LED Foosball Tables

Foosball is one of the most enjoyable table-top games, but the fun gets to another level if you play it on a led foosball table. We, humans, are always impressed and enchanted by flashing lights. Whether it is twinkling stars, Christmas decorations, or the nightclub light shows. They are fun and exciting. In the same way, the LED lights on foosball tables can raise the excitement of playing foosball, when done right.

Besides having a huge WOW effect, this type of table allows you to fully enjoy the foosball even in a poorly lit environment. Very often they can be the eye-catching centerpiece of your game room.

LED Foosball Table Reviews

Currently, in the market, there are many foosball tables that feature LED lighting. And I have collected some of the best among them, not just per lighting fixtures but also the quality of the table itself. Below you will find a short review of each of them, which should help you decide which best suits your needs and wishes.

#1 Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Atomic Azure

Atomic’s table is another full-size table on my list. While the previous two had LED strips installed in the bottom of sidewalls, this one has them tucked away under overhanging top pieces of the sidewalls. By positioning them in this manner they illuminate the playing surface in a much better way. It also features a digital scoring system, with automatic goal detection. Every scored goal will light up foosball table with light and sound effects. LED lighting doesn’t end there. Both goals have integrated LEDs, while the legs’ edges also have LED integrated into the edge. The most interesting feature for me is the ball. It is also lighted by LEDs. This ball is powered by a battery, which can be easily recharged using the cable that connects to the USB port on the score unit. Additionally, you can use it to charge it on any other device that has a full-size USB port. If for some reason you don’t like this ball, you can use any other foosball ball instead. When it comes to the qualities of this table as a foosball table, it is a very good product. It doesn’t have some of the top features, like counterweighted men, which makes it a bit awkward for playing if you don’t have a partner as men will not stay rotated horizontally. Both lighting, sound, and score table can be turned off if you wish so.


  • Digital scoring system
  • Interactive lighting with sound effects
  • Lighted ball


  • Men are not counterweighted

    #2 Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table, LED Enhanced

    Warrior Pro

    Warrior is one of the biggest names in the world of foosball. They are known for high-quality tables intended for home, commercial, and competition use. Their LED enhanced table features the high-quality construction you would expect from any of the top tables. It’s very sturdy, and weighing whopping 200 pounds you can be certain that it is built to last. It is a classic European-style table with a single man goalie rod and slopping corner ramps. Led strips are built in the sidewalls and can be controlled by the provided remote controller. Changing the color of the RGBW LED lighting strips is very easy and quick. When it comes to foosball features, this table is among the best in the market. It has steel rods with high-quality rod bearings, and players on them are counterweighted. Rods are not telescopic, but feature hollow rod guards which are an excellent safety feature. This 56 inches table stands on sturdy feet, which end with swivel-style levelers, so it can be made perfectly level even on bumpy uneven surfaces.


    • Competition-grade table
    • Counterweighted men
    • Rod guards
    • Sturdy built


    • Full-size table, not intended for younger players
    • Weighs 200 pounds

      #3 Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table With LED

      Warrior Soccer 8

      Playing foosball in pairs is fun, and this table promises to double the amount of fun by doubling how many people can play on it at the same time. Instead of four rods per side, this table features eight. When it comes to space you will need in your game room, you will need plenty of it. But with its 102 inches of length, it will bring you plenty of fun too. It has all the features of the previous Warrior model, just more of them. High-quality stainless steel rods, counterweighted men, 5-inch swivel-style leg levelers, rod guards, and LED lights. Everything is here, along with the expected Warrior build quality.


      • Competition-grade table
      • Counterweighted men
      • Rod guards
      • Sturdy built


      • Full-size table, not intended for younger players
      • 102 inches length, needs a lot of space

        #4 EastPoint Sports Official 48″ inch Foosball Table

        EastPoint Sports

        EastPoint table is a barebones LED offering that is aimed at providing functionality instead of a flashy light show. It is a 48 inches foosball table, and with a height of 32 inches, it is appropriate for younger players. While it is not a competition-grade foosball table, it is sturdy built. Player rods are made of stainless steel and furnished with very comfortable handles, though their design might not be to everyone’s liking. As I’ve already said, it features quite modest by functional LED lighting. It functions as a score counter in combination with automatic goal detection. Both of these functions perfectly for what they are intended. Another feature that is unusual for tables in this class is leveling feet. For fun and fair play perfectly level playing field is critical, and it is a surprise that this feature is not a standard among manufacturers of recreational tables.


        • Appropriate for younger players
        • Sturdy
        • Automatic goal detection


        • Not big enough for two adults per side
        • Limited LED lighting

          How To Choose The Best LED Foosball Table

          When it comes to buying an LED foosball table it is important to keep in mind some facts and characteristics that make a good foosball table. Having LED lights does bring the foosball experience to another level, but the table has to be enjoyable in the first place.

