Mini Foosball Table

In my quest to find the best mini foosball table, I have come across a lot of great foosball tables that are perfect for those who are looking for a portable version of these game tables for their home. These tables might be small, but they provide the same level of excitement as that of the standard versions. The best thing about them is that you can easily carry them from one place to another and they can fit into tiny spaces. If you have small kids, miniature foosball tables are the best gift to give them. These tables have smaller legs that can accommodate small kids. You can place these tables in your kids’ bedroom or nursery room. After use, your kids can place them under the bed, which saves a lot of space in their room.

★ #1 Our Top Pick 

Kick Squire

Kick Squire


Mainstreet Classics

Mainstreet Classics

Because of the many benefits that come with having a small foosball table, you’ll find many of these tables being sold in the market. To help you find the right table to buy, check out my review of the best mini foosball table for this year.

Mini Foosball Table Reviews

After doing my own research, I came up with a list of what I believe are the best mini foosball tables to invest in. I’ve also included a buying guide to help you decide which of these tables you should buy. Read on.


#1 Kick Squire 33″ Miniature Table

Kick Squire 33

The KICK Squire Mini Foosball Table is another mini fooseball table that’s gaining popularity in the market. With a weight of only 15 pounds and a dimension of 33 inches, this foosball table is well-designed by experts and could last for a really long time, thanks to its durability. Produced by a company that aims to provide high-quality products at very reasonable prices, this table is everything that you want in a mini foosball table. It’s very portable and won’t take up plenty of space in your home. Plus, you can easily move it from one place to another.

The ball return is strategically attached on both ends of the table and the slide scoring is mounted on both ends as well. With this model, you get to choose from 1 or 3 goalie system, depending on what suits you best. Furthermore, it comes with player rods that are chrome plated and has 9 red and 9 blue players.

With every purchase of this table, you’ll get two soccer style foosballs and each handle has a non-slip grip that helps to ensure competitive and precision games all throughout. This mini soccer table can be assembled very easily, thanks to its portability. Many customers are happy with the fact that this table is extremely lightweight and compact. Thus, it can work well for apartments with smaller living room spaces. Of course, this foosball table is also perfect for your little ones.


  • Can be assembled easily
  • Choice of 1 or 3 goalies
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Expertly designed and made
  • Well-designed goal boxes that have an easy ball return on the side


  • Doesn’t come with soccer ball inserts on the side

#2 Mainstreet Classics TableTop

Mainstreet Classics 36

The Mainstreet Classics Tabletop Foosball Table is very portable and can be installed anywhere in your home. At only 36 inches, this table won’t take up a lot of space. You can also stow it away after use, which saves more space. This is one of those small foosball tables that can give you the same excitement level as that of the larger foosball table but with definitely less hassle. It only weighs 22 pounds, so you can move it around with less assistance. The overall layout comes with six-player rows and four rows have three players in each.

You’ll also find one row on each of the table’s side that has a single goalie. With every purchase of this mini foosball table, you’ll get two foosball balls. Both of these balls are soccer styled with ball returns. There are also manual sliders that allow you to easily keep track of the score as you play. Overall, this foosball table is visually pleasing. The rods are made from a combination of chrome and steel plating, while the sides are finished with a soccer theme motif.

This miniature foosball table is perfect for both adults and kids. It requires assembly on your first purchase, but it comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help you put the pieces together. I’ve noticed that a lot of customers are truly impressed with the Mainstreet Classics 36-inch Tabletop Foosball Table. It’s durable and sturdy and has a reasonable price tag. Many are pleased with its portability.


  • Can be stored very easily
  • It doesn’t seem like a toy compared to other mini foosball tables.
  • Easy to transport
  • Visually pleasing


  • Expensive
  • Instructions for assembly are not that clear

#3 Rally and Roar Table Top

Rally and Roar Mini

The Rally and Roar 40-inch Foosball Tabletop are highly recommended to those who need a portable foosball table that everyone in the family can enjoy. It has a bright colorful design, which means it’s the best mini foosball table to place in your child’s room. Yet, it still exudes a contemporary appeal, which means it’s also perfect for your living room space. With a dimension of 3.34 feet, this mini foosball table can fit into tiny spaces in your home. Furthermore, it’s made from durable ABS plastic and can withstand even the toughest gameplay. As for the rods, they come with non-slip rubber handles for a more comfortable and better grip.

The players on the rods have bright orange and blue uniforms. But the only thing that will probably put you off is that the players are not counterbalanced. Nevertheless, they are not out of balanced so you should be able to spin them with ease.

