G 200 Review

Garlando G 200 is one more popular Foosball table from the Garlando family. The Garlando G 200 model is stabilized and non-slip home version of Garlando G 500. The laminate play field is of original tourney size and adds to the beautiful appearance of the table.

The high end quality materials used in the process of manufacture and the attractive table design makes it very ideal for Children and juniors. This table is very smooth and this helps in very fast play and players can play tirelessly for very long hours.

garlando g 200 foosball table

Technical Specifications

Length x Width x Height – 144 x 74 x 87.5 cm

Weight – Approximately 62 Kg

Height from the middle of playing rod to the ground – 82.5 cm

Play field area – 120 x 70.5 square centimetres

Deco is in Burl Wood / Black

Package Dimensions:

Length x Width x Height – 135 x 80 x 29 cm

Guarantee and Warranty

It usually comes with a guarantee period of 1 year and a warranty period of 2 years.

Salient features

Some of the salient features of this Foosball Table are mentioned below:

  • The play field is made of hard wearing laminate. It is of pure green colour resembling the real football ground. This laminated play area is washable. The play field are as mentioned in the specification is exactly 120 x 70.5 square centimetres.
  • The player rods are provided with springs and the plastic handles provides an amazing grip. This allows smooth use of the handles and an interesting in game play.
  • The board is made up of 20 mm corpus from MDF (MDF here stands for Middle Closed Fibreboard). This is furthermore reinforced by a 9 x 9 powder cover.
  • The telescopic player rods are commended for children. These player rods are made of Cold drawn steel. The rods measure 16 mm in Diameter and 2.3 mm of wall thickness. These player rods are further coated with chromium. This acts as a resistance to corrosion and thereby helping the player rods to withstand for relatively longer periods by avoiding rusts in any form.
  • The players’ figurines similar to that in the Garlando G 500 Foosball table are guaranteed to be unbreakable as there is not predetermined breaking point. The infused players are in red and blue colours and since it is unbreakable it supports more stability.
  • Garlando G 200 also comes with a Goal Counter. This Goal Counter helps the players keep track of their Goals while they are busy concentrating in the interesting gameplay. The Goal Counter, hereby, strengthens the challenges and makes each and every game more tempting and really interesting.
  • It is, in addition, equipped with nylon ball bearings. This nylon bearings helps in giving the players the best experience one can get in top end foosball table. The rods slide in and out very smoothly and the efforts put to slide the rod is drastically reduced by the use of this bearing.
  • The Curved corners keep the ball in the play at all times.

What is in the package

The shipment package contains the following:

  • 10 Standard Foosball table balls.
  • Screw and small parts which helps in the best fit of the parts.
  • A manual for the easy assembly of the legs, rods, players and other small parts.

Advantages of Garlando G 200

Some of the advantages are:

  • The play field which is made of laminate and is washable. Hence, you can wash this set up easily and maintain new look of the table every day.
  • The perfect grip of the handles provide smooth movement of the rods and helps in refining the experience during the game.
  • The telescopic player rods as mentioned can be used even by children. Therefore, the rods are perfectly safe for anyone who plays.
  • The player figurines in red and blue used in this table are unbreakable. So, the figurines lasts for a life time without any periodic maintenance.
  • Players may use the Abacus based Goal counters which helps in players keeping track of their progress in the game and the match as a whole. You need not keep on telling the scores in your mind and loose the focus by getting distracted from the game.
  • The nylon guide with the ball bearing enhances the smooth operation of the handle. Hence, a player won’t hurt their wrists while playing for a long time. This is because the bearing takes away most of the stress and it becomes very easy to slide the handle in and out efficiently with very less pressure.
  • The corners of the table is perfectly curved. This allows in the continuous game play as the ball always come back as it hits the corner.


Although this table is advantageous in many aspects, it has a couple of drawbacks too. Those are:

  • The player figurines are not counter balanced. Hence, some of the good shots played by a player tends to be blocked by their own player.
  • It does not come with the leg levellers. These leg levellers help table to lie flat parallel to the ground and give same scope of win to both the players in a game. As it does not come with leg levellers, it is difficult to place them flat when the table is used in an uneven surface. This is of very less importance if the table is used in a normal surface which is already flat.


`The table usually comes with the corpus already put together in its place. The building up normally takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes which needs attaching the legs with the help of screws, installation of player rods and assembly of few other small parts. To put it in the simple terms, most of the assembling works are pre done. Just the legs and stems needs to mounted.


Garlando has again come up with a cost effective and top end Foosball table in the form of Garlando G 200. If you want to own a Foosball table which is in your budget and has all good features, then there is no other option except a Garlando G 200 Foosball Table.