • Recreational Centers

If the foosball table is installed in a recreational center, club, or office, you can expect different types of people to be using it. In this case, you should make sure to buy a table that’s made from heavy-duty materials and is able to withstand regular use.

What is Your Skill Level?

relax in office
  • Beginner

Beginners, both kids, and adults should settle with the tabletop design. They are much easier to use and are usually cheaper than the standard ones. For adults, there are cheaper models of regular foosball tables that are perfect for those who want to get started with the game but are not yet ready to spend a lot of money for a full-size standalone foosball table. 

  • Intermediate

Adults who have a few experiences in playing foosball but are not yet ready to play at a professional level should choose a table that can provide them with a decent level of playing experience. The table should be made from good quality materials that will last longer and can withstand rigorous use.

  • Professional

For foosball players who are really serious about their game, they should choose a foosball table that passes the ITSF standards. It must be sturdy enough to provide them with an excellent gaming experience while enduring heavy use.

Overall, foosball is a fun and health beneficial activity, as driving an e-bike outside. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you get its benefits whatever skill level you are.


Of all the Great Lake Darts foosball tables I’ve featured above, it is the Fat Cat Tirade MMXI Foosball Table that I would be happy to recommend. Except for a few drawbacks, this foosball table has everything that you would expect from a foosball game table. It has leg levelers, hollow steel rods, and a continuous play feature. You’ll surely enjoy playing in this game table whether you’re a beginner or an expert.