NFL Foosball Table

Being a fan of a team means to cheer for them, wear their colors, and often decorate your house in them and add furniture with appropriate decals, for example, an NFL foosball table. But if you are a fan of some NFL team, you may find it quite hard to find a foosball table with your team’s colors. The simple fact is that they are licensed products, and NFL is very vigilant when it comes to dealing with companies that are infringing on their copyrights.

But that doesn’t mean that you, an NFL fan will be unable to enrich your game room with an NFL football table sporting your team’s colors.

NFL Foosball Table Review

Whenever it comes to purchasing licensed sports equipment there is a danger of paying way too much for it. Various leagues and clubs only care about their cut, not the quality of the product. But, fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule. With this list, I wish to help you avoid making the costly and disappointing mistake of purchasing a subpar foosball table. So, let’s get on with it.

Imperial Upright


Imperial is a company that has made a name for itself by manufacturing various fan furniture. NFL foosball table is just one among many other products intended for fans of NCAA, NHL, or NFL. This upright foosball table is for the fans who absolutely must have a really flashy and in-your-face painted foosball table. Every inch of this table will just scream the name of the team you support. All the players are painted in the proper home and away kit colors of your favorite team, while the football experience is completed with the field markings on the playing surface. But this football table is not without its flaws. There are many reports of it arriving broken, or with mismatching parts. But, fortunately, the company is very quick when responding to requests for replacements. All in all, you should be aware that this is an entry-level foosball table and not a competition-grade one. It is very affordable, and if you do not plan to use it for hours every day, it may be a good choice.


  • High-quality decals
  • Good customer service
  • Very affordable


  • Not the highest quality product

    Imperial NFL Tabletop


    Imperial has another product dedicated to NFL fans, but this one is intended for the youngest crowd. It is a tabletop foosball table with decals of your favorite football team. Being a tabletop model, it is intended for some of the youngest foosball fans. In addition to its size, it features only two rods per side, so it can be played only by one kid per side. Its built quality is surprisingly good for this type of foosball table. The MDF boards are good and sturdy, something which is very rare among tabletops. The quality is much higher than its price would suggest. And it does come in the price range of poor-quality plastic tabletops. If you are looking for an NFL foosball table for the youngest foosball and football fans, this table could be an excellent choice for you. You should be aware that this is quite a diminutive product, measuring only 14.5 inches in length, and that limits its use only to kids. If you are looking for something that can be played by adolescents or adults, some other table is a much better choice.


    • Very sturdy
    • Very affordable


    • Intended for kids

      Game Room Guys Custom

      Game Room Guys

      Another option for enriching your game room with an NFL-themed foosball table is to have a custom table wrapped in appropriate decals. Game Room Guys offer just such a product. Their tables are commercial grade, they are built to withstand the rigors of life in arcades, or better say the abuse. And they will print almost anything that can fit on a flat surface of the table’s cabinet. So, you can have it custom painted in the colors of your team any way you like, and have it feature the logos where and whichever you wish. This table is coin-operated, so you will bring the nostalgia of the arcades in your home. It also has a digital scoring system so you can fully immerse yourself in the game. Other bells and whistles that are important to note are that it also has LED lighting and a tempered glass cover. Rods and players are of the highest quality, but nothing less you should expect from a commercial-grade product. The only flaw this table has is that it is a bit pricey.


      • Commercial-grade quality
      • LED lighting
      • Digital scoring
      • Glass top


      • Not the most affordable

        Garlando NFL Foosball Table

        Atomic Azure

        Garlando is a well-known name in the world of foosball, their most important reference is that they are one of the five official partners of the International Table Soccer Federation. Their tables are present in all ITSF sanctioned competitions, including the World Cup. Under the skin of your favorite football team, you will find a good old and exceptionally good Orlando F-200. While this is not the most exclusive and most expensive product from Garlando, it is among some of the best tables available on the market. Build quality is the same as any other product coming from this company. It is built to last you for years, if not decades. It is made of the same ¾ inches MDF boards protected by a layer of melamine, that is used for competition tables. The stainless steel ods are just a joy to spin. They are durable, yet feel lighter than some other products due to high-quality bearings. One thing that spoils this table is the lack of leg levelers, so you will need to place it on a perfectly level and flat floor.


        • High-quality build
        • Competition grade hardware


        • Lacks leg levelers


          Finding an NFL foosball table can be a real chore for avid football fans. Due to licensing from the league, not many are available on the market. If you are looking for a top-notch product, the Imperial Upright Foosball table has exactly what you need. It is an entry-level foosball table, but of surprisingly good quality compared to their direct competitors. While you will not get an official tournament table, you will get one that perfectly matches your needs.

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