Kettler Carrara Foosball Table

There aren’t many tables that can boast the fact that they are made by German engineering, and Kettler Carrara outdoor foosball table is one of such few. Kettler is the company that is arguably better known for its table tennis products. Particularly the Atlanta model which was the official tournament table at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. But those are not their only products. They also produce many different products intended for patio and outdoor use in general. And among them, you can find several high-quality foosball tables.

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Brand: Kettler
Name: Carrara
Weight: 120 lbs
Product Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 34 inches
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

This Kettler Carrara outdoor foosball table review is something you should read if you are looking for a table that will sit on your patio or next to your swimming pool. So, let’s see, is it any good and should you consider it?

KETTLER CARRARA Foosball Table & Features

playing field from above

Kettler is a German company, and with that fact comes the expectation of good engineering and high-quality product, and of course the price to match them. This table is produced in Italy, but that can only emphasize the presumption about it being a high-quality table. After all, Italian cabinet makers have a reputation for skill and expertise in making foosball that is only matched by their neighbors, the French.
Carra is a foosball table intended first and foremost for outdoor use. This doesn’t mean that you can’t put it in a game room. But that would be a waste. There are many other tables that can sit inside, this one should be kept where others would suffer dearly. If for no other reason than that it can withstand the elements.

  • Gameplay

The gameplay on this table is an excellent experience, and there are several reasons for this. So let’s check them all going from the bottom upwards. This table sits on legs with leveling feet. When you look at them, you might presume that they are not very good because they are rather small. But this is not an issue, it is by design and advantage. By being smaller, they can more easily make full contact with the surface, and thus provide greater stability than larger feet. The nuts in them are quite long, providing the ability to properly level the table on any surface.
The playing surface is made of particle laminate with melamine finishing. This ensures that it is perfectly flat, but also that it has almost no friction that would slow down the ball and gameplay.
When it comes to friction, rod bearings are the nylon type which offers both longevity and weather resistance. Rods themself are a telescopic type, meaning that they do not poke out on the other side of the table and there is no danger of accidentally hitting the opponent’s rod.
Men are not counterbalanced, which is not really an issue, but it does limit its potential for use as a practice table for professional players. After all, this is a table intended for home use. Rod handles are wooden but come with rubber inserts, which further improve the grip and relieve the stress you might experience after hours of play. Personally, I don’t understand why more table makers do not offer this kind of handle.
This is a 1-goalie rod table, and also comes with both corner and side ramps that prevent dead balls.

  • Durability

The table is made of laminated engineered wood which is covered with the melamine layer. This makes it completely waterproof, but only if this top layer is not damaged. The cabinet sits on steel legs that are additionally powder coated. This type of finish makes them very resistant to corrosion, even in a salty environment. The table comes with a protective cover which further improves its resilience to the elements.
Overall, this is a table that can last you for many years or even decades with a bit of care.

  • Design

The melamine finishing of the main cabinet comes painted with a pattern that imitates the color and veining of Carrarese marble. Which is also the inspiration for the name of this table. The cabinet also features the traditional boxy utilitarian aesthetics. Both of these could be somewhat off-putting for some people. When it comes to fitting it in some particular style of the patio area, black powder-coated legs should make it more likely to fit in both dominantly dark palettes, while the cabinet is suited more for a lighter choice and dominantly whites.
The faux-marble color does give it a peculiar styling, which is not universally attractive. Personally, it is not my cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean that you will not like it.

Who Should Use It?

office playing

There is no getting around the fact that this is not the most affordable foosball table on the market. It is a weather-resistant table, and there is no workaround for the cost of materials. They cost more than the materials used for making tables that will spend their life in closed and controlled conditions. Because of this, Carrara is not a table for everyone. But with a little bit of care, this table can last you a lifetime, which can make the somewhat higher initial investment actually very affordable in the long run.
So, who should be considering this table for purchase? Anyone who enjoys foosball and is looking for an outdoor table. This table doesn’t have counterbalanced men, so it is not very comfortable for playing 1v1, and if you are a competing foosballer it is unsuitable for solo practices. If you are an enthusiast and looking for a table that will give hours and hours of fun with friends and family, it is a perfect choice.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The melamine playing field
  • Premium bearings and chrome-plated telescoping rods
  • 3 years warranty
  • Men are molded on the rod


  • Price is a bit high for many people
  • Players are not counterbalanced
  • Assembly requires two people
  • Men are molded on the rod
  • 10 balls, five resin and five cork balls
  • Premium quality rain cover


Kettler is a company that is a well-known name in the world of table tennis equipment. But for many years, it has been making several foosball tables that are a perfect choice for enthusiasts. Especially those that look for a weather-resistant foosball table. Kettler Carrara outdoor foosball table is something that will not disappoint you. Though it comes with a bit higher price tag, like all outdoor tables, in the long run, it is a good investment as it will provide you with years, if not decades, of foosball fun.