Single Goalie Foosball Table

The single goalie foosball table is by many people considered to be the pure form of this game. It simulates the real-life soccer team, which has one goalkeeper. But why should you care about that fact, and why should you buy a foosball table at all?
Foosball, or table soccer/football, is one of those games everyone who ever played just simply loves. It requires almost no skill or learning to start playing it and having fun. All you need is a table and at least one more person, and the fun can start.

★ #1 Our Top Pick 

Kick Monarch

Monarch 48in

★ #2 Professional 

Warior PRO



Garlando G-5000 

G 5000

If you like to have fun, in my not so humble opinion investing in a foosball table is the best thing you can do. However you cut it, whichever way you compare it, there just isn’t a thing which will give you so much enjoyment and fun.

Single Goalie Foosball Table Reviews

Foosball tables come in several shapes, sizes, and configurations. Here you will find a list of some of the best ones to help you pick a 1 goalie foosball table for yourself.


#1 KICK Monarch

Kick Monarch 48in

KICK is one of the best makers of foosball tables. What sets them apart from others is not just the build quality of tables, but also the lifetime warranty for parts. Monarch is a 48’’ folding table which is geared toward younger players, being 32’’ high. Because it is also foldable, it is a great option if you have limited space in your game room and need to store it from time to time.

In my experience, it is as sturdy and durable as any other KICK’s product. It also has a very simple but ingenious folding system. To fold it, you need to remove four knobbed screws, which then are used to secure the table safely in a folded position. Once folded, you can easily roll it away on wheels that are part of the legs. The only drawbacks of this table I can find is the lack of entry dish and the octagonal design of handles. But, those are my personal preferences and not really flaws.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Foldable
  • Appropriate for all age


  • Lack of leveling feet requires a perfectly level surface

#2 Warrior Table Soccer Pro

Warrior Professional

If you are interested in a professional, competition-grade single goalie foosball table, Warrior’s Pro Foosball Table is an excellent choice. It is an ITSF, and USTSF recognized table, which is a level below the official tables. This doesn’t mean that it is a low-quality table. You can look at it as being a road-legal Ferrari, while the official tables are F1 racing cars. This table is full competition regulation size, 56’’ length, and 36’’ height, which makes it too tall for younger kids, and appropriate for older teens and adults. Like all professional tables, it features the counterbalanced foosball men, which makes shots and passes extremely smooth and light.

It also has a few other outstanding features. It has plastic guards for rods on opposing sides, which prevent accidents. And trust me, accidentally hitting a steel rod with your finger is unpleasant. It has swivel-base leveling feet, which not only allow for raising and lowering each corner individually but also make a firm and stable contact on uneven surfaces.


  • Pro-grade table
  •  Great safety features
  • Swivel-base leveling feet


  •  Not for children
  • Many buyers are reporting that assembly instructions are for the older iteration

#3 Garlando G-5000 Wenge

Garlando G 5000

Most of the foosball tables come in the simple shape of a shallow rectangular box on four straight legs. But not the G-5000 Wenge from Garlando. It is a one-man goalie foosball table that comes with a ton of style. There isn’t much that can be said about the quality of this table. It’s among the best ones, comes with standard high-end features like sturdy construction and leveling feet. But what sets it apart from other top tables is its timeless Italian design. And if you plan to furnish your game room in retro style, this table can be the centerpiece of it.

Produced in Piedmont, this is truly an Italian product. It has a playing surface good for a bit slower play. It is a full 56’’ size table and comes with telescopic rods, which not only improve its looks but are a safety feature too. Handles are round with wood inlays, and pure joy to hold. And your palms will not sweat as much as if they were made of plastic. But, it does have one flaw, its price.


  • Stylish design
  • Safe and stylish telescope rods
  • High quality


  • Price

#4 Hathaway Primo

Primo 56

In the past, I have played foosball on some very good and some very bad tables. Per quality, Hathaway’s Primo falls in the middle. It is not the best foosball table with one goalie, but it does have some features more common among high-end tables. It comes with good quality counterbalanced men, which are pleasant to spin. The four cup holders it has, are a feature you will be wondering why it lacks on higher-end tables. Additionally, it has entry dishes on both sides.

While all parts, nuts, bolts, etc. are individual, some parts can have quality issues. Some structure parts that are fortunately hidden when assembled do not fit perfectly. While this isn’t that big issue, it can complicate the assembling. My advice and experience of some buyers is to not screw anything fully until installing the playing surface. Fortunately, if there are any defects on your table, Hathaway will provide you with replacement parts or a new table free of charge. Overall it is a good home foosball table.


  • High-quality men
  • Good playing surface
  • Excellent return and warranty policy


  • Inconsistent build quality
  • Only the 180-days warranty

#5 Garlando Master PRO

Master PRO Outdoor

Generally, foosball tables are for indoor use. But some are made for outdoor use, and Garlando Master PRO is such. The 56’’ cabinet is made of 20 millimeters thick waterproof plywood. And rods feature 2 millimeters thick triple-layer chromium coating. The bars are also telescopic, which makes them safe for younger kids. Additionally, the legs are foldable and made of metal, making them very sturdy and table easy to store. All parts of the table indicate high quality and excellent build. But nothing less you should expect from this Italian company. The laminated plastic playing field is painted with UV stable colors. Something that is actually very rare.

