Portable Foosball Table

It’s not easy to look for a portable foosball table to buy. These game tables are usually massive so it’s almost impossible to find something portable. Thankfully, several manufacturing companies have recognized the need to build foosball tables that are portable enough to be carried from one place to another. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the portable models of foosball tables that I have found in the market. I’ll also include a short review of each model to help you decide which one to buy.

★ #1 Our Top Pick 

Kick Squire

Kick Squire


Mainstreet Classics

Mainstreet Classics

Remember that stability is the most important feature that a foosball table should have. And while you might think that portable tables are not that stable, well you are wrong on that. The foosball tables that I’m going to recommend below are not only portable but stable as well.

Portable Foosball Table Reviews

In my quest to find the best portable foosball tables in the market, I have come up with the following list of products. Check out my review for each foosball table below.

#1 Kick Squire 33″ Compact

Kick Squire 33

Another table that gets my vote for being one of the portable foosball tables in the market is this KICK Squire Mini Foosball Table. Weighing 15 pounds and coming at 33 inches, this compact table will not give you a hard time when you need to move it around. Designed by the experts behind KICK who have more than two decades of experience producing the best foosball tables in the market. With the goal of providing foosball tables at a cheaper rate, KICK has done a great job at making this mini foosball table. It will only take up a small amount of space in your home and can be easily moved from one place to another. There’s a front ball return attached conveniently on both ends of the table and a slide scoring system that’s mounted on each end.

You have the option to choose from either 1 or 3 goalie designs depending on your preferences. There’s a 6-player chrome plated rod and has nine red and nine blue players. You will get two soccer-style foosball balls and each handle has a non-slip grip that ensures competitive and precision gameplay all throughout. When I did my research about this model, I found that the customers are impressed at how easy it is to assemble this table. Thus, I would recommend this foosball table for all players, including the kids. It can be installed anywhere in your home, even in small places. Plus, you can take it with you anywhere you want to.


  • Comes with well-designed goal boxes that have an easy ball return
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expertly designed and well-made
  • Gives you the option to choose between 1 and 3 goalies
  • Lightweight design


  • Doesn’t come with soccer ball inserts on the sides
  • The assembly is said to be longwinded, including the other parts

#2 Mainstreet Classics

Mainstreet Classics 36

When I first saw the Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball, I immediately knew that it’s the perfect foosball table for those who are looking for a portable model. This compact table can be placed anywhere in your home. Of course, you can also bring it with you on your camping trip. Just make sure you install it on a flat surface. Despite its compact size, this foosball table can provide you with the same experience as you would have with a larger foosball table. At a weight of only 22 lbs., you won’t have any problems moving this table even by yourself. It has six rows of players, four of which have three players in every row. There’s also another row that has a single goalie.

With every purchase of this foosball table, you’ll get two foosball balls that are designed for soccer and two manual sliders. This table will require assembly upon purchase. However, the instructions that come with it are easy to follow so you should be able to easily put it together.


  • Can be stored easily
  • The overall design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Portable, easy to transport


  • Expensive
  • Instructions for assembly should be clearer

#3 Giantex 27″

Giantex Mini

For those who are on a budget, I’d recommend checking out this Giantex 27″ Foosball Table. Yet despite it being affordable, I can guarantee it’s of good quality. In fact, I find this table truly exceptional, which is why I included it on this list of the best portable foosball tables. The Giantex 27” Foosball Table is lightweight and is just 27 inches. This allows you to move and store the table with ease. You can fit it easily in small areas, such as in coffee tables, kitchen countertops, offices, etc. What’s more, it’s made from durable MDF materials and steel rods that could withstand the daily wear and tear. Featuring a 4-leg construction, this portable foosball table is guaranteed to be stable. I find this a great feature because some other portable models don’t have this and even come with leg spanners. Whether you are buying it for your kids or perhaps for adult use, this foosball table is highly recommended. It’s very versatile and can give you the same level of excitement as those massive foosball tables.

This foosball table has 6 rows of players and with 3 rows for each time. There are 9 yellow players and 9 red players as well. It comes with manual slide scorers that are made from plastic and are attached at each end of the table. This table is also designed with internal ball retrieval that’s attached to every target. Upon initial purchase, the table must be assembled with the help of the instruction manual. I’ve read some of the reviews that have been written about this foosball table and most customers find its size fantastic. Overall, I would highly recommend this to customers who are looking for a portable foosball table that will not blow their budget.


