KICK Topaz

KICK Topaz foosball table comes from a company that is a well-known name among both professional and recreational foosball players. They make some excellent tables for both tournament and home use. What sets a part of their tables from others in the same price range is the build quality, which is much higher than their competitors. but also the lifetime warranty policy, which covers all the new tables purchased directly from KICK.

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Brand: KICK Name: Topaz Weight: 116 lbs Product Dimensions: 55 x 29 x 35 inches Our Rating: 4.4 / 5

Today, I would like to give you a review of their Topaz model, a 55’’ foosball table that is often called the best choice for players that want to have a durable table for some very serious fun.

KICK Topaz Foosball Table & Features

playing field from above

KICK is a company that is best known for making affordable, yet high-quality foosball tables. And such philosophy is evident in all of their products, whether it is a tournament-grade Titan line of tables or the Emerald, table-top style foosball table for the youngest players. KICK foosball table Topaz black 55 in table is arguably the best example of how this philosophy provides a grade better product than its price would suggest.

Topaz is a foosball table that can be described as an upper mid-level table. It is intended for home use, but for players that desire a table that has an excellent feature set and gives them an opportunity for their playing skills to really shine. But, it also provides a considerable level of aesthetics, that will make it look slightly furniture-like, thus properly fitting in your game room, and not sticking out like a sore thumb.

So, let’s move on with a bit more of the details about this table.

  • Gameplay

So, what is the quality of the gameplay when it comes to the foosball tables? It is the ease with which the rods turn inside the bearings. Relieving your hands and wrists of effort needed to turn them. Topaz employs the same bearings and rods you will find on the Titan line of tables. So, you will get on this table rods and bearing which are approved for the professional tournaments.

The ABS handles are what KICK calls Easy-Grip, and they are very easy to grip. My experience with them is that if you are a semi-pro player, you will not need to install grip tapes on them. While ABS plastic is what it is, your palms might sweat a bit after a couple of hours of play, but you will never have an excuse for a bad shot being due to slippery handles.

Other factors that are determining the quality of gameplay are playing surface evenness and levelness. The playing surface on the Topaz table is made of a half-inch thick MDF board and has a laminated surface design. It is as flat as tournament-grade glass surfaces but does not cost as much. Having a ball constantly roll on one side of the table can completely ruin the playing experience, and this table comes with leveling feet that allow you to set it perfectly level even on very bad floors.

Another gameplay feature present on this table that has trickled down from tournament tables is counterbalanced or counterweighted men. All men mounted on the rods have small steel bars inside of them, which makes their tops and bottoms weigh equally. If you turn them in the horizontal position, they will stay so. And this feature is very helpful when you are playing a 1v1 game with your friend as you can move rods you are not using at the moment out of the way.

  • Durability

Well, it is a KICK table. If I were to tell you that it is as durable as you could expect from a 116 pounds heavy KICK foosball table, it would be a bit misleading if you don’t have much experience with this manufacturer. But, if I told you that I’ve played on a 22 years old Topaz table that only required a replacement of rod handles because of almost everyday use? Yes, they are that durable.

This durability is also backed by the unlimited lifetime warranty on replacement parts. Such a policy does cost companies money. But, it shows how confident people at KICK are that you will not need replacement parts. And in my experience, and of my friends, when it comes to Topaz tables they do deliver durability.

  • Design

Curved bottom of the side panels, sloping legs, and matte black finish are design characteristics that set Topaz away from the usual box design of professional-grade tables. While it is not a full-blown furniture-style design, it is more than just mildly acceptable. It is a very elegant styling but without sacrificing function. Legs do narrow towards the bottom, but they are braced for increased sturdiness.

The finishing of this table is practically immaculate, and you will find only smooth and pleasant to touch surface on it.

Who Should Use It?

office playing

As I’ve said above, Topaz is a table priced for players who want something better than your run-of-the-mill mid-level tables. But a product that delivers the quality of a grade above, more of a semi-professional. So, this table will actually satisfy the needs of a few different groups of players. If you need a table that will last you years of playing on it, this is a great choice. But also if you are a prospective active competition player, this product is a perfect practice table for you. Because there are often very big discounts on this line of tables, it is affordable even for recreational players.

Whichever type of player you are, this table will provide you with experience very close to tournament tables, but without costing as much as a decent used car.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Counterweighted players
  • A choice between 3 and 1-man goalie
  • The half-inch playing field
  • Premium bearings and rods
  • Lifetime warranty and free supply of rod lubricant


  • Price a bit high, but usually sold at a considerable discount
  • 116lbs of weight
  • Assembly instructions are not the easiest to follow


  • Four balls, two professional-grade and two soccer-style balls
  • 26 counterbalanced and 26 uniformed men
  • corner ramps for optional 1-goalie rods configuration
    • 10 Standard balls in white.
    • Manual for easy assembly of legs, rods, players and other small parts.


    When it comes to home foosball tables, KICK is a company that offers products that must be called semi-professional. While their tables usually lack some top-notch features of the tournament-grade products, by quality and features they are not far off. One such product is the KICK Topaz foosball table, which will provide you with hours and hours of fun. When discounts are included, you can find it for the price of some mid-tier foosball table, but it comes with the experience that is almost at the tournament level. While the build quality is head and shoulders above the competitors.