Vintage Foosball Table

There are many reasons why people buy a vintage foosball table. Perhaps, you find the design appealing or you just need something to add to your vintage collection. Whatever the reason is, getting a vintage designed foosball table requires lots of research. In my case, I find these vintage styles very stylish and durable. So, when it’s time to buy a foosball table to grace my living room, I prefer something vintage as well to match with the rest of the furniture and fixtures. Another great thing about getting these vintage tables is that they are guaranteed to last for a long time. They might cost more, but the fact that you can pass it on to the next generation means they are definitely a good investment.

Vintage Foosball Table Reviews

In order to find the perfect vintage foosball table to deck my living room, I did some in-depth research and came across a lot of great tables that I would be happy to recommend. Here are some of them.

Barrington Collection

Richmond Set

First on the list is the Barrington Collection Foosball Table. This foosball table is available in 3 different versions, but of all three, it is the X-style version that I like the most because of its vintage look. It features X-style legs, which give it a vintage feel. But aside from its great looks, another reason why I love this table is its excellent stability. The players in this table are counterbalanced, which is another reason to love this product. Foosball tables with counterbalanced players are more interesting to play. Plus, their robotic design gives you excellent control over the ball. The players are controlled using steel rods that are easy to hold, thanks to their ergonomic handles.

I am truly impressed with the overall design and feel of this foosball table. And if you’re someone who loves vintage, I’m certain you will love this table as well. This is pretty affordable given its excellent quality. So, if you’re looking for a nice addition to your vintage designed home, this is the product that I would gladly recommend.


  • Excellent stability
  • Impressive design and feel
  • Robotic players were counterbalanced


  • End ball return
  • Low quality

EastPoint Sports Newcastle

EastPoint Sports Newcastle

If I am to suggest a good brand for foosball tables, the EastPoint is definitely one of those brands. Of all their foosball tables, this Newcastle Foosball Table is my favorite due to its old-style design. Given its vintage look, I would be happy to place this table in my living room since it complements well with the rest of the vintage style furniture in my home. And just like any great foosball table out there, this model has adjustable leg levelers, although it’s a bit lightweight and has the tendency to move during aggressive play. I also love the durable rods of this table, which offer excellent performance when compared with other foosball tables in the same price range.

Speaking of the price, this old school foosball table is not that expensive. In fact, it appeals to budget shoppers who are looking for a decent foosball table that won’t blow their budget.


  • Comes with adjustable leg levelers
  • Great design
  • High-performance rods


  • Cheap quality

Fairview Game Rooms

Fairview Game Rooms

When looking for a retro foosball table, the Fairview Game Rooms Furniture Style Home Foosball Table is definitely worth checking out. This beautiful vintage style foosball table is made from mahogany and has a truly excellent design. This foosball table comes with a veneer inlay cabinet, as well as Queen Anne Legs that give it a majestic vintage look. Its score counters match the overall design of the table. This foosball table comes with a 3-men goalie, which eliminates sloped corners.

Although it is one of the most expensive foosball tables out there, its 4-star rating means that investing in this table is definitely worth it. Whether you’re going to use it at home, in your office, or at the dorm, this vintage style foosball table is truly reliable.


  • 3-man goalies
  • Beautifully designed Queen Anne style legs
  • Heavy-duty build made entirely of wood
  • The score counters are embedded into the cabinet top


  • None

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo

Primo 56

Furnished with a beautiful espresso finish, this Hathaway 56-inch foosball table will easily attract any customer who is looking for a stylish vintage foosball table for sale. Having this foosball table in your living room will surely enhance the overall look of the space. This vintage designed foosball table features an up-to-date finish that appeals to both adults and kids. You can install this table anywhere you want to. The table itself features a grassy ground that mimics the soccer field. Its sturdy design plus the gliding metallic rods work really fast, which is truly impressive. The sturdy handles plus the metallic rods help ensure enjoyable and exciting gameplay. This foosball table’s scoring system features Abacus style counters with a silver-tone. You will absolutely love the counterbalanced players made from ABS material, which makes the game even more exciting.

With every purchase of this foosball table, you’ll get a handbook that will serve as your guide when assembling this product. Given its reasonable price, not to mention a 180-day refund policy, this is easily one of the best foosball tables to buy out there.


