Franklin Foosball Table

Franklin foosball table is a product made by the company best known for its line of custom batting gloves used by numerous MLB stars, the receiver gloves favored by NFL players, and many other official sports gear. But on the market, you can also find Franklin foosball table. While most of their products are geared toward professional players and aspiring ones, their foosball tables are squarely intended for younger sports fans. If you are looking for tables that are intended for younger players, you will not be disappointed by the products Franklin has on their offer.

Because when you are buying a foosball table for younger players there are some special considerations to make, I have made this list of the best Franklin foosball tables to make it easier for you to decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Franklin Sports Foosball Table Review

Franklin Sports foosball table you might be thinking about purchasing is definitely going to be intended for younger players. But still, there are some things you must take into consideration. That’s why I have made this list with short reviews that should help you decide for or against any of them.



Franklin Quickset foosball table is intended for kids aged 10 years and older. It’s made of surprisingly high-quality MDF boards but still manages to be very affordable. Just like all other equipment from the Quickset line of products, this one is also exceptionally easy to set up and start playing, while its foldable legs allow it to be stored away very quickly. But this Franklin 48 foosball table is more than meets the eye. But let’s first see what is apparent about it. It has a solid, sturdy construction, which is surprising for this class of tables. The rods, handles, and players are of decent quality, but one has to be honest about Franklin foosball table parts. They are not premium grade, nor do they need to be. As I’ve already said this table is the perfect height for kids of 10 and older when it’s standing up on its foldable legs, which takes us to a hidden feature that is not advertised by Franklin Sports. Legs are very easy to remove, and that converts it into a tabletop foosball table, which makes it appropriate for toddlers and older kids.


  • Very high quality for this class
  • Foldable legs for easy storage
  • can be easily converted to a tabletop


  • 48 inches length makes it uncomfortable for 2 adults a side play



    Glomax is a Franklin table top foosball table intended for the youngest players, and it is obvious from both its design and features set. For this Franklin foosball table 20 inch length is a feature that only expands the potential use when combined with other features. It is made out of plastic, and a sturdy one at that. All parts screw together securely, and it comes disassembled in the package. Corners of the cabinet, players, balls, and field markings are all luminescent. They are made of special plastic which accumulates light and then glows in the dark. This makes this foosball table a perfect companion on some camping trip with small children. There are reports of some by people who have bought this table that some parts of it are not glowing as expected. But to the best of my knowledge, this could be a user error of not allowing those parts to sit in a well-lit area to charge.


    • Glow in dark plastic makes it fun to play in low light
    • Very easy to assemble


    • There are many complaints about parts not fitting properly

      20in Table


      As opposed to the previous one, this Franklin mini foosball table is made of MDF boards, which makes it much sturdier, but also a much heavier item. It also features only two rods per side, in its 20 inches long cabinet, which makes it suitable for playing by no more than two persons at a time. The most outstanding feature of this table is that it is of much higher quality than the price would suggest. It is a tabletop design, thus safe to be played by toddlers, and because of the materials used for making it, it will very likely last all the way until they overgrow it at the age of around 12. This is almost a perfect foosball table to introduce kids to this sport. It doesn’t have any real flaws, but the Quickset model allows for 2 kids per side to play, which makes it a better one as it allows them to enjoy playing foosball in a team.


      • Very sturdy build
      • Very affordable


      • Can be played only 1 v 1

        4-in-1 Game Table

        Atomic Azure

        This Franklin foosball pool table is arguably one of the most complete indoor sports equipment. It is made of surfaces for playing foosball, pool, air hockey, and table tennis. Its diminutive size betrays the fact that it is intended for kids and not for adults. Its constructed from the main cabinet which on one side has a foosball playing surface and on the other side pool surface with pockets. This second side is where you can mount additional two playing surfaces for air hockey and table tennis. It comes with all the gear and equipment needed for playing any of these games. because it is permanently mounted on legs, it is too tall to be used by toddlers, as the foosball rods present an opportunity for them to accidentally bang their heads. The overall length of the table is 53.5 inches, so two kids can comfortably play it.


        • Very sturdy build quality
        • Allows for four different games to be played


        • Not appropriate for all small children


          Franklin Sports is a big name in the professional world of sports. They are a well-known and respected manufacturer of baseball batter and football receiver gloves. They are also manufacturers of officially approved equipment for many other sports, from more popular ones such as soccer to some less popular like pickleball. When it comes to foosball, a Franklin foosball table can be a perfect introduction for your kids to this game. In my opinion, the best choice is the Quickset foosball table. It has foldable legs which can be removed thus making it a tabletop that can be played by toddlers. And it is built to last until your kids overgrow it at some point in middle school.