Foosball Table with Telescopic Rods

I strongly recommend buying a foosball table with telescopic rods. This feature is not just for foosball tables used in homes, as they are used in professional tables as well. The reason why foosball tables with telescopic rods are popular is because of one goal, safety. Some people may not consider it when buying a foosball table. Take it from me; it is. The foosball may seem safe because it is just a table, but it’s not. The protruding rods may hurt your hand, or your kid might hit his head while running.

Foosball Tables with Telescopic Rods Reviews

Below I have compiled the list of the best foosball tables with telescopic rods. I made a short review of each to help you make an educated buying decision.


Garlando G-500 Indoor

Garlando G 500

What makes this foosball table part of this list is its heavy-duty waterproofing. Heavy downpour or extreme heat can wreak havoc on the table if it’s not prepared for it. Weatherproofing also means it can be used near places with salty air and humidity. Thanks to the chromium plating on its rods and the laminated plastic on the cabinet. In addition, it has a two-year warranty for the table on any damages that could lead to its breakdown when in outdoor conditions. The Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table has several features that professionals would like. It features a single man goalie configuration and hollow rods. What really sets it apart from the others is the telescoping rods. It may have added to the costs, but it also makes it the safest foosball around, especially with kids watching the game.

This foosball table has adjustable heavy legs. It can conform to a comfortable height for the user. This table is easy to set up in less than an hour, and it’s ready to play. Speaking of playtime, it is smooth to play with the sloping corners and bouncy walls that prevent the ball from getting wedged.


  • Safety feature include telescoping rods
  • Provides two-year warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Protected from outdoor elements


  • Not all players are counterbalanced

Playcraft Pitch

Playcraft Pitch

The Pitch is a high-quality foosball table designed by an American and loaded with features for the player’s convenience. It has a three-goalie configuration and without any ramps. This foosball table has an elegant design in an attractive brown cabinet and legs. All made to complement the décor and fit most spaces in your home. With its compact overall design and great built, the table is sturdy and promises a fluid and stable gameplay. What you can expect from playing the Pitch is a smooth, fast-paced play. The slide bearings also enhanced the speed of the game because it allows fast and smooth rod rotations.

What makes it stand out is its safety feature – the telescopic rods. These are important, especially when there are kids around because the table and you need the rods to be out of the way. The rubber handles are a nice touch because it allows a firm grip to boost the gaming experience. It will enable you to pass and shoot with a high degree of precision. As I said, this foosball table has many features, including the striker plate at goal, bubble levelers, built-in cup holders, thick side aprons, and the tournament-style balls, all of which of excellent quality and adds value to the pitch.


  • Thick side aprons for further support
  • Even leveling
  • Sturdy and quality build
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not all the men are counterbalanced

Rene Pierre Match Black

Rene Pierre Black Match

This foosball table oozes classic French elegance because it was made with the expertise of French artisans. It is constructed with durable materials built to withstand the stress of the game. The cabinet is made with thick, dense fiber wood. This is enough assurance that it can endure the strong hits and aggressiveness of the game. Another of its stability features is the 45-degree angle of its feet for more stable support. Design-wise, the Match Black has a sophisticated vibe with the black color, which is just perfect for the game room. Aside from them, this foosball table has many impressive features, including the built-in abacus for scoring, miniature defenders in die-cast, hard plastic players, and free cork balls.

The best feature of this foosball table is the safety feature with the telescoping rods. Compared with another foosball table that has solid rods, this one has them retractable, preventing that danger of poking somebody or accidentally hitting your kid’s head. I like the smooth gliding surface of the table. It’s covered in linoleum, which allows the ball to glide across the surface.


  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Made with sophisticated design
  • Smooth surface for easy play
  • Easy to maintain and high-quality


  • A little pricier than the others

Tornado Tournament 3000

Tornado Tournament 3000

The Tournament 3000 is considered as one of the best foosball tables with telescopic rods. It is also certified as an official tournament foosball table of the ITSF. Suffice it to say; it is for those who take their Foosball seriously. It is a heavyweight, literally and figuratively weighing 355 pounds and equipped with levers that can be adjusted to the desired height. Although the weight is significant, the levers can support it fully.

Being accredited by the ITSF means that the foosball table has shown adherence to the highest standards in terms of the quality of its finish, the consistency and predictability of play, or longevity. And Tornado has it all. While other manufacturers seem to cut corners to cut costs, this one has not. It has a flat playing field, and the ball does not get off the table. It only means more fun and fair game, if you ask me. The weight and sturdiness of the table are responsible for this, but that is not all it has. It has quality bearings to move the rods quickly. The quality of the balls is also top-notch, and the telescopic rods are an added touch to assure that nobody gets hurt around the foosball table.


