Kids Foosball Table

Are you looking for a kids foosball table? There’s no doubt that foosball is the ultimate home entertainment game there is. Not only is it fun – the kind of fun that never gets old – but it’s great for the whole family, so anyone from the kids, to grandma, and anyone else in between can get involved. And considering how little space they take up in comparison to other home games, it’s a wonder why everyone who can fit one in doesn’t have one. And better yet, they’re not just limited for home use – they can work as a perfect form of entertainment for the office or communal space for employees to unwind and enjoy their lunch break.

★ #1 Our Top Pick 

Kick Monarch
Monarch 48
But anyone who knows a thing about foosball tables will agree that not all foosball tables are made the same. Whether it’s the overall size, the number of players required, or the general construction, there are many things to bear in mind when picking the one that’s, not just good for its kind, but the best for you and your home. And picking the best kids foosball table can be even harder. So, before you part with your cash, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the best foosball tables for kids.

Kids Foosball Table Reviews

Below in the article, you’ll find what to look for when choosing the best kids foosball table. For those in a hurry, here are our top five picks for the best ones that are available right now.


#1 Kick Monarch 48″ Folding

Kick Monarch 48

The Kick Monarch 48 inch Folding Foosball Table is the perfect choice for those who will do anything to prevent skimping on quality. This particular foosball table manages to balance a heavy, sturdy structure with a fold-away design that makes it both durable and convenient – it can withstand decent force whilst playing, but folds away quickly efficiently, meaning it can be stored away with ease. It also has wheels on the bottom, so it can be moved around the room when necessary. The materials used to construct this product make it so durable and strong that it even comes with a lifetime warranty, for that added peace of mind – so even if your kids get carried away, there’s nothing to worry about. In terms of playability, this is larger than average size, meaning that up to four players can operate each time.

 It also has thirteen players on each side, making it a suitable option for older children as well as adults. The handles have extra grip too, giving players added comfort when in use, whilst also allowing those more-experienced players to really show off their skills and tricks.


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Large playing area
  • Allows up to 4 players
  • Folds away to be stored with ease
  • Extra grip on handles


  • Heavier than most designs

#2 Sport Squad FX40

Sports Squad FX40
The Sport Squad FX40 has had portability prioritized in its design – it’s smaller than most tables, making it more compact, for faster-paced games in tighter living areas. Despite its small size, the MDF playing field is sturdy and reliable, and the legs offer a decent amount of support to make sure it stays stable whilst games are ongoing. With fast shots, quick passes, and end-to-end gameplay, this is a great choice for those wanting a table that you can jump on for a quick play. And as the ball returns to the goalie after each score, it’s easy to get back into the action every time. An ideal choice for those with limited space and time.


  • Easy to put together and get into
  • Stable playing area and sturdy support
  • Doesn’t require a large living area
  • Great price for what’s on offer
  • Two balls included


  • Can’t stand on its own – needs to be placed on a surface
  • Not the most durable on the market

#3 Best Choice Products – Wooden

Best Choice Products 48 Wooden
This football table opted for a more understated, minimal design, giving an overall neutral feel, and allowing it to fit in with most rooms in any houses. Not only does its exterior look great, but the players themselves have been designed with various details to make them stand out too – with almost-lifelike models and bright colored shirts. As for the construction, this one has definitely been designed to pass the test of time, as it’s made from solid, sturdy wood, with thick rods, and an MDF playing field, making it very stable and durable. Even the configuration of the players themselves has been chosen in a way that mimics real football tables for kids and allows for a more realistic playing style. And with one goalie, players are required to focus on defence just as much as they are on the attack.

The man downside with this product, in particular, is getting it up and running in the first place, as many people have struggled with the instructions on how to assemble it. Having said that, those with any experience in this kind of thing shouldn’t have any trouble!


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Includes two balls as standard
  • Two cup holders
  • Player configuration for better precision
  • Realistic-looking platers


  • Instructions can be challenging

#4 Homeware Classic

Homeware Wooden
The Homeware Wooden Classic Mini Table Top Foosball is another miniature design, opting for usability and convenience over playing style. Having said that, this one, in particular, is still extremely durable, and is a great looking product overall. The designers have opted for a woodgrain finish, giving it a homely and neutral tone so, even when not in use, it acts as a piece of décor or furniture for your living space. As well as this, the players are designed in greater detail than standard foosball table kids, again giving them a more realistic look and feel. As for usability and playing, with slightly higher sides than standard, this model ensures the ball stays within the designated playing area at all times, so games can be free-flowing and uninterrupted. Despite this being primarily designed for kids, because of its high-quality materials and sturdy construction, it’s still an excellent choice for adults as well – so works well for the whole family.

