Shelti Foosball Table

While searching for the best foosball tables, I’ve come across the Shelti foosball table. Although this brand is relatively new in the market, it has already built a loyal fanbase among foosball fanatics. I found out through further research that the company executives come from Valley Recreation Products. This is the company behind the Dynamo and Tornado foosball tables, two of the best foosball tables in the market. Shelti is known for producing quality foosball tables. I found their products to be really impressive so it’s not surprising to see that they are now among the most popular brands in the world of foosball tables. They put the focus on combining the American style foosball tables with the Classic European style.

Shelti Pro Foos III – Coin-Op

Foos III Coin Op

If you want to know more about the different Shelti foosball tables, then you better read along. I’ll also provide a list of the models that I would recommend from their range of products and a review of each.

Shelti Foosball Table Reviews

Below is a list of the best Shelti foosball tables that I have come across with. These are the tables that I would recommend if you prefer something from the Shelti brand. Take time to read the reviews to find out more details about each model.


Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table

Foos 200 Wood

Like most of the Shelti foosball tables, this model is built to last long. Its cabinet is 1-inch thick and weighs around 215 pounds. With this weight, I’m certain it can hold up well for a long time regardless of how aggressive you are as a player. In addition, the foosball table’s hardened melamine exterior is resistant to chipping. The tubular rods ere made of chrome, which is why they have enough strength to handle rough gameplays. Its players are ABS constructed and have gone through extensive computer testing, which is why the ball can go more than 100 mph in speed.

I’ve read some of the reviews written about this foosball table and I find that many customers are truly impressed with this model. They believe that it helps them to play even harder without having to worry about damaging the table or rods. Furthermore, the counterbalanced players allow the game to flow freely since they keep in horizontal arrangement when making a shoot. The table is thick and heavy and provides better stability even when the game gets really tough. I would highly recommend this table to intermediate players and those who simply need a foosball table at home that will allow them to enjoy the game during their free time.

This model comes with adjustable leg levelers, which is really great. In addition, the nylon bushings are lubricated naturally, which makes it last even longer.


  • Counterbalanced men
  • Leg levelers
  • Stable and durable foosball table
  • Tubular chrome rods


  • Price
  • End ball return

Shelti Pro Foos III – Coin-Op

Pro Foos III Coin Op

The Shelti Pro Foos iii is another model worth checking out from the Shelti brand of foosball tables. This model is coin-operated, which means it’s suitable for commercial establishments that will charge customers before they can play. This table is somewhat similar to the other Shelti foosball tables except for the fact that it has a coin slot. I find this foosball table durable and stable so it’s truly a great investment for commercial use.

I believe that coin-operated foosball tables should be durable and strong since players of different skill levels will use these tables regularly.


  • Coin slot
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Durable steel rods
  • Equipped with side ball return
  • Excellent quality construction
  • Stay-in-play surface


  • For commercial use only

Shelti Pro Foos II

Pro Foos II Table

What makes Shelti so popular is the thickness and durability of its cabinet. This Shelti Pro Foos II is the perfect example of this. It has a 1 ½-inch thick cabinet, which is definitely better than most of the cheaper models of foosball tables I have come across with. Because of its thickness, the table won’t move around during rough gameplay. Having a thicker cabinet can also mean that the table is guaranteed to last for a longer time since it can withstand the daily wear and tear The Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe weighs 235 pounds, which is why it’s tough enough to last for a long time. Given its price, you’d be surprised to find a high-quality table at this price range. The robotic men are made from ABS plastic and are automotive-grade with a computer-tested ball speed of more than 100 mph. What this really means is that they are guaranteed to last longer and won’t break no matter how hard you play with them.

The hollow rods of the Shelti Pro Foos ii are made of stainless steel with naturally lubricated bushings. With this, it’s clear that these rods are built to last. The table’s mahogany laminate exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing but chip-resistant as well. With a playing field of ¾ inches in thickness, this foosball table is truly a great investment. What I really love about this foosball table is the fact that the players are counterbalanced. I believe that this feature is very useful for advanced and intermediate players. It helps the men to remain in a horizontal position on the table’s surface, allowing the ball to cleanly go through.


  • Rods are made of hollow steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for advanced and intermediate gameplay
  • Robotic men are ABS constructed


  • Expensive price

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Foosball Table

white and blue

Whether you’re buying a foosball table for the first time or not, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Below, I’ve shared some buying tips that will serve as your guide to finding the right foosball table.

