KICK Titan Foosball Table

Tournament-grade tables are always the synonym for the best build quality and top-notch performance, and the KICK Titan foosball table is one such. If you are looking for a high-end product but do not want to pay an astronomical price for an ITSF-certified foosball table, this review is something you must read. KICK is a company that makes high-quality, but affordable tables and Titan is their top-of-the-line indoor table.

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Brand: KICK
Name: Titan
Weight: 190 lbs
Product Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 36 inches
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

In front of you is the KICK Titan foosball table review, in which I would like to present to you all of its characteristics and reasons why you should take it into consideration as your very next foosball table. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

KICK Titan Foosball Table & Features

playing field from above

One of the most attractive characteristics of the tournament-grade foosball tables is their quality. The perfectly flat playing field, the smooth rotation of rods, handles that are very comfortable to hold, sturdiness to withstand hours and hours of play. KICK Titan 55 in tournament foosball table is one such product., but also one that will not impoverish you if you decide to buy it.
KICK Titan 55 foosball table is a tournament-grade table. Though KICK is not an official ITSF table partner, and this table lacks its official endorsement, it doesn’t lag behind those tables that are. At least when it comes to the build and gameplay quality, and feature set, because when it comes to price Titan is not even in the same ballpark as ITSF official tables.
And this is something from which you can only benefit. Tables of this grade, produced by other companies, come at two, three times higher prices. If you are trying to avoid breaking the bank, but still looking for a high-end foosball table, Titan is something you must take into consideration.

  • Gameplay

What is the difference between home use and professional tournament table? It is how limiting they can be to your skills. Lower-end tabes can have flaws that can be tolerated by recreational players. The uneven playing field, bearings that fit the rods a slightly too snugly or loosely, and so on. Tournament tables are everything opposite to this.
Titan is a regulation-size, 55 inches, foosball table. It comes with some of the best bearings for player rods on the market. It is so easy to flick rods that you will not be aware that they are actually ⅝-inch chrome-plated steel rods. It has a half-inch thick laminated playing field, which is perfectly flat. In my experience with many other tables, Titan’s playing field provides the same ease of ball movement as much pricier tables.
When it comes to men, you have a choice to install on rods either counterbalanced tournament-grade robotic players, or non-balanced uniform players. Whichever you choose, the wooden handles that come on this table will not strain your wrists or make your palms sweaty.
Another peculiar thing about this table is that it comes with sets of 13 men each, and also with corner ramps, which can be installed or not. This way, whether you prefer a setup with a 3-men or 1-men goalie rod, you can have it. But also switch between these two styles whenever you want.

  • Durability

The Titan foosball tables come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. The company is so confident in the build quality and their quality control that they are certain that nothing will ever break. And they are correct in such conviction. These tables are unbelievably sturdy and can withstand even abusive playing.
The cabinet is made of an inch and a half thick high-quality MDF. The drawback of this is that it contributed the most to its whopping 190 lbs of weight. But the advantage is that it will last you a lifetime.
Some might presume that a solid wood construction would be more durable, but that is a mistake. MDF boards are not prone to bending and warping over time the way solid wood is. And that is very important for foosball tables, as the gameplay depends on the flatness of the playing field.

  • Design

The square boxy shape of the Titan table may not be to everyone’s liking. It is a traditional design of the tournament tables and the one that doesn’t have any curves which could create some weak spots in the construction. The form allows only for the function to exist.
The table comes in three variants, all satin black, grey cabinet on black legs, and the imitation of the stained wood with woodgrains. These choices make it appropriate for almost any interior styling. If you are looking for a table that is furniture-style, this maybe would not be a good choice.
The cabinet is mounted on sturdy legs, that have very good 5-inch leveling feet, that will help you in case of uneven flooring.

Who Should Use It?

office playing

Titan is one of the best foosball tables there is. It is a tournament grade after all. But it isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a top-notch gameplay experience professional tournament table, but do not want to pay the actual price of ITSF sanctioned models, this is a table for you.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Counterweighted players
  • A choice between 3 and 1-man goalie
  • The half-inch playing field
  • Premium bearings and rods
  • Lifetime warranty and free supply of rod lubricant


  • Price is a bit high for many people, even when sold at a considerable discount
  • 190lbs of weight
  • Assembly instructions are not the easiest to follow
  • Six balls, two KICK Imperial, two tournament-style and two soccer-style balls
  • 26 counterbalanced and 26 uniformed men
  • corner ramps for optional 1-goalie rods configuration


When it comes to foosball tables, the very best experience, one that is ridden of all potential hindrances and where your skills take the front stage, is provided by those that can be described as tournament-grade. Professional tables that offer just the very best. Best build quality, best hardware, best features, in other words, the best tables.

KICK Titan foosball table is a product that will give you everything you would expect from a tournament-grade table. But it will not cost you as much as tables of equal quality.