Foosball Table With Cup Holders

Do you think that you don’t need a foosball table with cup holders? Have you ever been in a situation to get thirsty while playing foosball with your friends or family, and having to stop playing to find your drink? It is so annoying. Looking around for that coffee table placed well beyond arm’s reach, safely away from any accident or mishap.

But at the same time placed inconveniently too far away. If you dare to reach with your hand for your drink without looking, you are just inviting accidents. What is the solution to this problem? The foosball tables with cup holders, a simple but ingenious solution to this need.

Foosball Table With Cup Holders Reviews

When enjoying a party of foosball cup holders are a godsend invention. But as not all tables are made equal, not all with this feature are either. And I would like to help you choose a fitting one for yourself.


#1 KICK Emperor

Kick Emperor

KICK Emperor is a true KICK 55 inches foosball table with cup holders. For any foosball fan that is enough of a review. It comes with all of the usual KICK qualities and drawbacks. It is a very well-built table that comes with the option of installing all three or just one of the goalies, and the optional corner ramps. And the chrome-plated heavy-duty steel rods are home to the counterweighted men. But it requires woodworking skills to assemble properly. While the assembly instructions could be a bit easier to follow, and optional features more clearly marked as such. Many customers have by accident installed corner ramps with all three goalies. Though the ramps can be removed, installation leaves rather ugly drill holes looking like a sore thumb. Cup holders on this table are integrated into corners, but might not be appealing to everyone as they are raised. Functionally they are very good, made of sturdy plastic, but might not be to everyone’s taste.


  • KICK quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Feature-rich


  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • Not the prettiest cup holders

#2 T&R Sports 55″

T&R Sports

T&R Sports is one of the biggest names for sporting goods in Australia, and the folks down under know how to build foosball tables. Made out of the high-density MDF boards, it is sturdy enough for indoor use. This 55 inches table promises hours and hours of fun. Standing just short of 35 inches tall, it is not recommended for kids 12 years old or younger. You can choose two colorways, black or oak, and both come with the woodgrain pattern and chrome-plated hardware. As such, it may not suit everyone’s taste. It features four foldable cup holders, one for each corner, positioned within arm’s reach. When folded up, they look like a part of the table’s hardware, unobtrusive, and in style with the other parts. They painted with a chrome-plated effect, but are not actually made of metal, but of plastic. I think that they are just sturdy enough for soda cans or similar size of drinks, and anything heavier could be asking too much from these cup holders.


  • Counterweighted men
  • Sturdy construction
  • Individually adjustable feet


  • Plastic cup holders require some caution

#3 Playcraft Pitch


If you are not a fan of or wood grains would clash with the design of your playroom, Playcraft got you covered. Overall of a similar design, Playcraft’s table comes with few interesting features. While the T&R Sports table is a European style, this one is a proper American style with a three-men goalie and flat playing surface. It also comes with free tournament style, high friction balls. It’s a very sturdy built foosball table, with sides more than an inch thick. It also comes with all four feet individually adjustable. But, when it comes to making adjustments it offers one very uncommon, but very useful feature. It has integrated spirit levels on both ends. Besides being a very useful feature, it is also esthetically unobtrusive. It doesn’t spoil the lines of the table being black as it is. Cup holders on this table are on a different level from the previous one. They are recessed into the frame of the table, and they are large enough to accept up to 20 ounces bottles.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Cup holders are integrated into the table
  • Feature-rich


  • Not the easiest to assemble

#4 Brunswick Kicker Table


Brunswick Billiards is better known for its 175-years long history of making top-quality billiards and pool tables. But they also make high-quality foosball tables. Among them is also the Kicker, foosball table with cup holders. This matte black table is covered with high-quality vinyl, which makes it resistant to both humidity and moisture. If you live in a dryer area, it is perfectly possible to use it outside, but in some shaded space. While Brunswick doesn’t advertise it as weatherproof, anything short of rain and direct sunshine, this table can handle outdoors with a little bit of TLC. It features a very sleek modernistic design, with high-quality robot-style men. It has a very slippery playing surface made of high-quality melamine and features 3-goalies set up. You could say it is a proper American foosball table from an American company. Cup holders are folding external type, similar to the T&R Sports product. But are made of much sturdier ABS plastic which gives the impression of a long-lasting product.