The only flaws Master PRO has is the lack of leveling feet. Thus you will have to make sure to place it on a perfectly level surface. And also, men are molded to bars. Though they are very sturdy, it is imaginable to break them, and their replacement could be a bit of complication.


  • Safe and stylish telescope rods
  • High quality
  • Excellent for outdoor use


  • Lack of leveling feet requires a perfectly level surface
  • Men could be a problem to replace if broken

How to choose one goalie foosball table

sturdy used

When choosing a foosball table, there are certain characteristics you should be aware of. Before you grab your wallet, you should arm yourself with knowledge, whether the presence or absence of some feature is what you need or want.

  • Types

Generally speaking, there are two types of foosball tables. European, which has a slower playing surface appropriate for tricks. Before playing on it, you can recognize one as being a one goalie foosball table. And American, with very slippery surface good for fast-paced playing. These are very often equipped with three men goalie rods.

  • Safety

Simply put, foosball tables have movable parts that stick out of them. This can be a hazard for small children. So, if you have kids and are buying a foosball table for the whole family, the best it to choose lower tables. Some general advice is that height is appropriate if rods are at elbow height or lower. From a safety point of view, the best tables are with telescopic rods. Thus when playing, there is no danger of accidents for kids.

  • Size

Foosball tables come in several sizes. In length, free-standing tables are usually between 48 and 56 inches, while between 22 and 30 inches wide. But to these dimensions, you need to add at least 3-4 feet on every side to calculate how much room for a certain table you need.

  • Features

When choosing a foosball table, there is a couple of features you should look for or be aware of their lack. The first, and probably the most important, is leveling feet. They are very simple devices, and their presence or absence is not given for any price point or quality level. There are some high-end, very expensive tables that do not have this feature. And it is a very important one. Most houses do not have perfectly level floors, and for proper foosball enjoyment, playing surface needs to be level.

The second one is the waterproofing. Foosball tables are almost exclusively intended for indoor use. And if you plan to use it in the yard or on the porch, you should be careful to choose one that is explicitly specified by the manufacturer for outdoor use. And if it doesn’t come with an all-weather cover, it is a smart thing to invest in one. Find more about top foosball tables with their reviews here.

Top one goalie foosball table brands

  • KICK

KICK is a company based in San Antonio, TX, dedicated to providing high-quality tables at low prices. Beside unmatched bang for the buck, what sets them apart from other premium brands is the Lifetime Warranty. They produce tables in three sizes. 38’’ table-top style for younger kids, 48’’ free-standing for older kids and teenagers, and 56’’ adult size. But don’t be turned away from KICK tables by their comparatively low prices. Their quality is on par with sometimes several times more expensive tables. And their warranty policy is priceless.

  • Warrior

Warrior Table Soccer company is the brainchild of Brendan Flaherty, best known as founder and owner of Warrior Custom Golf manufacturer of premium custom golf clubs. It is a member of the ITSF, International Table Soccer Federation, and USTSF, its US national counterpart, two most important governing bodies for foosball competitions. It also a recognized table supplier for official competitions, which speak volumes about the quality of their tables.

  • Garlando

Garlando SpA is a company from a small town in northern Italy best known for their table tennis tables used at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Their foosball tables, by quality, are among the best in the world. And the experience of building them for more than half-century is something they take great pride in. Today, their tables are ITSF among the official competition tables, including for the highest level, World Cup.

  • Hathaway Games & Sports

Hathaway is a brand owned by the Blue Wave Products, a well-known name in pool and sauna supplies production. In recent years it is one of the fastest-growing brands of game room equipment. By combining stylish design and quality materials, they are an excellent and affordable choice for home game rooms.


outside rods and handles
  • How big foosball table I need?

It depends on who is going to use it. For kids under 12 years old, the appropriate are 38’’ and smaller tabletops. For teenagers, the 48’’ free-standing tables. And for adults, the full size, 56’’ long, or bigger. When choosing the size, you also need to take into account where you will place it and allow for 3-4 feet of space on all sides.

  • Who can play foosball?

Almost anyone. General safety guidelines, because of the construction of the tables, state that persons of 4 or more years of age can play it.

  • Is it hard to play foosball?

No. Foosball is one of those very rare games which you can enjoy with almost no skills at all. Though there are many skills and tricks you can use to improve your game, you can enjoy it very much, even if you are not a pro-level player.


Buying a foosball table, in my opinion, is the best investment in family entertainment a person can make. And if you are looking for an Old World, single goalie foosball table, you have a wide range of options to choose from. And keep in mind, your foosball table doesn’t need to be the best in the world. But the one that fits your needs and space you can dedicate to it. If you can’t decide which one to buy and are looking for your very first foosball table, your best option might be Hathaway Primo for adults or KICK Monarch for teenagers. Neither will break your bank, and they both have an exceptional price/quality ratio.