In addition, this mini foosball comes with three goalies, which I believe is great, considering this is geared towards children. Its playing surface is very smooth so you can easily make moves and score points. Even though the ABS plastic is susceptible to warping, the table’s playing surface has no issues. It’s also worth mentioning that this foosball table has cute goalposts in the end, which is truly great. Aside from increasing its aesthetic value, it also helps minimize the risk of balls falling.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to carry
  • Large surface size, which enhances the excitement level of the game
  • Professional craftsmanship and well-made


  • Legs have the tendency to break easily
  • Players are not counterbalanced

#4 Sport Squad FX40

Sports Squad FX40

With a weight of only 15 pounds and a dimension of only 40 inches, this mini game table is truly impressive. It’s designed to provide you convenient gameplay. This particular model comes with goal boxes and a handy ball return. Both the manual scores and goal boxes are attached to the side of the table, which makes it even more convenient to use. Designed to make your game more enjoyable, fun, and competitive, this is the perfect foosball table to invest for your home. You can play with your kids or let the kids play themselves. And since it’s lightweight, you can bring the table anywhere with ease.

The base of this foosball table has non-rubber marking pads and will not leave scratches and markings on your floor. It also offers a robust and stable grip, thanks to its handles that come with rubber grooves. The foosball table comes with rods that are made with chrome-plated steel, which allows you to produce swift shots all throughout your game.

Assembling the Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is easy. The instructional guide that it comes with is easy to follow. Overall, this is a great table top foosball table that I certainly would recommend to avid foosball players out there.


  • It comes with convenient goal boxes and an easy ball return feature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect starter model
  • The surface base is durable and strong


  • Doesn’t come with soccer ball inserts on the sides
  • No warranty information

#5 Giantex 27″ Small Table

giantex 27 wood

For those who have a limited budget for their mini tabletop foosball game, the Giantex 27″ Foosball Table is what I would recommend. Despite the affordable price, I can guarantee that the quality and functionality of this foosball table is truly exceptional. This foosball table has a visually appealing design so you can arrange it in your living room space and not worry about ruining the look of your home interior.

This mini foosball table is compact and portable and can be fitted into coffee tables, kitchen countertops, or simply above the floor. It will not leave any scratch marks on the floor so you will have peace of mind when placing it anywhere you want to. The table is guaranteed to withstand tough uses, thanks to its durable frames made from MDF. Its rods are made of steel and are guaranteed to be durable. Plus, the 4-leg construction helps to make the table even more stable and will remain intact no matter how tough the game turns out to be. This foosball table is perfect for both adults and kids. It’s very versatile and will look great regardless of where you place it. This foosball table has a total of 6 rows of players, 3 rows for each team. There are 9 yellow and 9 red players. At every end of the goals, there are manual slide scorers that will help you easily keep track of the game scoring.

Like most of the foosball tables that you’ll buy, this model requires assembly on the first use. The instruction manual is easy to follow and you can get it set up in only a few minutes. A lot of customers are truly pleased with this Giantex 27” mini foosball table. It’s well made and comes with all the features that you need for a fun and enjoyable foosball game. I would highly recommend this compact table to those who need a reliable foosball table that won’t take up much space in their home.


  • Legs included in the design
  • Made from durable and sturdy MDF frame
  • Scratch-resistant on all surfaces
  • Good design


  • The goal boxes are very shallow
  • Weak player bars

How to Choose the Best Mini Foosball Table?

mini table

Here are the main factors to consider:

  • Materials

A mini foosball soccer table game can be made from different materials. Most of the professional foosball tables are made of metal or wood, which is why they are usually expensive. If you’re getting a mini foosball table, you can settle with MDF or plastic.

Although plastic foosball tables are not heavy, they are guaranteed to be durable and stable. And since these tables are lightweight, your kids will have no problem moving the table on their own. There’s really no need to spend thousands of dollars on foosball tables that are made of wood. Eventually, your kids will outgrow them so it’s more practical to buy the cheaper ones that are made of plastic.

  • Expectations

Most of the mini foosball tables are designed for kids, so you cannot really expect a lot from them as a professional foosball player. The handles might be small for adults and the playing surface is lower than the standard table. They are very light and are definitely smaller than the usual foosball table. Yet, these tables are truly durable and functional.

  • Price

The price of the mini foosball table will vary depending on certain factors. Usually, it will depend on the materials used. Generally, a mini foosball game table doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. It just has an average price, since they are smaller than the standard foosball table and is mostly made from plastic.


So, which of the mini foosball table above should you choose? I would gladly recommend getting the Sport Squad FX40 Mini Foosball Table. This portable and the compact table is perfect for small spaces. It’s perfect for the kids too due to its small size. Of course, adults can play along as well. This foosball table has all the features that you would expect from a regular foosball table but without the bulky shape and heavy weight.