Most people can get this one up and running in around 15 minutes, so you can get straight into the action the moment it arrives. And with a scorekeeping bar to keep track of the game, all in all, this a great choice for any home, and small enough to fit in any living space.


  • Fast-paced play
  • Two balls included
  • Great looking aesthetic
  • Smaller size for convenience
  • Suitable for both adults and children


  • Doesn’t always last too long

#5 Tornado Sport

Tornado Sport
And finally, the Tornado Sport Foosball Table, our personal best pick of the lot! This is the crème da la crème of foosball tables, with an attractive mahogany finish, giving it a modern, yet classic look that, even when not in use, will look great in your home. The materials used have a decent weight to them, giving this sports table for kids that added stability during play. This, however, can make it difficult to move around if necessary. An interesting thing about this design is that the playing field is perfectly level, even at the edges, allowing for the more-skilled players to really show off their flanking skills on the pitch, and really knock in some tactical goals. The adjustable legs mean that this can be raised for taller players and adults, whilst allowing it to be lowered for when smaller people or children have a go. The rods themselves are made of hollow steel, making them strong and sturdy, yet lightweight, providing players with more manoeuvrability.

And to top it all off, a 12-month manufacturer gives you added peace of mind – so whatever happens, you know you’re covered. If you’re looking for the ultimate foosball table, this is it!


  • Durable and strong construction
  • Stylish and luxury look and feel
  • Made using excellent materials
  • 12-month warranty included


  • No counterbalance included
  • Can be hard to assemble

Things to Look for When Shopping for the Best Foosball Table for Kids

kids playing outside
With so many foosball tables out there on the market, there are various features to bear in mind when choosing the best one for you, especially when considering one for the kids. Here are some of the things to consider before making your purchase.


field from above and men
This is all about your priorities – whether you’re looking for something light and easy to move, or something more permanent and sturdier to hold its ground. Materials like hardwood and metal will make a foosball table sturdier and more durable, but also a lot heavier. Whereas plastic and lighter woods will make something that’s easier to pick up, but it won’t last as well in the long-term. Depending on where it’s going to be situated, how often it’s going to be used, and whether or not it needs to be stored away, you may want to consider different materials and construction for your foosball table.


playing field from above
It’s a good idea to consider the size and weight of the table too, as this will determine exactly where it can be stored, and how easily. Something that’s super-light can probably be shuffled along or picked up by one person, but something wider a heavier will need two people to move it which can make things more complicated. It’s also a good idea to know how much space you need around the table, to prevent people from being cramped when playing.


black and green playfield
Let’s be honest, as great as they are, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using your foosball table every day. Some people can afford to have theirs out year-round, as they have enough space in their games room, but for most people, it’s a good idea to store it away between uses, or for added room when guests come over to stay. Not only will this give you more space, but if your foosball table doesn’t fit in with the décor of the room, it’ll stop the room looking messy or cluttered when there isn’t a foosball game on.

Number of Players

kids enjoying
The number of intended players for each game can make a big difference on the type and size of the table you choose. Whether it’s a one-on-one, a two-on-two, or a game with five or more players, you’ll need to bear in mind the size of the table, the size of the room, and whether or not the table can account for this change. For kids, it’s a good idea to get a smaller table, as this can be played by just two players (operating two rods each), but also allows more players to jump in when they get a chance. This also means the table takes up less space, giving them more space around the table to move. Having said that, a larger table works better for larger groups, as it gives everyone more playing space, so for those who always play in large groups, this would be the better option.

You’ll also want to bear the height of the table in mind – larger kids can operate adult-sized tables, whereas younger children will benefit from a lower table.


When kitting out our games room as home, table foosball for kids is an essential part, allowing the entire family to show off their skills on the pitch, and really get competitive. But finding the perfect table for you isn’t always too easy – when considering your space, layout, how often you’ll use it, and how many people are likely to want to get involved, it’s often a harder choice than most would think.

But with the range of products covered in this article, at least one of them is likely to be the right one for you. As for us – we’d recommend number 5 – the Tornado Foosball Table – as it’s the ultimate in quality and durability, giving you something that, not only looks great but will also last for years to come.