  • Who Will Use It?

The purpose is the most important factor to think about when buying a foosball table. These tables are used for professional tournaments or for entertainment purposes at home, office, or in commercial establishments. So, ask yourself how do you want to use the table? Do you need it for a tournament? Or would you prefer something that you and your kids can play with at home? The purpose of the table will also be your basis on deciding the quality, materials, size, and the price of the table.

  • Where Will You Place It?

Another important factor to consider is the size of the space where you intend to place the table. This is especially important if you’re buying a full-size foosball table. When buying full-size tables, there are special size requirements that you need to follow. So, before you start shopping, measure the area of the place where you plan on setting it up. It’s important that the area is spacious enough to accommodate the table and it must have enough space in the surroundings for the players to move around.

  • Size and Weight

When deciding on the weight and dimension of the foosball table, make sure that it’s going to fit in the room where you plan on placing it. There should be no clutter around the room that will get in the way of the players. A full-size foosball table will require an area of at least 8 feet by 7 feet. To be sure, look for an area with a dimension of 10 feet by 10 feet. When it comes to weight, remember that the heavier is usually better especially in terms of durability. Full-size tables usually weigh around 130 – 200 lbs. At this weight, the table is stable enough to accommodate tough gameplays.

  • Quality of Materials

The materials used for building the foosball table will be a big factor in the table’s quality, price, usability, and functionality. When it comes to the materials, it’s worth looking into the cabinet. This refers to that box that binds the entire components together. The most commonly used material for the cabinet is a medium-density fiberboard. It’s usually less expensive compared to the solid wood, yet durable enough to handle aggressive plays. Just make sure to choose something that’s at least an inch thick.

  • Playing Rods

The rods play an important role in the game of foosball. This is what you will use to control the players. The type of playing rods that the foosball table has will greatly affect the overall quality and usability of the table. Most of the professional foosball players I know would prefer something that’s made from steel and has a chrome finish, which keeps the rod from rusting. The steel rods are either hollow or solid. Solid rods are usually more durable and they are not prone to bending. However, they tend to be heavier, which is not good for faster gameplay. Advanced players usually go for hollow rods since they are more responsive and can be quickly and smoothly controlled.

  • Playing Ball

The ball is another important component of a foosball table and the quality of these balls will vary depending on the model or brand of the foosball table. The best ones are the textured balls since they offer a better grip. Furthermore, it’s important that the balls are solid but not heavy. Avoid balls that are made from plastic and coated with shiny materials since they tend to be very slippery.

  • Goalie Configuration

The foosball men come in different shapes depending on the foosball table. However, their feet have to be consistent. This is the part that will kick and control the ball when making a shoot. When it comes to this, choose a foosball table where the feet of the players are tapered into a sharp point. Avoid flat-bottomed men since it makes it harder to control the ball. Furthermore, it’s important that the feet are roughened to allow for a much better grip. The configuration of the men at the rod is also an important factor to consider. Some models of foosball tables have only one-man goalie while others have three. Professionals and experts prefer a single goalie since this will require more skill to defend the goal. But the 3-men goalie is also excellent. They are perfect for beginners and younger players.

  • Setup

While some foosball players don’t much about the manner of setting up the table, this is actually an important consideration. Most of the foosball tables that you’ll find in the market will require you to assemble it upon delivery. It’s very important that you choose a foosball table that you can easily and quickly assemble. All the Shelti foosball tables come with easy-to-follow instructional guides allowing you to assemble the table without the need to hire a professional or use any tools. Sometimes, you just need a wrench or screwdriver when setting up this table in your home.

New vs Used Foosball Tables

blue vs black

In everything, buying brand new items is always a better choice. This is especially true for furniture items like the foosball table. Getting a table that has already been used might be cheaper, but you cannot guarantee that the table will last for a long time. Furthermore, buying brand new foosball tables means you can take advantage of the warranty.

So, whenever the table gets damaged, you will not have to worry about getting it replaced for as long as it’s still within the warranty period. But for those who are looking for vintage foosball tables or models that have already been phased out, buying used foosball tables might be your only choice. Just make sure it’s still in good condition so your money will not go to waste.


Shelti is a great brand to consider for your foosball table. Of all their foosball tables, I find the Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table to be the best. It has all the features that you need for a fun and exciting foosball game. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last for a long time. So, if you ask me what would be the best Shelti foosball table to buy, I would say it’s the Shelti Pro Foos ii.