  • Sturdy and extremely high-quality
  • An ITSF-certified table used by professionals
  • Telescopic rods for safety
  • Adjustable levers


  • Heavy to move in places

Kettler Carrara

Kettler Carrara

The Kettler Carrara has many unique features, including a tournament-style cabinet that reflects the sophistication and elegance of the Carrara marble and powder-coated steel. This foosball table is designed and made in Italy and weighs only 120 pounds. Even though it’s lightweight, the table is stable and level.

It has a safety feature in the form of telescopic rods to protect people and kids from bumps when around the table. For players, these rods are firm as they are made with chromium plating while the rubber inlay provides a comfortable grip. The playing field’s surface is made from melamine that allows smooth gliding with ball pockets on its sides to retrieve the ball quickly.


  • Chrome-plated telescopic rods for safety
  • Easy to maneuver and control rods
  • Removable scoreboard for a sleek look
  • Designed to complement the décor


  • Requires assembly
  • Does not have foldable legs for storage

How to choose foosball table with telescopic rods

sturdy used

If you are going to buy your table, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific features that you should be looking for in one. These features may vary a bit in different models, and the price will determine whether you get the high end or low-end components.

Types of Application

Where you are going to use the foosball table matters when shopping for one. It will be the determining factor to identify the other features you should be looking for. If you are going to have it for commercial use, then you need a sturdier and more durable version to weather the stress from multiple playing. For your gaming room, a standard foosball will do.


The standard size of a foosball table is 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall, and that excludes the rods. The length of the rods is not accounted for, so if you have a narrow space, it is better to get the models with telescopic versions. Another point to consider is the clearance space for players. They need to move around with flexibility.

Configuration of the Goalie

There are three configurations available for foosball tables: 3-man goalies, 2-man goalies, and 1-man goalies. No explanation is needed for each except that the 3-man goalie is the most preferred in the United States while the 1-man goalie played most in the United Kingdom. Countries aside, people who like fast-paced games should get the 3-man goalie. The single man goalie is useful for developing skills and accuracy.


While getting my foosball table, I learned that a good-quality table usually has a minimum guarantee of one year. For tables with furniture-style designs, the warranty is always lesser because they are more decorative pieces.

Counterbalanced Men

To get the best gameplay, professionals prefer to have a foosball table with counterbalanced men. It is very critical because the players will stay in a horizontal position when released and will not get in the way when taking a shot. If getting quality play is what you’re after, then you should find a table with this feature.

Playing Rods

I find this feature something which you should not ignore. First, make sure that the rods are made from steel. Hollow steel is always the best because they are lightweight. Although solid rods are not bad at all, they are better for players who like it slow. A lighter rod allows for quick shots. You might also opt for rods that have a telescoping feature, which protects the safety of children when around the table.


Foosball tables are made from different materials like particleboard, hardwood, or composite. It is common to see high-quality tables with hardwood and the lowest-quality made from composite materials or particleboards. The latter is excellent for rooms with humidity and is more durable and dent resistant.

Playing Surface

The table’s surface affects speed. A smooth finish can have the ball gliding smoothly on the table, and it travels faster when playing. Most European models are made with hardwood, which slows the ball. It’s more technique and patience.

Adjustable Lever

The standard height of foosball tables is about 36 inches. Both adults and teens can play at this height, but if you have children playing, an adjustable lever can comfortably accommodate their height. So, if you are buying a foosball table for your home, look for models that provide height adjustment.


Although this feature is not as significant as the rest, I prefer a foosball table that would complement the décor and my style.


outside rods and handles

Q: Can I move the foosball table without any damage?

A: Some people prefer disassembling the table when moving it from one place to another. However, removing the legs would be enough so that you can easily pass it through the doorways. Disassembling the whole thing will subject the table to more wear and tear.

Q: What is the difference between one-goalie and the three goalie configuration?

A: Most of the foosball tables in the US have a three-goalie configuration. It is preferred by fast players and has better accuracy. The one-goalie configuration is found in most European tables and has a slower pace and requires more technical skills.

Q: What makes telescopic rods important?

The rise in popularity of telescopic rods foosball tables is related to safety in open areas with kids moving around to prevent injuries.


Buying a foosball table can be daunting but equally rewarding when you have found the one. I hope my list for the best foosball table with telescopic rods can help in landing yours. An excellent table will give you endless hours of fun with your family and friends. My last advice is to be objective when choosing a table and select the model that will meet all your requirements.