  • 180-day refund policy
  • Comes with easy-grip wood handles
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Vintage style foosball table with a contemporary finish


  • Poor quality

Lancaster 54-Inch

Lancaster 54 inch

When looking for a distinctive piece of furniture to add to your vintage collection, I would suggest getting this old foosball table from Lancaster. This 54-inch Foosball Game Room Table looks truly attractive and can be installed anywhere in your house. Furthermore, it’s made from sturdy materials that are guaranteed to last for a long time. It’s professionally designed and features laminated top rails that serve as a steady ground for an exciting gaming experience. I love the simple yet sturdy metallic rods of this Lancaster Foosball Table. The beautifully varnished ergonomic handles are great as well, not to mention the adjustable leg levelers that provide players with appropriate steadiness, allowing them to enjoy their game even more. This foosball table comes with robotic mannequin flippers, two foosballs, and basic scoring pegs.

This antique foosball table is very versatile and can work well in your living room, basement, office, and anywhere else, allowing you to enjoy unlimited hours of the exciting foosball game.


  • 54-inch game table with a furniture accent piece
  • Comes with traditional bead scorers that allow you to easily keep track of your goals
  • Robotic style players with durable steel rods to help you play at your best
  • Square legs reinforced 1-inch side apron


  • Some customers think that this vintage foosball table isn’t worth the money

Things to Look for in the Best Vintage Foosball Tables

foosball game

The game of foosball is popular all over the world. As a matter of fact, it’ one of the oldest tabletop games out there. The first foosball table was invented during the early 1900s. Since then, the table has evolved into an exciting game with a large following. Because of this game’s long history, you will find a wide variety of foosball tables in the market, with some of them dating back to several decades ago, which is why you’ll find many old foosball tables for sale in the market.

Vintage Foosball Tables vs. Vintage Style Foosball Tables

action scoreboard and field

When looking for an antique foosball table for sale, it’s worth knowing that there’s a huge difference between a foosball table that’s really antique and something that’s only designed to resemble one.  You need to know the distinction between the two tables so you will not be fooled into buying something that’s fake. The real vintage foosball tables are those that have been built and designed about a couple of decades ago. Collectors of these tables prefer those made from as early as the 1960s. The older the table, the more expensive it will be.

But there are some manufacturers these days that will build foosball tables in a vintage design even though these tables are not really vintage. This is their way of luring collectors into buying these tables at a hefty price tag, so be very careful with this.


outside rods and handles

Sure, retro-style foosball tables are really expensive. But why should you buy them? There are many reasons why these tables are an excellent piece of investment. First, they offer better quality compared to the other foosball tables. Just like with most vintage furniture items, these tables are made from heavy-duty materials, which is why they have stood the test of time. In addition, most of these tables are handmade, which adds up to durability. Most of the commercially made foosball tables these days have been mass-produced using a machine, which is why some of them tend to get damaged pretty easily.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of having vintage foosball tables is that they look really stylish. If you like vintage stuff, then you’ll absolutely love having one of these tables in your home.


rods and playfield

While there are indeed many advantages that come with getting a vintage foosball table for your home, they also come with some disadvantages. First, they tend to be less tight in terms of gameplay tolerances because they are already old and may have loosened up as time goes by. But if the table has been maintained well, then this may not be an issue. However, you can expect to pay more for vintage style foosball tables that are still in excellent condition. Another disadvantage of the vintage foosball table is the hefty price tag that comes with it. If you have a limited budget, then this table is not for you. Their rarity is what makes these tables very pricey. Another drawback of these tables is that the components or parts are in scarcity. So, if you encounter issues with any of these parts, you might have a hard time getting them replaced.

In my search for the best vintage foosball tables, I found that the market can be quite ruthless, which is also the case for other vintage furniture items. The lack of parts for replacement and the expensive price has resulted in a tight-knit industry, which is extremely competitive.

Restoring Vintage Foosball Tables


If you are an avid collector of vintage items, then you have probably gone to great lengths just to find the foosball table that you need. So, what happens if you found a retro foosball table that you really like but has some damages? First of all, it’s important to assess the damage and figure out what needs to be repaired. Determine the amount of money that you’ll be spending to get it fixed and decide if it’s really worth it.

When assessing the table, you may need to take it apart. After you have determined the parts that are in trouble, do some research to find out if you can still source these parts. If so, find out how much it will cost you. From there, you should be able to decide if the table is worth the money.


Given the list of vintage foosball table above, which one should you choose? In my case, I will definitely go with the Barrington Collection Foosball Table. I’m truly impressed with this table, not only with its vintage look but also because of its functionality. The players are counterbalanced, which results in more exciting gameplay. Plus, the table is very durable and has excellent stability, too. So, if you’re looking for a vintage style foosball table to invest in, I would highly recommend the Barrington Collection Foosball Table.