Professional Foosball Tables

We are going to help you find a professional foosball table which will suit your needs. There are many models and brands which are producing foosball tables, but not all of them are the same quality.

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Warrior Pro
Some of the models are way better than others and these are the ones that can be classified as professional foosball tables. These also called tournament foosball tables are made of top quality materials to provide excellent play.
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Analysis of our Recommended Professional Foosball Tables

Below in the article, we have mentioned different professional foosball table brands and some of their models. We have also reviewed each model more in detail. These Foosball Tables are just some of the many professional foosball tables that are available. The price ranges are comparable and you are sure to find one to meet your needs. The below-mentioned Foosball Tables are rated amongst the finest. We will first have a look in detail about the Warrior table and then we will include some specifications on the other pro tables as well. Looking for a top-quality table on sale? You can also find some professional foosball tables for sale on Amazon.


Warrior Professional

Warrior Professional

Let’s start with one great model. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is in a class by itself. Manufactured in China and assembled in the United States of America, this foosball table has become the most sought-after table for tournaments and home play. This is the official foosball table that is used in the Warrior Professional Foosball Tournament competition. The ITSF or the International Table Soccer Federation and the USTSF or the United States Table Soccer Federation has both recognized this pro foosball table for professional play internationally.

This foosball table has used the most high-end available technology and state of the art materials to make this one of the professional foosball tables. Components are sourced and combined to realize this quality standard table, which is sought after worldwide for all professional foosball players.

State of the Art Parts for Making the Warrior Professional Foosball Table:

  • Foosball Male Bearings are durable and enhances play on the solid steel Rods
  • Foosball Female Bearings are built to smoothly adapt and accommodate the steel rods for quick installation into the playing field
  • Foosball Bumpers are strategically made to prevent them from sticking to the sides of the foosball table. The Bumpers are made with what the Warrior Foosball manufacturers call “nipples.”
  • Foosball Playing men are made with state of the art ABS plastic or Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene; which is a hard plastic, pliable enough for molding. These players are made with wide feet to enhance better ball control. The men come in two colors; Black and Red.
  • Foosball Handles are made from hard plastic. These handles are so designed to prevent wear and tear during long hours of play. On the Warrior Foosball table, these handles are color-coordinated to match the teams of players on either side of the field.
  • Warrior Foosball Table Rods are made from solid steel which when played, as described, feels as though playing on ice!
  • The foosball balls are made from a special hard plastic called polyurethane. This plastic enhances grip and control during play in foosball.
  • The cabinet of this table is made from durable MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. This compound is hard enough to withstand the roughest play during playing Foosball and so is considered the best material there is to make the cabinet.The combination of all these components on the Warrior Professional Foosball Table makes it a hefty weight of about 200 pounds. With this much heft, it feels as though you are playing on about 400 pounds of a surface; while it is easy to move whether at home or a tournament. This feature is guaranteed by the Warrior Foosball Table manufacturers.

Tornado Classic

Tornado Classic
The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is made of a 1 1/2inch thick Laminate cabinet. The commercial leg levelers are definitely an asset if the table is positioned on a not so level surface. Solid wood handles for comfortable and easy grip, is also essential for confident and rigorous play. This foosball table weighs a whopping 225 pounds and with heft is sturdy enough to not move during energetic playing by family and friends.

Kettler Cavalier 58inch

Kettler Cavalier

The Kettler Cavalier 58inch Outdoor Foosball Table is definitely a foosball table built for outdoor use; made in Italy, this table is class. The cabinet is made from high-grade weatherproof resin and laminate.

The playfield is made of glass for smooth swift play and also to weather the elements. The anti-rust chromium-plated rods are also an incentive for owning this table, as it is made to withstand rough play and durable for outside elements.

The players are molded to the rods, so there is no chance of them ever coming off during play. Creativity and well-engineered nylon bushings are a part of the works that reduce wear and tear and enhances speed during the playing of foosball. There is the added weight of this foosball table of 137 pounds, that is guaranteed to remain stable during play; and the leg levelers are also an added feature for sure stability.

Imperial Butcher Block 55inch

Imperial Butcher
Choosing to own an Imperial Butcher Block 55inch Foosball Table is an investment in class and culture. This table is made of quality butcher block design with an MDF playfield. The double chromed rods with solid rubber handles affixed are sure to give you confidence during playing, as they are made to withstand playing even with sweaty palms.

Solid butcher block square legs that are sturdy enough and covered with rubber grips, to not shift during energetic play, on any surface. Estimated assembling time is about two hours; which is not such a bad time when you experience the incredible play on finishing. The cost may not look as though you are getting a good buy, but on owning an Imperial Butcher Block 55 inches Foosball Table you will be pleasingly surprised at the quality.

Professional Foosball tables are readily had on Amazon. The reality is, knowing what you want are willing to pay the price for the item; will give you many years of pleasure. A professional Foosball table, whether it is a Warrior Foosball table or an Imperial Butcher Block 55 inches Foosball Table has the manufacturers’ guarantee of quality. The fact that both professional and amateur players have signed off on the quality and experiences they have had during playing on any of the above foosball tables is enough of an incentive to want to, and owning one. You will not be disappointed, as you, your family and friends will have many hours of fun and playful challenges while playing on the foosball table of choice.

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What comes next?

Maybe you now don’t know what to do? Well, you have now read about professional foosball tables and how should a good table look, so now is the time you take action. Find your favorite foosball table model and order one or more for you. If you are still not sure about which models to choose, take a look at some of the best foosball table reviews that we made on our homepage.