KICK Legend

The KICK Legend foosball table is legendary for two distinct reasons. It’s sturdy build-quality and looks. If you are looking for a foosball table that is not a drab square box, nor a tacky and flashy affair; KICK Legend is a perfect foosball table for you.

KICK Legend

Brand: KICK
Name: Legend
Weight: 143 lbs
Product Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 35 inches
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

It is arguably among the most beautiful tables on the market. Whether you want to put it in the basement or a game room, its design is, at the same time, conservative and adventurous enough to fit in almost any interior. But it’s not just its design, which makes it a perfect home foosball table. I will describe many more qualities in this review, which may be why this table is worth purchasing for you. If you are looking for the best foosball table, you may also check our entry page.

KICK Legend Foosball Table & Features

Legend Playfield

The very first thing you will notice about this table is its looks. The combination of the wood-grain paneled cabinet and curved satin black legs makes it distinctively differently looking from the standard box-shaped tables. But the design is subdued enough not to be too distracting. The curved legs are not there just for the esthetics, as they provide a little bit wider stance of this table. The legs also feature rubberized levelers. Being 5 inches wide, they give both ability to level the table and the stability during play. If you do not like the looks of wood-grain panels, an all-black option is available for purchase.

KICK is a company that makes foosball tables I personally find very beautiful. KICK legend 55′′ in foosball table is probably the most beautiful of them all. While their products are known for high durability, this is still a home product that falls in some mid-range. You should expect that it survives almost anything you and your friends and family can throw at it, but it is not built to withstand the abuse of a barroom life.

Legend is one of the best choices you could make if you are looking for a home foosball table. It comes at an affordable price, especially when you compare it to its durability, backed by the lifetime warranty. Also, it comes loaded with features that you wouldn’t expect even from much pricier tables.

Men and rods
  • Features

KICK tables are known for the perfect level playing surface, and that’s what you can expect from this one too. Being a half-inch thick, you can be confident that it will not warp during its lifetime. And the adjustable legs allow it to be perfectly level on uneven surfaces. The playing surface is painted bright green with soccer field markings, giving it a stylish retro look.

It comes with very sturdy semi-solid chrome-plated rods and very sturdy premium level bearings. When it comes to choosing your men layout, KICK has you covered with all possible variations. While some other brands and models give you the option to select the layout during the purchase, Legend comes with all bits and pieces needed to set it up in any that you prefer. Or to later change it, if you wish so. It comes with two sets of men, the counterweighted robot and a uniformed style, 13 per side. And also, with corner ramps and rod stoppers, you can optionally install. Men are straightforward to install on rods, and whether you prefer a three- or single-goalie setup, it’s on you to decide.

  • Design

The design of this table is unique but not extravagant. It is bold enough to be different from the usual boring traditional style. But at the same time, subdued enough to be able to fit in almost any setting. Besides styling, it comes loaded with features that are absent from many much more expensive offerings. Very wide leg leveling levers or the ability to switch between men setups are not very common features on the market. And tables that have them both are almost unheard of.

While the cabinet is 55 inches long and 30 inches wide, it takes up a bit more space due to its leg design. Its footprint is 59 by 30 inches. So you should be careful that you have enough room for it. Coming 35 inches tall, it is not appropriate for younger kids, but it is for teenagers and adults.

Assembly instructions for the KICK Legend foosball table are very straightforward, though you will need some basic skill level with tools to put it together. All nuts and bolts come in conveniently marked plastic bags. If you are not confident in reading the drawings, KICK also has the assemble instructions on their YouTube channel.

  • Durability

Legend is made of a combination of solid hardwood and high-quality MDF boards. Weighing more than 140 pounds, it is a very durable table. As it is customary for all KICK products, Legend also comes with company’s unique lifetime warranty policy

Who should use it?

Live game going on

This table is intended for home use and features styling which can be incorporated in almost any decor. It is among the sturdiest of its class, but it is not a commercial-grade product. Which doesn’t mean that it is a bad product, on the contrary. A potential drawback for some buyers could be its dimensions, as it requires slightly more room than some other tables and is not appropriate for a younger crowd.


  • Durable
  • Feature-rich
  • Stylish, but not too flashy
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Easy assemble


  • Has a slightly bigger footprint than other 55-inch tables

What is in the package

Playing men
  • All parts needed for assembly with instructions
  • Two sets of robotic and uniformed men, 13 per side
  • Single-goalie conversion kit with corner ramps and rod stoppers
  • 2 KICK Imperial foosballs, 2 soccer-style foosballs, 2 tournament-style foosballs


KICK Legend foosball table is one of the most thought out products currently on the market. Its design is a step away from the usual and boring box-shaped style, promising to fit in any environment you place it. If you are looking for a foosball table for home use, which will not break the bank for you, this table offers much more than competitors. It comes with customization options, which are not very common on the market, wrapped in high quality, durable “package”. The post-purchase experience of owning one of these tables is simply unparalleled. Not just for the unprecedented lifetime warranty, but also the wide range of replacement parts and accessories KICK provides to its customers.