KICK Triumph 

When I think about the very first time I’ve played it, it was on one very similar to the KICK Triumph foosball table. Sharp angles, boxy constructions, large round feet, and metallic corner guards.

KICK Triumph

Brand: KICK
Name: Triumph
Weight: 119 lbs
Product Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 36 inches
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

While its looks present a sentimental value for me, this foosball table is an excellent bang for their buck for any purchaser. If you are looking for a black, butcher-block style foosball table, there are not all that many choices on the market. But this table is not just a product that checks those three boxes. It is a highly durable, customizable, and very affordable foosball table that offers much more than its price-tag suggests. As you will find out by reading this review to the end. If you are looking for more best foosball tables, visit our homepage.

KICK Triumph Foosball Table & Features

goal and guys

The KICK Triumph 55′′ in foosball table is designed for people who prefer the simplicity of the old school butcher-block style and high-quality sturdiness. It is among the highest quality tables from KICK and comes with the industry-unique lifetime warranty. Though this table falls in some kind of mid-class, its built quality is above the rest of the field. If you and your friends like a bit more energetic playstyle, you can be confident that it will withstand it. The warranty policy will provide you additional peace of mind that any potential breakages will not cost you money.

  • Features

The Triumph is a foosball table loaded with features you would not generally associate with different manufacturers’ products in this price range. It has sturdy 5-inch leg levelers with rubber underside that guarantee adjustability and stability on almost any surface. It comes with two full sets of players, counterweighted robotic and uniformed men. Whichever style is your preference, KICK has you covered out of the box. Additional customization option is present in the form of corner ramps and rod stoppers for a single-goalie rod layout.

  • It also features a side-mounted ball return system, an extremely convenient but not very often present feature on foosball tables. Rod bearings are very sturdy stainless steel ones. While this type of metal on metal bearings require lubrication, KICK provides it free of charge. Though you may be surprised with the diminutive size of its packaging, it will last you quite a while, as a single drop on each rod every 2-3 months is more than sufficient. Rods and bearings are very precisely machined, with very tight tolerances, thus requiring a meager amount of lubricant.
    • Design

    Featuring a deep black color with few chrome accents, it can find its place in both the living room or a game room. It weighs just under 120 pounds, but its deceptively low weight shouldn’t deceive you. It is an extremely sturdy foosball table. A bright green playing field features classic white soccer markings giving it an old school flair. Playing rods are semi-solid ⅝ inch chrome-plated, very durable though on the lighter side of the spectrum. Combined with non-slip wooden handles, they are very comfortable even for extended playing sessions. In the box are included optional side mounting cup holders that complement the black and chrome styling.

    The legs have additional chrome-plated horizontal support, which is stylish and dramatically increases the stability and durability of the legs and the table.

    Trying to figure out how to assemble a kick triumph foosball table can be a bit of a problem if you put your faith in the assembly manual. This is the only serious complaint of many other people, and I have about this table. Because the design of this manual received nowhere near the attention that was given to this table itself. The diagrams and instruction text are very small and poorly printed, making them hard to decipher. Fortunately, KICK has very informative and helpful video instructions for assembling it on their YouTube channel. Though for some odd reason, in that video, this foosball table is called “Splendor” instead of “Triumph”.

Who should use it?


The Triumph is intended for home use. But that fact and its relatively low weight can be a bit deceptive. It is built to last even if you have a preference for a bit more energetic playstyle. If you are looking for a black foosball table with chrome detailing, this could be an affordable and very appealing option for you. However, the limited selection of colorways could be something that will turn you away from this product.

You should keep in mind that this is a full size, 55 inches table. You thus require sufficient room to play on it. Its minimal height of 36 inches is a limiting factor for the minimum age of people who can play on this table. Teenagers and adults will find it very comfortable. And even if you are a bit taller person, feet levelers have a decent length of threaded part, so you can actually raise it a bit to make it more comfortable for use.


  • Durable
  • Feature-rich
  • Stylish, but not to everyone’s taste
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Easy assemble
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Assembly instructions are low quality
  • Styling not to everyone’s taste
  • Available only in black color

    What is in the package

    • All parts needed for assembly with instructions
    • Two sets of robotic and uniformed men, 13 per side
    • Single-goalie conversion kit with corner ramps and rod stoppers
    • 2 KICK Imperial foosballs, two soccer-style foosballs, two tournament-style foosballs


    KICK Triumph foosball table is a product that will not leave you indifferent. It is a very sturdy, highly “polished” product, with many customization options that are not present even among much more expensive products. Whether you like its black and chrome styling will decide whether you will be amazed or frustrated by this foosball table. It is an amazing table that comes with high-quality chrome-plated rods, and excellent bearings that make it a joy to play on. Whether you are a fan of three-men or single-men goalie, you have all the parts needed for either of them coming in the box. And if you ever decide to change the layout, you can do it in a matter of minutes. With an industry-unique lifetime warranty policy, this is an excellent foosball table for any home.