KICK Monarch Foosball Table

Sometimes we love to play foosball but do not have enough room for a full-size table, and that’s something that the KICK Monarch foosball table is created to solve. It is a foldable table. This makes it very easy for you to clean a bit of space in your living room and quickly set up the table for playing. And when you are done with it, you can quickly store it in a closet or in the nook between the wardrobe and wall. It really takes very little space and is very easy to store or set up.

Kick Monarch 48in

Brand: KICK
Name: Monarch
Weight: 60 lbs
Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 32 inches
Our Rating: 4.4 / 5

So, what is it which sets this foosball table apart from the other foldable types? That’s something I would like to talk with you about as we go over its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. So without further ado, let’s get to the point.

KICK Monarch Foosball Table & Features

KICK Monarch

In front of you, we have a review of the KICK Monarch 48 in folding foosball table. It is an entry-level table intended for people who do not have the privilege of dedicating a whole room just to foosball. KICK Monarch foldable foosball table is a space saver that is slightly smaller than the regulation-size tables.
When it is set for playing, it measures 48 by 24 inches and stands 32 inches high. Because of this, it is appropriately sized even for kids as young as 12 years of age, and some younger. When it is folded, it has a 22 by 24 inches footprint, but that is mostly because of the L-shaped legs it stands upright on. The rest of the table actually takes up much less space, around 10 inches.

  • Gameplay

What can be said about the gameplay of this table? One thing you should keep in mind is that this is an entry-level foosball table. So, there are many premium features you should not expect from this product. One noticeable thing is that the men are not counterbalanced. This is a premium feature and mandatory on professional tables. Which this is not one. Lack of this means that you can’t leave rods sitting with men in horizontal positions. They will turn upright on their own. This is something of a must-have for pro players, for practicing. Casual players don’t really have any need for this feature.
Rods are slimmer than the full-size ones, which is appropriate for the younger crowd making their first forays in the world of foosball. And the rods are mounted on bearings that are worlds apart from the average table in this price range. I have played on some professional tables with worse bearings.
The most important part, the playing field, though only a quarter of an inch thick is a laminated type with melamine finishing. Rather the usual KICK affair, though a bit skinnier. As it is a custom for this company, it is as flat as you could expect and you will never have a problem rolling a shot across it.

  • Durability

The first thing that must be said about the durability is that this table is covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty, like all other KICK foosball tables. Still, this table is not made to last forever. If you are too energetic with it, it will get damaged. But, we must be honest about it, to get it to this price point some corners had to be cut.
At the same time, we must be honest about other tables in this price range. They are made to last you a year or so, from this table you can expect it to last you much longer. There are many tables that can survive decades, but Monarch is not competing with them. Compared by durability with tables that are Monarch’s competition, this table is ahead of them by a country mile.

  • Design

When it comes to its design, Monarch comes in two variants. The all-black, and with dark brown wood imitation mounted on black legs. Both are rather neutral styles, and because it is a foldable foosball table, it can be easily stored out of sight.
The only criticism I have for this table is the lack of a place to safely store nuts used to secure the pair of straight legs. The L-shaped legs also have two of these nuts, that are used to secure the cabinet in the folded or unfolded position. The other pair of legs only has holes for the unfolded position.
A friend of mine has solved this problem by drilling a hole through the cabinet and installing a pair of nutserts in the legs. But such a hack voids the warranty.

Who Should Use It?

kids enjoying

Not all foosball tables are for everyone. And when all things are considered, Monarch is a table that is honest for whom it is intended. If you are a foosball-loving parent with a child 10-12 years of age, this is a perfect table for you and your family. The 48-inch tables are big enough for an adult and a child per side. Two adults would be a bit too much.
With a height of 32 inches, it is obviously intended for smaller players. But keep in mind that foosball tables are safe for players only if rods are below their shoulder level.
Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a very affordable table, especially compared to its quality. And it will certainly last you until your kids are grown enough to use full-size tables.


  • The melamine playing field
  • High-quality bearings and chrome-plated telescoping rods
  • Lifetime unlimited warranty
  • Affordable
  • More durable than you would guess


  • Players are not counterbalanced
  • There is nowhere to safely store pair of leg screws
  • Free supply of rod lubricant
  • Assembly instructions
  • Two soccer-style balls


Not everyone has enough free space in their home they can dedicate to a full-size football table. Nor does everyone needs a full-size table, to begin with. Fortunately, there are some tables that check either of these boxes, and the KICK Monarch foosball table checks both of them. It is an entry-level-priced foosball table, and you shouldn’t expect from it premium quality. But, that doesn’t mean this is a bad table. If some Tornado tournament-grade offering is a Ferrari of foosball tables, this is definitely a Toyota.

It is affordable and appropriate for younger players, and it is of much higher quality than its price tag would suggest. Because it is a foldable table, it will be much easier for you to store it when it is not in use. With no need to disassemble it. If you don’t play on it too energetically, it will also last you longer than a few years.