  • Legs are included in the overall design
  • Made with sturdy MDF frame
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Visually attractive foosball table


  • The goal boxes of this foosball table are too shallow and the ball could fly through it
  • Weak player bars

#4 Sport Squad FX40

Sports Squad FX40

The Sport Squad FX40 40-inch table is another portable foosball table that I would strongly recommend. This mini foosball table has the perfect size for a portable table. It’s only 40 inches long and weighs only 15 lbs.! The table is designed to ensure convenient gameplay and comes with goal boxes as well as a ball return that’s very convenient to use. Made for the purpose of making the foosball game more exciting and fun, this portable foosball table has manual scorers and goal boxes on each side. If you’re looking for a game table to encourage everyone in the family to unplug and play, this is the table that I would recommend. The best thing about this table is that you can easily move it from one place to another, both indoors and outdoors.

Just like with the other portable foosball tables from this list, you can set this table up in almost any table or surface. Furthermore, its base has non-rubber pads that won’t leave scratches on any surface that you intend to put this table on. The table offers robust grip and excellent stability all throughout the game, thanks to its rubber-grooved handles. Assembling this foosball table is fast and easy. It has players that are 3.75 inches tall and are well built, allowing you to enjoy exciting gameplays, for both adults and kids! I’ve read the reviews of customers who have bought this table and most of them are impressed with this foosball table. Many have claimed that it’s easy to set up and can withstand heavy use.


  • Can be assembled quickly
  • Comes with well-designed goal boxes that have an easy ball return
  • Great starter model
  • The surface base is strong and durable


  • Doesn’t come with soccer ball inserts on the sides
  • No information about the warranty

#5 Rally and Roar Tabletop

Rally and Roar Mini

The Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop is lightweight and compact, which makes it definitely portable. Thus, it’s a great choice for those who need a foosball table that they can carry with ease from one place to another. This portable foosball table is definitely space-saving and can be used by both adults and kids. With dimensions of 20 x 40 inches, this portable foosball table can be stashed easily after every game. But just because this table is small doesn’t mean it cannot provide you with the same level of excitement that you would get from a bigger size foosball table. This foosball table is well built and comes with chrome-plated rods with sturdy siding made from plastic.

What I really love about this product is that it comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer so you won’t have to exert too much effort to assemble it. But perhaps the most significant feature of this foosball table is the padded base. This helps protect the table from daily wear and tear.


  • Allows you to play a fun and challenging foosball game
  • Gives the players plenty of room to play foosball comfortably
  • Superior and long-lasting
  • Versatile and elegant


  • Legs are cheaply made


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Does the weight of the foosball table matter? 

field from above and men

The foosball table’s weight will matter depending on where you intend to install it in your house. Of course, if you plan to transport it regularly, then the weight will also be a big factor. Understandably, the lighter the weight of the table, the easier it is to move from one place to another. If you plan on installing your foosball table on top of countertops and coffee tables, make sure that they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the foosball table.

What is the price range of mini foosball tables?

playing for money

Portable foosball tables are usually half the size of the standard foosball tables. Others are even smaller. Therefore, you can expect them to be cheaper compared to foosball tables with a standard size. But despite the size, they provide the same level of fun and entertainment as the regular football tables. However, due to the reduction in size, the benefits and features that they provide have also decreased. One of the features that are usually lacking from these tables is the long leg that the bigger tables usually have.

Can little kids use portable foosball tables? 

mini table

There should be no problems with letting your small kids play the tabletop foosball tables for as long as you place them securely on a flat surface. In fact, the tabletop designs are way better and safer for your little ones. When it comes to this, the best portable foosball table to buy for your kids is something that comes with rubber pads. The rubber offers added stability during their game.

It prevents the table from getting pushed or pulled off easily. In addition, these portable foosball tables have the perfect size for kids. Thus, they would be able to maneuver around them with comfort and ease unlike when they are playing in a larger foosball table.

Is it possible to unscrew the legs of a full-sized table to use it as a tabletop? 

outside rods and handles

It may be possible to unscrew the legs of some full-sized tables but these tables are not designed to be used as a tabletop. Therefore, I would not recommend doing that. In addition, these tables have a more significant size compared to the portable ones that are used as a tabletop.

The bigger foosball tables are not designed for portability and maneuverability. So, using these foosball tables as tabletop is just not recommended. On the other hand, portable mini foosball tables are specifically designed for portability and can be placed on top of any surface without any problems.


If you ask me what would be the best portable foosball table from the list featured above, I would say it’s the Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball. This table is pretty compact, so you won’t have any problems moving it from one place to another. I also love that it’s lightweight so you can even take it with you on your camping trips too if you want. Despite it being small, you’ll enjoy the same level of excitement as you would when playing in a bigger foosball table.