Garlando Foosball Tables

If you are searching for Best Garlando Foosball Table for Sale, you are on the perfect page because today we are going to help you with that. First, let’s take a quick look at the history of this brand and then we will review more in detail their quality models. For those in a hurry, here is a quick overview of their best models. You can find more details of each model below in the article.

Garlando Foosball Table is made in Italy. This Company began in 1954 by Renato Garlando who started manufacturing Billiard tables and then Foosball tables, known as Table Football. The production of Foosball tables by Mr. Renato Garlando began in the United Kingdom and later expanded to the United States, Spain, and France.

Having such great success the company later expanded even farther to the North African and Eastern European markets. The ranges of Garlando Foosball Tables are sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon and fetch a great price. If you are looking for other great foosball table reviews check our homepage.

Garlando Foosball Table Reviews

Here are some of the best Garlando foosball table models which we researched. These models are made from top quality materials and will surely help you that your game will move on smoothly without any problems. Want to hear about more great models? Then you have to read about the best foosball tables where we have written a complete guide.


G 500

Garlando G 500
High praises for this Italian manufactured Foosball table; the Garlando G-500 was packed and delivered with perfectly constructed playing men, precision installation, easy to assemble and packaging for protection of pieces was first class. Pre-assembly for some of the more difficult parts which made assembling the remainder of the foosball table easy; this task took about an hour to complete. Not bad for another assembling of foosball tables which can take as long as four hours as stated by purchasers in other reviews. The MDF Butcher Block made Cabinet is high up there in the quality department and is as sturdy as they come, in order to withstand heavy playing.

  • Manufactured in Europe it is considered top of the line.
  • Made from 1inch Premium Medium Density Fiber or MDF Butcher Block material for the Cabinet
  • Rods are made from high resistance Cold Drawn Steel and plated with 15 microns of anti-rust Chromium.
  • The legs are made from 4”x4” Heavy Duty metal covered with Abacus Scoring.
  • Sturdy unbreakable players fused to the rods
  • The playing field of green plastic laminate
  • Silk-screen printed white lines soccer field standard
  • Weight: 165 pounds

G 5000

Garlando G 5000

Garlando G-5000 table is on sale on different online stores and is a high-end foosball table from Garlando. This foosball game table is of the highest standard in the Garlando range and is considered an excellent buy.


  • 1 1/2in thick multi-layered Plywood Table, Laminate coating
  • High-Quality slanting legs of Beachwood/ 1 1/2inch thickness
  • Plastic handles for comfortable, perspiration resistant grip
  • Unbreakable plastic players Grey and Brown molded onto Rods
  • Inside felt coated goals for safety and noise resistant
  • Leg Levelers
  • 2/3” Steel Telescopic anti-rust Chromium Plated bars
  • 10 White Balls in package

F 200 Evolution

F 200 Evolution
Garlando F-200 Evolution foosball table is a heavy-duty foosball table. Manufactured in Italy, this table is worth the cost. Assembling is fairly easy and although heavy during delivery, you can understand why; as it is sturdy to withstand any rough play by professional players and very enthusiastic young people during play.

Manufacturers Specifications:

  • Black MDF Melamine Coating, 3/4inch thickness
  • A nice ball retrieval basket
  • MDF Silver coated Legs of 4”x4” dimensions
  • Steel Roller Bearings for speed during play
  • Yellow and Black players molded to bars/ unbreakable plastic

World Champion

Garlando World Champion
Garlando World Champion Coin-operated foosball table is considered the crème de la crème of foosball tables. It is a championship standard foosball table and is sold on Amazon.

Standards Manufactured for Championship Play:

  • Approved by International Tournament Soccer Federation ITSF the official Garlando Championship Foosball Table
  • 4 Quarter Push Chutes
  • Laminated Plywood Cabinet
  • 4inch Heavy Duty Metal Silver Coated Legs
  • Black Nylon Leg Levelers for playing on any surface
  • High-Quality Stress Resistant Cold Drawn Steel Players
  • Players Molded to Rods
  • Steel Ball bearings with Nylon Bushings for smooth play
  • Tempered Sanded glass playing field
  • The easy unlockable glass playing field for easy cleaning
  • Attractive built-in cup holders and ashtrays
  • Smooth relay counters for scoring
  • Wooden Inserts Plastic handles for a firm and comfortable grip during play


Because the Garlando Foosball Tables are manufactured to Tournament standards, the quality that can be expected is high. The manufacturers in Italy have a high rating of guarantee to deliver a brand foosball table that is sure to meet and surpass the standards. Used for International Foosball plays, and certified by the ITSF owning a Garlando Foosball Table is a Hugh investment that is sure to last for a long time.

The price for the many ranges of Garlando Foosball tables needs no recommendation, as you know you are purchasing quality foosball tables which will bring you top experience while playing with them. Maybe it’s hard to spend such amount of money for a table in the beginning, but when you receive it and play with it, we are sure you change your mind.

Here are also some of Garlando outdoor foosball tables which are worth the buy: Garlando Open Air Out Door Folding Foosball Table, Garlando G-500 Weather Proof Foosball Table, Garlando G-200 Outdoor Foosball Table in Blue, Garlando G-500W 56inch Outdoor Foosball Table, Garlando Open Air 56inch Outdoor Foosball Table, G-500 Weather Proof Outdoor Foosball Table, Garlando G-500 and G-500 Indoor and Outdoor Foosball Table in Granite.

Amazon offers these ranges of Garlando Foosball Tables at these competitive prices along with Garlando Foosball Table covers. The Table covers are necessary for protecting your major investment in your tournament quality Garlando Foosball Table. These covers do what they are supposed to do, by protecting your foosball tables from moisture if left outdoors, dust and water. This does not mean you are going to leave your outdoor foosball table out for the elements to have at it. Protecting the table is best done storing indoors after playing and ensuring the surface is properly dried if wet by rain or drink. Prices vary based on the one you want, but they serve the same purpose.



Owning a Garlando Foosball table is an excellent investment in table football and because of the high-quality manufacturing, these tables are sure to last for years. No other Foosball table has been reviewed and come out with such high recommendations for both quality and durability. Making your own investigations is equally good, but after viewing this article, you are sure to decide on purchasing a Garlando Foosball Table.