Wood Foosball Tables

For persons who have discovered the joy of playing foosball and are desirous of owning wood foosball tables, buying one has to come from a position of being informed.

There are many types of foosball tables being manufactured and we are going to educate you on the many benefits of owning a wood foosball tables, which is just one such type.

Reviews of our Recommended Wood Foosball Tables


Eastpoint Sport Durango

EastPoint Sports Durango

A good, solid piece of furniture to invest in is always a smart decision. Having said that; owning an EastPoint Sport Durango Foosball Table is one of the best there is. This solid wood foosball table is unique in the coloring, which easily blends with your furniture. Placed in a game room it will certainly enhance your space. It is one of the foosball tables many professional players do use. It is an Official Competition size table with solid parts that are made to withstand rough and energetic play and great fun when entertaining friends and family.

The Table parts constructions are as follows:

  • Solid wood cabinet
  • Soccer size surface with soccer field markings to enhance the experience and grass green, sleek covering
  • Rods of Steel and overlaid with Bronze for an incredible finish
  • Playing men sturdy with weights and balances for accurate play
  • Unique beaded scoring fixture
  • High-performance bushings for easy manipulation of the Bronze overlaid rods
  • Wooden handles for comfortable and confident grip during plays
  • Fits in a room 8’x10’ with dimensions of L 56.75” x W 29.25” x H 34.5”
  • Package complete with two textured foosball balls

Sport Squad Georgetown

Sport Squad Georgetown

The Sport Squad Georgetown wooden Foosball Table is an excellent buy. With this table you are treating you to a great experience as well as a worthwhile investment. This all wood foosball table is the perfect fit for any games room and will certainly enhance games night for all your family and friends. Professional foosball players endorse this table as a must-have for any family. The table is manufactured with features of:

  • Full wooden detailing in construction of table/with bronze finish
  • Sturdy square legs
  • Oversized leg levelers for unique stability
  • Steel rods with chrome plating for sleek movement
  • Solid wooden handles for great gripping potential during play
  • Strong and durable, lifelike plastic players with pointed toes for accurate shooting and ball control
  • Double-sided rods for two teams playing
  • L 56” W 29.5” H 34”

American Heritage Element

American Heritage Element 58
For American Heritage Billiard’s Element 58” Foosball Table is an investment in quality furnishing. Their concept and vision began in 1987, and the business has grown into an International name in game room furniture products. The Element 58” Foosball Table is built to last.

It is made from engineered wood and finished with a maple brown veneer. The cabinet is trimmed with metal trimmings and it is also complemented with metal crossbeam legs. The legs are structured with adjustable leg levelers which enable leveling the table to any surface.

The American Heritage Billiard’s Element 58” Table is sized at a hefty 189 pounds and its dimensions are L 32” W 57.75” H 34.25”. Playing men are made in colors of black and silver and of a glossy finish, and the scoring unit is manual and affixed to both ends.

Purchasing this Foosball table will add class and elegance to any game room and will certainly enable both friends and family may hours of enjoyment.

Garlando G-500

Garlando G 500
The Garlando G-500 Indoor and Outdoor Foosball Table is recommended for family play whether indoor or outdoor. The weight is easy to move and so it is not too much of a problem to use in either area.

Owners have indicated they really enjoy this foosball table, as there are able to entertain friends and family alike; while it is easily played by their 10-year-old children and their friends.

The basic consensus is the table is quite good and a great buy. The average rating for the Garlando G-500 Indoor and Outdoor Foosball Table is a 4-Star; not a bad combination at all.

Specifications for the Garlando G-500:

  • Weight at shipping 150 pounds
  • Cabinet of Marine Plywood
  • A waterproof and washable surface finish which has anti-rust properties
  • Rods are Chrome plated
  • Playing men are permanently affixed to rods
  • Playing men are made with pointed toes for easy and accurate plays
  • Sturdy Nylon legs with heavy-duty Nylon leg levelers
  • Measurements L 60” x W 18” x H 40”
  • Made for indoor and outdoor playing


Portuguese Table
You don’t need a rocket scientist to introduce this table to you. Looking at it speaks volumes. This Portuguese Foosball Table is made from SOLID WOOD! It is handcrafted and made as the company started making them since 1977.

Because it is handmade, the charms of this table are its imperfections in coloring as well as the playing men; they are also handmade and hand-painted to depict the various positions on the field.

Sturdy and built to handle any and all rough plays; it is built to last a long time. One satisfied customer indicated; “This is the real deal!” who also gave the table a 5-Star rating.

Specifications of the Portuguese Foosball Table:

  • Reinforced steel bars make the rods
  • Slot coin mechanism for scoring with 10 slugs of a special make
  • Plasticized surface for the playing field
  • Weighs 275 pounds
  • Measurements L 56.5” x W 28.5” x H 36”
  • Wooden Handles for a comfortable grip
  • Easy assembly with two persons; 10 minutes tops!


Investing in wood foosball tables are certainly a wise choice. Their durability and charm, not to mention the many hours of professional as well as amateur plays you will enjoy far outweigh the cost. Foosball tables made with other materials are workable, but you may not have the experience you want as with a real wood foosball table. Challenge yourself as a foosball enthusiast and see the many benefits.