          • Size

          Foosball tables come in several sizes. From small table-tops to oversized for 8 or more people. The most common sizes are 48, 55, and 56 inches in length. As a rule of thumb, you need 3-4 feet of empty space around all four sides of the table for a comfortable play. Having that in mind you should choose a table that fits the space you have for it.

          • Types of tables

          Foosball tables can be divided into two main types. The European and American style tables. The main difference between these types is the number of men on the goalie rod. European tables have a single man, thus feature raised corners of the table to prevent the ball from getting stuck. They very often feature a playing surface that is a bit slower, favoring the finesse play and trick shots. American style tables feature a three-man goalie rod and evenly flat playing surface. The playing surface is also a very sleek and fast one, favoring a fast playing style.

          For tables of some high-end manufacturers, this distinction between styles is irrelevant. In other words, there is no need to pay special care whether the table is one or the other style. They come with all parts needed to set them up as either of these styles.

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          • Materials

          Foosball tables are built out of a wide range of materials. Most often it is some form of particle boards or laminated wood. The type of material used directly influences its sturdiness and longevity. While the price of the table generally does correspond to the quality of the materials used, you should still practice caution as there are some very expensive tables that are poorly built, but also some very affordable ones that have very high build quality.

          • Features

          Foosball tables can have some very useful features you should be aware of as they could be very important for you, and actually make or break your foosball experience.

          Probably the most important, but often neglected feature, is safety. You probably think it’s just a table, sitting in the room, how can it be unsafe? Well, it has moving parts, the rods. In the heat of play, you can easily hit one of the opponent’s rods with your fingers, which is not a pleasant thing. There is also a concern about the rods if you have a household with small children, as they can easily bump their heads against the rods. For this purpose of safety, many tables feature telescopic rods, which don’t protrude on the opposite side of the table. But many also have special shrouds made of relatively soft, at least softer than steel, plastic.

          Another very useful feature is leg levelers. These are very simple devices that will help you get the playing surface perfectly level on any surface. Some of them are swivel-style, featuring usually some type of ball and joint design which is very useful on bumpy surfaces. If you don’t have perfectly flat flooring, these are a must on your table.

          Scorekeeping is usually done using some type of abacus-like device. When you score, you move numbered or unnumbered disc along the shaft. But some tables feature digital scoreboards, which are almost always implemented with some type of automatic goal detection system.


          • Who are LED tables intended for?

          LED tables are an attempt to take the experience of playing foosball to another level. Such tables will make playing and scoring a much more exciting experience.

          • Can I convert/build a LED foosball table?

          Absolutely yes. If you already have a foosball table there is nothing stopping you from installing LED lighting. It doesn’t require much in the way of materials, and these days there are many different types of LED strips for DIY projects available on the market. You will need some level of skills with tools, but when building it the only limit is your own imagination. Whether you want a solid color, flashing light show, or an interactive experience of scoring a goal; you can easily and affordably find all the parts you need for it. If you decide to go the DIY lighting route, you should keep in mind that parts and material for LED lighting are not specialized items. Those that can be found pre-installed in such tables are actually the same types you can find in stores intended for LED illumination of various other things. Because of this, you will not find them in the specialized recreation equipment stores that carry foosball tables and associated goods. Instead, you will find them in specialized electric and DIY stores.

          • Is there some special maintenance of LED foosball tables?

          No. LED foosball tables are first and foremost the foosball tables. The presence of the LED lights doesn’t change the way you should go about doing the maintenance of it. The same way as you would take care of a non-LED table. Spilling and splashing liquids should be avoided and rod bearings should be lubricated every couple of months or so with specialized lubricants. For any further instructions on doing the maintenance of your table, you should consult the user manual of your particular make and model.

          • What is the regulation size table?

          Just like any other sport, foosball has competitions, associations, and regulations. Regulations exist to create a level field for all competitors. The International Table Soccer Federation, ITSF, regulations state that a competition-size table is 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches high.


          Playing foosball is a great and enjoyable experience. It’s a fun game to play with friends and family and requires very little in the way of skill to enjoy it. But, such fun and enjoyment can be brought to another level if you play it on a LED foosball table. They feature strips of LED lights that serve to enhance the playing experience, keep score, provide visual and sound effects on scoring goals. Because they are lighted, they can even be used in poorly lit environments. Hopefully, by now you have decided which of these tables is perfect for you. If you still can’t decide, my recommendation is Atomic Azure table. It has all the required features from a foosball table, plus a wealth of additional ones. Goal scoring sound effects are very enjoyable, and the digital scoreboard is a cherry on top.