  • Very well-built
  • Humidity and moisture resistant
  • Stylish


  • Not the most affordable
  • A short warranty period of just 90 days

#5 Carrom Signature

Carrom Signature

Carrom is a well-known American manufacturer, being in the business of tabletop games for more than 120 years. Proudly carrying the “Made in the USA” stamp their Signature foosball table with cup holders is a high-quality product. By design, it is very similar to KICK’s product, so much that one could even mistake them for each other. KICK’s table is a hefty one, with its 125 lbs due to the use of sturdy materials. But Carrom’s clocks 150 lbs, promising even higher durability. This higher quality does come with a drawback of a higher price tag. Both tables come with raised corner cup holders and independently adjustable rubberized feet. But Carrom’s table will arrive at your doorsteps partially assembled, making the installation much easier and less time-consuming. Though manufactured in the States, by a reputable company, some customers are reporting odd issues. Most commonly not receiving all of the players, or some not being counterweighted as advertised. Carrom’s customer service is quick to fix these issues and send the replacement parts. But I think that a company with more than 120 years of doing business shouldn’t have these kinds of issues.


  • Very high-quality materials
  • Comes partially assembled


  • Not the most affordable
  • Sometimes arrive with parts missing

How To Choose Best Foosball Table With Cup Holders

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Choosing the best foosball table for yourself can be a daunting task for the first time buyer, add to it a requirement of it having the cupholders and the things only get more daunting. But you shouldn’t despair, as I will try to give you the necessary knowledge to help you find a table for yourself.

When making a purchase you should have in mind a few things and make some decisions beforehand.

  • Types Of Tables

Tables can be divided roughly into two categories, American and European style. American style features a fully flat playing surface and the three-men goalie stick. It is known as a quick-playing table, favoring powerful and fast shots. European style tables feature a single goalie set-up, and modern ones have the corner ramps which usually have to be separately installed, while the older ones made in the ‘70s and ‘80s had just slightly raised corners of the playing surface. These tables are said to be favored by the trick-shot players. Fortunately, many manufacturers make their players easily removable, and ship corner ramps as an optional part. So if you choose so you can convert your table between these two styles more or less hassle-free.

  • Types Of Cup Holders

Generally, tables can feature one of three types of cup holders. Foldable side-mounted, recessed, and raised. Foldable ones are an esthetically most appealing option, but due limits of foldable design, not the sturdiest one. Because of the way they are attached to the table, these are very easy to replace if they get broken. Some manufacturers even offer them separately for purchase, even their foosball tables are not advertised with this feature. Recessed ones are always part of the load-bearing construction of the table and thus as sturdy as the table itself. If they break you are almost certain to have to replace the whole table, but that if a big if. Raised corner cup holders might be the most controversial, as many people simply do not like their looks. But they are both exceptionally sturdy by design, and if they actually get damaged easily replaceable.


playing for money
  • Is Foosball A Sport?

Various dictionaries define sports as either a physical activity in which people engage for pleasure and enjoyment or as an activity that involves physical effort and skills in which two people or teams are pitted against each other for entertainment or fun. Foosball is firmly planted on the middle ground between these two definitions. Many people play it just for fun, and it is great to play with both friends and family. but at a competitive level, it does require a high level of skill. At the end of the day, it is not important whether it is a sport or not, as much as whether you have fun playing it.

  • How Many People Can Play Foosball?

The full-size and home tables come with four rods per side, making it perfect for two-a-side games. But the 1-on-1 play is also very enjoyable, and recreational oversized tabes in some gaming facilities can accommodate even a dozen or more players per side. 

  • How Much Room Do I Need For A Table?

It all depends on the size of the table and the people who play. Some foosball tables, intended for kids, are very small table-top affairs. They require just a little bit more room than a table they are sitting on. Full-size tables, which are 56 by 30 inches require a bit more room to accommodate grownup players. Some suggested size is 7 by 8 feet of free space.

  • Is There An Age Limit For Playing Foosball?

Not any real age limit, besides not being recommended for children 3 or fewer years of age, due to the lack of needed hand-eye coordination. Otherwise, you should be aware that the foosball tables have metal rods that stick out of them. And they can be an injury hazard for kids depending on their height. Foosball tables come in several heights, and when choosing one for yourself the rule of thumb is that the rods don’t reach above the collarbone of the intended user.


Playing foosball is one of those inexplicably enjoyable games to play. It is a very simple game that doesn’t require almost any skill at all to play and enjoy it. And people who love, or me at least, just can’t find the words to explain why it is such fun to play it. It just is. And it can be played both with friends and family. And once you get hooked up you will not want to stop playing. Which can bring up problems of the thirsty kind. And leaving your drink willy-nilly here or there can be a recipe for a ruined carpet. Trust me on this one. So, if you are purchasing a foosball table for yourself it is a smart thing to choose one with cup holders. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in deciding which foosball table with cup holders to purchase. But if you still can’t make up your mind my recommendation is KICK Emperor, it is affordable, high-quality table, and nothing beats a lifetime warranty.